Foundation is the vital part of any makeup. It is that which will break or make the look, hiding the imperfections of the skin. The right choice in foundation is very much necessary in order to get that perfect look. Here we are presenting the best Avon foundation in the market. They provide a wide range of colors to match different skin tones to give perfect texture and smooth finish. Further, the reputed brand ensures that the product does not lead to any skin issues and concerns. Continue reading this guide to choose your best Avon foundation makeup for yourself. Presenting you with the latest Avon foundation for women here!

Best Avon Foundation in India

Here are the latest and best selling Avon foundation creams available in the market:

1. Avon Mark Nude Matte Makeup Foundation:

Avon Mark Nude Matte Makeup Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

This is one of the best Avon foundations for oily skin. This creates an excellent finish and smooth texture with luminous canvas. This is a true colour flawless liquid foundation for a matte finish. This matte foundation can be worn the whole day and does not smudge too. This sells for Rs 600 for 30g of product.

  • Key Ingredients: Water, Dimethicone, and zinc.
  • How to Use: Blend smoothly and evenly all over for natural coverage. Cover with layering if required.
  • Pros: Matte finish, affordable.
  • Cons: Does not long the whole day as mentioned.
  • Rating: 4/5

2. Avon True Color Ideal Luminous Cashmere Advanced Foundation:

Avon True Color Ideal Luminous Cashmere Advanced Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

This Avon product is terrific given the way it gives a finish by hiding all spots and unwanted lines. This offers fine layers and also stays for long. This is the best foundation for those who want to try out with a sunscreen SPF inbuilt within it. It costs Rs 700 for 25g.

  • Key Ingredients: Glycerine, Tocopherol, and titanium dioxide.
  • How to Use: Apply a layer carefully on neck and face with the help of sponge or brush for a perfect finish.
  • Pros: Affordable, good finish.
  • Cons: May require coats.
  • Rating: 4/5

3. Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation:

Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

Use this Smooth Minerals Powder Avon Foundation to get glowing and healthy complexion. Regular use of this foundation will also improve your skin tone. This Avon powder foundation has an innovative design that ensures that you get just the perfect amount, so no wastage. Grab it at INR 804.

  • Key Ingredients: Silica, zinc, calcium PCA, atelocollagen, trehalose, and iron oxides.
  • How to Apply: Take this Avon mineral foundation and dab it on face evenly throughout.
  • Pros: Light layer, great for short term needs.
  • Cons: Does not last long.
  • Rating: 3.5/5

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4. Avon Anew Age-Transforming Foundation:

Avon Anew Age-Transforming Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

One of Avon’s bestselling product is this foundation, which will make you look younger with repeated use. Infused with 4D Wrinkle Reverse technology, it is very beneficial in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Get it now at INR 1072.

  • Key Ingredients: Dimethicone, nylon, ethylparaben, polysilicone, and barium sulfate.
  • How to Use: Apply this in the form of dots all over the face, then with a brush or sponge dab and blend it well.
  • Pros: Long-lasting finish
  • Cons: Little higher edge
  • Rating: 4/5

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5. Avon Women Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation:

Avon Women Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

This foundation from Avon is a gel foundation. This Avon invisible flawless foundation is great for those who want a simple yet lasting foundation for a while. It gives flawless skin and a light hint of natural color. This product costs 290 INR for 30 ml product

  • Key Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, sulfate, and dimethicone
  • How to Use: Apply this Avon gel foundation evenly on face and blend it with a brush or sponge
  • Pros: Affordable, sturdy tube
  • Cons: Light coverage only
  • Rating: 3.5/5

6. Avon Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation:

Avon Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

This product enhances your skin’s radiance and brings in a natural glow. It gives even and flawless skin and feels very light. This also blends well and gives a smooth appearance and is great for sensitive skin. The pricing is INR 229 for 30 ml

  • Key Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, water, glycol, propylene, and magnesium
  • How to Use: Squeeze this tube and take a small pea-sized amount of cream on your finger and apply on face and neck with the help of the index finger. Spread it evenly with fingers or sponge
  • Pros: Radiant glow, water-based, affordable
  • Cons: No SPF
  • Rating: 3/5

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7. Avon Ideal Flawless CC Color Corrector Cream:

Avon Ideal Flawless CC Color Corrector Cream Save
Image Source: Avon

A perfect makeup accessory to hide dark spots, dullness and uneven skin tones. This corrector cream from Avon is priced at INR 737 and imparts an improved skin tone over time.

  • Key Ingredients: Licorine and vitamin C essentials.
  • How to Use: Apply and blend on the face with fingertips well.
  • Pros: Blends great and works like magic.
  • Cons: None.
  • Rating: 5/5

8. Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation:

Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

This Avon extra lasting foundation is ideal for those who love to wear makeup at all times. Put on this Extra Long Lasting Avon liquid foundation to get the perfect look for nearly 18 hours (unbelievable, but true). This lightweight foundation blends smoothly with the skin to give a natural look. Take the required amount and apply evenly all over face and you are decked up for the day. This long-lasting foundation is priced reasonably at INR 837.

  • Key Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, water, dipropylene, glycerine, and dimethicone.
  • How to Use: Apply this bit of foundation all over face with the help of a damp sponge for an everlasting smooth finish.
  • Pros: Best in range, lasting finish.
  • Cons: Oxidizes a bit.
  • Rating: 3.5/5.

9. Avon Beauty Products Ideal Luminous Advance Cashmere Foundation:

Beauty Products Ideal Luminous Advance Cashmere Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

This Avon Luminous Foundation assures for luminous and bright skin. The foundation is known to be everlasting and promises to give bright and smooth texture after the finish. It provides skin brightening benefits further and is ultra-comfortable. It creates a pore-free finish.

  • Key Ingredients: Glycerine, Tocopherol, titanium dioxide.
  • How to use: Apply this Avon foundation for dry skin preferably all over the face and brush it all over evenly.
  • Pros: Great finish and texture.
  • Cons: None
  • Rating: 5/5

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10. Avon True Color Dual Powder Foundation:

True Color Dual Powder Foundation Save
Image Source: Avon

With SPF 15, benefits from sun damage, this Avon True Color Foundation gives light and mild coverage to those who love it to be smart and light. This is great for oil control. It sells for INR 600 for 9g.

  • Key ingredients: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide and mica.
  • How to Use: Dab this powder foundation with sponge all over face evenly.
  • Pros: Light and comfortable.
  • Cons: Does not last for long.
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Given above are the bestselling Avon Foundations available, pick the best shade that suits your skin and your purpose and try them out. We are sure you will not regret it!


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