Top 9 Avon Lipsticks and Shades

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Lipstick will always top the makeup chart for most of the women out there. This is because all of us like to add the extra oomph, colour and pout on our lips. We want to look perfect for a day out, o a night party all the time. The avon lip shades are truly colourful, creamy and budget friendly. These lip colours are perfect for college girls. Following are the top 9 shades of Avon lipsticks.

1. Avon Ultra Color Rich: Country Rose:

This is a beautiful reddish coral shade by Avon. Red usually comes to our mind when we are going for a party. But most of us fear from wearing a deep shade of red. This is a lighter shade of red and comes with a glossy effect. This lip shade is priced at Rs. 129 only.

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2. Avon Ultra Color Rich: Instant Mocha

It is true that names can be misleading sometimes. Even though the name of the lip colour is instant mocha, it is far off from the colour of brown/coffee! The real colour of the lip shade is mauve pink. This is a dramatic and deep shade of pink colour. Even though it is really pigmented and deep shade it can still be worn everyday if you want you can also tone down the colour using a lip brush. This is a creamy and shimmer-less shade. This lip colour is priced at Rs. 239

3. Avon Beyond Colour Lipstick: Twig

The twig is a pink shade and comes in a small pack. It has a deep pigmentation, glossy effect when applied on the lips. This lip colour is actually a mix of pink and brown and is extremely creamy. This lip colour will suit all the skin tones and will definitely brighten up a dull day. it is easy to carry and comes for a price of Rs. 239 only.

4. Avon Ultra Color Rich: Fuchsia Flirt

If you love bright pink and fuchsia shades on your lips then you will definitely like the colour of this Avon lipstick. It is a bold shade and comes with a creamy texture. This hot colour gives you a fruity scent when applied on the lips. The lip colour is priced at Rs. 239 only.

5. Avon Ultra Color Rich: Racy Red

This is a great colour by Avon if you want then it can be your favorite red shade ever. The colour of this lipstick is a shade of tomato red. It is bold and also pronounces danger! This colour is a little shimmery, creamy and contains a fruity scent. This lipstick is priced at Rs. 239 only.

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6. Avon Simply Pretty Colour Bliss: Whisper Pink

This is a hot favorite among the college goers and little girls. This is certainly not a grey or nude brown. It is a creamy lip colour with little sheen that can easily be worn as a gloss over other lip shades! This lip colour brings the best natural colour out of your lips. This lip shade is priced at Rs. 129 only.

7. Avon Smooth Minerals: Crystal Coral

This is a light pink coral shade by Avon and is completely sheer. But if you apply correctly then you can give yourself a great medium colour. You can apply it like a lip balm and is a great choice for daily use. This is definitely not a long lasting colour. This lip shade is priced at Rs. 1400

8. Avon Glazewear Silky Shine: Peach Silk

This is one of the bery best lip shades from Avon. Each silk is a light hint of orange with shimmer that will look perfect on all the skin tones. This lip colour gives creamy, glossy and stunning finish on the lips. Avon lipstick contains a hint of peach scent that makes it the winner! This lip shade is priced at Rs. 259 only.

9. Avon Simply Pretty Lipstick: Amber Glitters

This lip colour is a shade of brown with hint of bronze. This Avon shade is rich in vitamin E and comes in a pretty pack. This shade gives a medium finish when applied on the lips. The lip colour is creamy in texture. This lip shade is priced at Rs.169 only.

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The Avon lip colours are a must buy especially if you are a college goer. These colours by Avon are bright and give the correct pigmentation when worn on the lips. The Avon lipstick is soft on skin and act as a lip balm!

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    August 14, 2015 at 11:08 am

    with nice color shades.. looking forward to Nice brands