One of the most well known and prettiest actresses in the world of Indian cinema is Ayesha Takia. She made her debut in popular music videos and was soon found acting in several movies. This actress is very natural, beautiful and stylish. She is very comfortable and confident and has enough courage to step outside without wearing any makeup. She understands the significance of her beauty and doesn’t depend on cosmetics and different products to make she look good. Here are some images of her without makeup.

Ayesha Takia Without Makeup:

Ayesha in Orange:

Here we see the dazzling and cute image of Ayesha in orange. She looks simple, relaxed yet very stylish. The colour suits her well and the voluminous hair adds to her charm. The posture in which she is standing is also pretty charming. Overall, she seems to be doing a great job without makeup.

Ayesha Wearing Pink:

Here we find the gorgeous Ayesha Takia dressed up in hot pink. The scarf is also quite stunning. It compliments her look and gives her a fashionable and trendy appearance. The texture of the skin is quite fair, soft and dazzling. She completely resembles an angel.

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Simple Looking Ayesha:

This is a still from one of Ayesha’s movies. Here we see how simple yet beautiful she looks. Her features are gorgeous and she looks like an Indian princess. Her soft and silky hair gives her a smart, pleasant and impressive appearance.

Light and Relaxed Ayesha:

It is sometimes impossible to imagine celebrities without makeup. Most of them hardly step out of their houses without it, but you will still find a few daring ladies who have no problem getting a few pictures clicked of themselves without makeup. Ayesha Takia is one of them. Her humble, clean and neat appearance makes look so chic, subtle and gorgeous. She is truly a natural beauty!

Happy Looking Ayesha:

Some people have a misconception that to look good, they need to apply tons of makeup. This statement bears no truth at all. To look great, you don’t need to spend time applying cosmetics, you need smile instead; you need to be a cheerful and positive person. There are some women in this world who do the same and thus look gorgeous all the time. One of them is Ayesha Takia. Her stunning features and fun loving nature make her awesome without makeup.

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Posing Ayesha:

Ayesha Takia has been blessed with great skin. She looks so pretty, regardless of whether she applies makeup or not. Her simple nature, great hair, style and personality complete her identity and make her look amazing.

Stylish Ayesha:

Who says that a celebrity can’t look like a Fashionista without makeup? Actresses like Ayesha Takia really know how to glam up their appearances with fancy and designer outfits… The best part is that she hardly uses any makeup and still manages to look like a million bucks. Her attitude, grace, style and confidence do wonders to her personality.

Inside Her Car Photo:

We have also caught a picture of Ayesha sitting in her car. She does not have a hint of makeup on her skin although her appearance is like a top and glamorous celebrity. Her smile really highlights her features and gives her a very attractive look overall.

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Rajasthan Look:

Here we see Ayesha without makeup in a traditional Rajasthani outfit. She looks so pretty, pleasant and cute in this image. Her expression is so attractive and friendly. She is really a bold actress to show herself without any makeup.


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