Gone are the days when naming a baby was a mundane task. Instead, parents want unique names for their meaningful babies yet with stylish flair. Australia is one of those countries that has seen an infusion of names that create a trend and suit babies beautifully. In this article, we have curated a list of some famous Australian baby names you can look into if you want a baby name with an Australian influence. Read on!

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80 Top Australian Baby Names in the World:

Although several names are pretty popular in the Australian population, the top baby name for girls for ten consecutive years remains Charlotte. However, the leading baby name for the last eight years has been Oliver.

25 Australian Baby Boy Names:

Here is the list of the Australian baby boy names and meanings:

1. Albert:

Albert is one of the famous Australian baby names, which means bright and noble. The name Albert Einstein is one of the popular name-bearer of Albert.

2. Archie:

Archie means’ bold and true, ‘a sweet and short Australian baby name. This name beautifully inspires a bold personality in your baby boy.

3. Alfred:

Usually famous in the northern states of Australia, Alfred is a popular Aussie baby name. It is a cute name for your baby boy, which means ‘the ruler of elves.’

4. Bert:

Bert is another famous Australian baby name that means ‘smart and intelligent.’ This name can be spelt and pronounced quickly, making it more widespread.

5. Arnold:

Arnold is a name that signifies strength and describes an eagle’s power in a baby.

6. Auton:

Auton means ‘an Oak settlement,’ a rare Australian baby name. It is believed that people with this name are family-oriented and hard-working.

7. Blake:

Blake can be an apt name if your baby has a fair complexion. But, of course, you can also call your boy Blakey, making it a nickname.

8. Arran:

Arran is Scotland’s beautiful island, and this Australian name has Scottish origin. So go for this name if you are a fan of Aussie and Scotland-inspired names.

9. Claude:

Claude has been one of the trendy names in the West, with origins derived from the Roman language. The meaning of this name is ‘from the Roman clan.’

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10. Bram:

Bram is a name you can remember easily and is a short, cute Aussie baby name. The father of a multitude is what this catchy name refers to. The creator of the series ‘Dracula’ has the same name.

11. Conall:

Conall means ‘strength of a wolf,’ a unique Australian baby boy name. Conal and Conel are some spelling variations of this name.

12. Frank:

Frank is one of the common names in Australia and globally. The meaning of this name is ‘a free-spirited man,’ exuding the jolly nature of the baby.

13. Boaz:

Swiftness is the meaning of the Australian baby name Boaz, and it signifies the name bearer’s presence of mind. Therefore, it is a perfect name for your sharp-minded kid and smart option.

14. George:

George is a perfect option if you are looking for a common name for your baby. This name is pretty popular in most Western countries. The meaning of this name is a farmer and has a German origin.

15. Gie:

Gie is one of the adorable Australian-origin baby names whose meaning is unclear. But because of its crisp and sharp nature, it is a popular name amongst Australians.

16. Henry:

Henry is a perfect option if you are looking for a name with an aristocratic touch. The meaning of this name is ‘Estate ruler.’

17. Ivor:

Ivor is a popular Australian baby boy name, though the name is unisexual. The meaning of this name is ‘a warrior with a bow’ and has origins in Gaelic heritage.

18. Harvey:

Harvey is a traditional Australian name with a trendy touch that means ‘someone worthy of fighting a battle.’ There is a namesake Harvey in the famous Batman series in the character of Harvey Dent.

19. Jimm:

Jimm is yet another common Australian baby name representing a dynamic and cheerful personality.

20. Jack:

This name gained popularity because of Leonardo Dicaprio’s character in Titanic, which means a man.’ As a result, this name is trendy globally.

21. Lucas:

If you are looking for a classy and elegant name for your baby, Lucas is a perfect name that means ‘one who gives light.’

22. Michael:

Used quite a lot in Australia, Michael is a popular name worldwide. Derived from Holy Bible, Michael is the angel who defeats Satan during Heaven’s war.

23. Noah:

Ryan Gosling in the movie ‘The Notebook’ is the reason why this name is famous. The meaning of the name Noah is soothing nature and calmness.

24. Jonathan:

Jonathan means ‘Gift from God,’ which can be an apt representation of the baby because he is nothing less than God’s gift.

25. Jomon:

If you are looking for a name representing the hoy you feel after having a baby, Jomon is an excellent option. The meaning of this name is ‘joy.’

