Be it a winter necessity or a summer time beach day, a lip balm is a forever friend for your journey, lying right there at one corner of your purse. Usually the main basic requirement for a lip balm occurs during the winters when the skin on your lips, being the thinnest possible layer of skin in your whole body, tends to dry out, often leaving your lips chapped and peeling. This is when the lip balms moisturize your lip skin reviving the rosiness in them. However, for the summer’s too it is quiet a requirement. There are special summer lip balms that do not weight down on your lips and yet provides a superb sun protection much like your sunscreen. In today’s article, we shall enlist some of the best lip balms by the trusted internationally acclaimed company, Avon and how they benefit us.

9 Best Avon Lip Balms:

1. Avon Intensive Moisture Royal Jelly Lip Treatment:

Image Source: Avon

Filled in with royal jelly and almond oil, the intensive moisture lip treatment revives the softness of your lips by moistening the skin from the cellular level. Almond oil adds nourishment to your lips as the SPF15 helps you from the sun.

2. Avon Color Trend Color Smoothies Lip Balm:

Image Source: Avon

The color trend lip balm comes in different mellow shades of coral, ruby, pink and fuchsia. Apart from providing a smart tint to your lips, this lip balm infuses Shea butter in it as a primary element along with Vitamin E. this helps you to bring in some color to your lips while keeping them soft and supple.

3. Avon Flavor Savers Bubblegum Lip Balm:

Image Source: Avon

The bubblegum lip balm by Avon provides you with the optimum moisturization that hydrates and nourishes your lips with a sweet fruity bubblegum flavor following its trail. However, this is not a tinted lip balm and therefore a suitable choice for formal wears as well.

4. Avon Naturals Strawberry Lip Balm:

If the fruitilicious strawberry scent doesn’t boggle your mind, the softness that it provides to your lips surely will. This lip balm enriched in proteins provides sun protection that allows you to keep your lips hydrated for long lasting effect while the lip balm replenishes your lips.

5. Avon Rose Kiss Lip Balm:

Image Source: Avon

This time packaged in a sparkly crystal capped container, the rose kiss lip balm by Avon is a relatively new product. The name rose kiss not only depends on the strong aroma it exerts but also the cap shaped in a crystal rose. Light weight and easy on the skin, this lip balm won’t weight your lips down but rather hydrate and soften it while you sport a vibrant gloss.

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6. Avon Flavor Savers Cherry Lip Balm:

Image Source: Avon

The cherry flavored lip balm by Avon gives a bright blushed look to your lips as the cherry hued tinted lip balm moisturizes and rejuvenates your lip’s skin cells filling them with moisture before locking in the moisture.

7. Avon Care Deeply Lip Balm With Aloe:

Image Source: Avon

Aloe Vera is a skin miracle product that works both on the skin and the hair, healing and caring for them. The care deeply lip balm from Avon infuses aloe extracts in them to repair dry chaffing damaged lips to give you a healthy pout.

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8. Avon Naturals Watermelon Moisturizing Lip Balm:

Image Source: Avon

The easy applicator stick from Avon integrates the goodness of fresh juicy summer watermelons and while the fruity scent mesmerizes you, this lip balm locks out any tint formation letting you sport your natural lip hue, just a bit nourished and replenished.

9. Avon Naturals Peach Lip Balm:

Image Source: Avon

A bright bubbling burst of Peach smell fills up your nostrils, relaxing your mind as you start applying the peach lip balm from Avon naturals. However, like before the naturals lip balm line only uses an invigorating smell but locks out the tint so that you can bare your natural glow without chapping up your winter lips.

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