Avril Lavigne, a popular Canadian singer-songwriter, rose to fame with her unique pop-punk songs and influential writings. She is considered one of the key musicians in the development of the pop-punk music genre. The pop-punk queen has composed various singles and albums; songs like ‘Complicated’, ”Sk8er Boi’ and ‘Under My Skin’ have become massive hits worldwide, helping her gain a huge following globally. Apart from singing, Avril Lavigne has earned a remarkable fan following for her unique fashion sense and signature makeup. But have you seen her bare-faced look? Check this article to check Avril Lavigne’s no-makeup appearance. Let’s check Avril Lavigne without makeup pictures here.

1. The Pretty Peepers:

Usually, Avril Lavigne has seen with her signature heavy black eye makeup, and without one, we must admit she looks a lot different. However, that does not mean she is not beautiful without one since this picture is a living testament to how Lavigne’s beauty cannot be contained within makeup boundaries. Looking extremely pretty, Avril is a true beauty showing her pretty peepers and pearly whites.

2. A Change For Good:

Often we wouldn’t see Avril in her soft features posing for the red carpet photographs, but there was once this time when she decided to opt for a slight change in her makeup schedule that saw her in a mild makeup base very much different from her heavy makeup looks. Avril sparkled on the red carpet, sporting just a slight liner in her otherwise soft features and maybe just a normal gloss.

3. A Little Tired:

Here we see a rather tired and solemn picture of the busy Avril, who undoubtedly goes through hard work during her music releases. The constant sound checks and having to run around even late at night have taken a toll on her as her tired eyes gave way to the irritation. Regardless of that, Avril, however, looked quite clear and smooth complexioned.

4. Keeping it Au Natural:

Avril here decides to shed off her heavy makeup as she is photographed in her all-natural self. Forever young Avril Lavigne here too dazzled much as she does in her music videos; however, the soft bags underneath her eyes giving away a dark tone was evident even though her prettiness was never really contained.

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5. Walk About:

Covering herself in a hoodie, Avril seemed quite busy as she walked about on the streets. Her all-black attire only accentuated her blonder mane that was tightly tied on the side. Even though her face couldn’t be made clear from afar, she sure had no makeup on her face and yet she looked quite her mesmerising self.

6. To Keeping it Casual:

Dressed in her grey tank with her long mane open and flowing, here is another great picture of the beautiful Avril in her natural self, flaunting her flawless skin. Even without makeup, we could tell she has a good consistency when it comes to skin and related issues.

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7. Comparing The Best Looks:

Here we have a with makeup and without makeup picture of the Lavigne, where the left photo shows how her beautiful self without any makeup, and even though she looks a lot different from her right, she is still a pretty stunner.

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8. Candid Beauty:

We see an Avril in her white tank, unaware of the photograph being taken often on a normal day. You would think a candid would come out bad, but there is no such thing as a bad photo with Avril. She is a beautiful woman with or without makeup.


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