25 Australian Baby Girl Names:

We have listed Australian baby girl names that are pretty popular:

26. Darcy:

Darcy means ‘dark-haired’ and is an Australian name for girls that have traveled from Ireland.

27. Adelaide:

Adelaide is the fifth-most populated city in South Australia. In this country, Adelaide is still one of the famous names for girls. Addy can be a shortened name for Adelaide.

28. Isla:

Isla means’ island,’ which has Spanish origins. One of the well-known Australian actresses is Isla Fisher.

29. Evie:

Evie is one of the most adorable Australian baby girl names, which means breath or life. This name is derived from the name Eve, with Hebrew origins.

30. Kylie:

This Australian Aboriginal baby girl’s name Kylie is a boomerang and means beautiful.

31. Victoria:

Victoria is one of the largest regions in Australia and is a famous Australian girl name. It means ‘victory,’ with Latin roots.

32. Sydney:

Sydney has a place in the list for Australian girl names. This name has English roots, which means ‘wide island.’

33. Addison:

Addison means ‘son of Adam,’ though mainly used as an Australian girl’s English baby name.

34. Abigail:

Abigail is a name with Hebrew roots that means ‘father’s joy.’ It is also a name that represents a bible’s character.

35. Alexandra:

Alexandra is a feminine form of Alexander and has Greek origins. The meaning of this name is ‘defender of man.’

36. Audrey:

Audrey means ‘noble strength.’ Derived from an Anglo-Saxon word, the name Audrey has an English origin.

37. Alinta:

The meaning of Alinta is flame and fire, and it has an Australian origin. So “Uh-Lin-Tan” is how you should pronounce this name.

38. Audrey:

Audrey is a top Australian name with English origins. The meaning of this name is ‘noble strength’ and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word.

39. Alexis:

Alexis is yet another Australian baby girl name of Greek origin. The meaning of this name is helper or defender. In the 3rd century, this was the name of a Greek poet.

40. Aurora:

The meaning of the name Aurora means ‘dawn,’ and it is dedicated to Roman’s sunrise goddess.

41. Charlotte:

The name Charlotte means free man or little with French origins. Carlotta, Charlie, and Lotte are some variations of this name.

42. Ava:

Ava is a Latin root derived from the Latin word Avis meaning bird. It also means ‘living one,’ a short form of Chava.

43. Bonnie:

Bonnie means attractive, fine, or pretty, and this name has a Scottish origin. It is also believed that the French word bonne means good.

44. Dianella:

Dianella is a name derived from the Latin word Diviana which means divine. Therefore, as per Roman mythology, the title belongs to the goddess of hunting and the moon.

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45. Alira:

If you are looking for a unique name for your little one, Alira, with Albanian origin, which means beautiful and freedom, can be a good choice.

46. Chloe:

The meaning of the name Chloe is blooming and elevating Greek roots beautifully. The Greek goddess of fertility and agriculture is also named Chloe.

47. Claire:

Claire means famous or clear with Viking/Latin origin. Clara, Clare, and Clarissa are different variations of this name.

48. Ayla:

The name Ayla means moonlight, halo, or Oaktree, and it has Hebrew and Turkish origins.

49. Daisy:

If you are looking for an Australian baby name of English origin, Daisy is an excellent choice. The meaning of this name is wholesome, fresh, or energetic.

50. Eliza:

Derived from the name Elizabeth, the meaning of the name Eliza is pledged to God. The name has Hebrew origins.

Australian Funny & Nicknames, Pet Names for Baby Boy & Girl:

Here are some of the funny Australian nicknames for baby boys and girls:

51. Snugglepot:

Snugglepot is a character created by Mary Gibbs, an Australian author. And this is one of the popularly used nicknames for cute little girls.

52. Peach:

Peach is a popular pet name for girls and is a character in the Australian-produced movie Finding Nemo.

53. Lamington:

Many of us call our babies with the food we like; the name Lamington is a perfect example of the same. It is one of the famous Aussie cake varieties.

54. Koala:

Koala is a cute animal prominently found in Australia and is a popular nickname for girls and boys.

55. Gum leaf:

The gum tree is a native Australian tree and the primary food source for koalas. Gum leaf is another cute nickname for babies, referring to a native Aussie plant.

56. Fairy floss:

Fairy floss is an Australian cotton candy everyone likes, irrespective of age. No wonder parents tend to use this name for their babies.

57. Ankle biter:

Ankle biter is Aussie slang for a child, whether a girl or a boy. “Awwww, my little ankle-biter” How does it sound?

58. Bonzer:

Bonzer is another popular nickname generally preferred for baby boys; the meaning of this name is excellent.

59. True Blue:

True Blue is a nickname used as slang for ‘genuinely Australian.’ This is a nickname usually used for baby boys.

60. Tiny Teddy:

Tiny teddy is a name used in tribute to Australia’s teddy bear-shaped biscuits.

Australian Unisex & Twin Baby Names:

Now, let us look into some unisex and twin baby names popular in Australia:

61. Euroa:

Euroa is a unisex name representing a place in Australia. It also means joyful from an aboriginal word in the local Australian dialect.

62. Jimi:

Jimi is a gender-neutral name that means Supplanter that has English origins. The name is a right fit for independence, and she enjoys challenges in life.

63. Julij:

Julij is another unisex name of Australian origin and means spark and joyful in nature. People in Judaism religion prefer this name for their babies.

64. Asher:

Asher is a name derived from Hebrew origins that means happy or fortunate. Though it is a boy’s name, actress Asher Keddie shows how the name works wonders for women.

65. Blake:

Blake is a name with a confusing meaning, both fair-haired and dark. Though the name was once masculine, baby girls are also rocking the name thanks to celebrities like Blake Lively.

66. Millie and Billy:

Millie and Billy are excellent twin baby names. The name Millie is a popular Australian name with English and German origins, which means strong in work; gentle strength. But, at the same time, Billie or Billy is a perfect choice for a daughter or son. The name exudes quirky, informal, and carefree, all at the same time beautifully.

67. Hayley and Bailey:

The next name choices for twins are Bailey and Hayley. Bailey means an agent of the law or debt collector, suitable for girls and boys. At the same time, Hayley means clearing or meadow with English origins.

68. Jeremiah and Josiah:

If you are looking for spiritual names for your twin boys, Jeremiah and Josiah are the perfect choices. Jeremiah means ‘appointed by god’ derived from the Hebrew Bible. At the same time, Josiah means ‘god has healed’ with origins in Hebrew.

69. Samantha and Sophia:

Samantha and Sophia is a perfect name combination for twin girls. The name Samantha means God is heard and is derived from Samuel’s boy with Hebrew roots. Sophia is a name with Greek origins and means wisdom.

70. Tyler and Tanner:

Tanner is a name that comes from the tanning leather profession but has a modern and original sound. Tyler is a name with English origins that means the maker of bricks or tiles.

Popular Australian Surnames or Last Names:

A surname gives you a peek into the history of the name and the family. We have provided you with Australian surnames:

71. Anderson:

Anderson has roots in England, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway and is a patronymic surname. It is the first disciple’s name of Jesus and refers to someone manly or the son of Andrew.

72. Allen:

Allen means little rock, harmony in Scottish, Irish and Gaelic, though initially, it is a Celtic surname. Other variants of this name are Alan or Allan.

73. Bennet:

Bennet is a name with English origins, derived from the Latin name Benedictus. The meaning of this name is blessed.

74. Graham:

Graham is a surname for people from Grantham in Lincolnshire, England. They are most of the original bearers of this surname.

75. Harris:

Harris is a name that has British origins and is a patronymic surname. The popularity of this surname is spread across the globe in different variations.

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76. Jones:

Jones is a paternally passed down surname, the second most popular in Australia. It means Jehovah has favored as per Christians.

77. Morris:

Morris is the last name that has origins from Scotland or England. Originally derived from the Latin word Mauritius which means Moorish or dark, it is a popular Australian surname.

78. Jenkins:

Jenkins is a diminutive of John, derived from the medieval name Jenkin. Jenkin means son of John or Little John.

79. Freeman:

As the name suggests, the meaning of the name Freeman is ‘free-born man,’ which has Anglo-Saxon origins.

80. Murphy:

Murphy is a common Australian surname with Irish roots derived from Gaelic terms. The meaning of this name is Descendant of sea warrior.

Australia has been attracting people from all over the World with its beautiful picturesque for tourism. Suppose you are one of those that are looking for an Australian baby name. In that case, we hope this article has provided you with ample information. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!


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