Are you one of those who have made several attempts to lose weight but still haven’t got any results? Do you exercise and eat healthy and you still haven’t made any approval? Then you probably have to visit the doctor. Or if you are unable to perform any kind of exercise because of physical pain then you have to look up several home remedies in order to find a solution to this problem. The best and healthy way to lose weight at home is try out natural ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda was generated in India thousands of years ago and is an integral and very important part of her culture. Being so natural, it is full of natural and good properties. To make things easy for you, we have enlisted some of the items you could use in order to burn fat and boost metabolism. They are not at all difficult to make and can be found easily in the kitchen or at the market.

Detox Tea:

To prepare detox tea, you have to take 4 to 5 cups of hot boiling water first. Add half a teaspoon of cumin seeds, coriander seeds and fennel seeds to it. Strain out all the seeds after this has been boiled for a while and then pour it in a thermos. At least three to four times a day you have to take this drink. If you feel that the tea is too strong for you, you can simply reduce the amount of seeds. This will help you to lose weight only within a couple of months.

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The next fat fighter is the called the Triphala Treat. It is an ancient ayurvedic medicine which is composed of dried Indian super fruits that work together. Amalaki is known for removing excess of inflammation from your body. To use it as an ingredient, take half a cup of warm water and add half a tablespoon of Triphala powder along with some organic flaxseed. If you like, you may also purchase Triphala powder and tablets online. They are not expensive at all.

Eat Half of Your Calories at Lunch:

Another way to shed some weight is by eating half the calories at lunch. Your typical meal should be something like hot oatmeal or cornflakes along with egg whites. For lunch have cheese, eggs, meat and dessert. For dinner, you should eat a lot of cooked fruits and vegetables. This will definitely help you lose weight within a very short period of time. Make sure you are not consuming any kind of processed foods however.

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Curry Powder Blender:

For the curry powder blender, you will need five tablespoon of coriander and fenugreek seeds, a large bay leaf, some cumin seeds, some mustard seeds and also one cinnamon stick. You can also take five cloves. Grind them together and add some turmeric powder. This is the kind of curry powder you should use while cooking any kind of meal or curry. It takes only a few minutes to make and is definitely some of the best ayurvedic medicines for weight loss.

The Raw Silk Glove Massage:

The raw silk glove massage is a very inexpensive home spa treatment that helps you fight fat. It energizes and detoxifies your body. It helps you lose a lot of weight within a short span of time. The three main areas of massage are arms, abdomen and legs. You should start with the clockwise motion on the stomach and end with the anti clockwise motion. The last area should be the legs. You should again use circular motion on the buttocks and hips.

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Black Pepper Powder, Lemon Juice and Honey:

Take a glass of lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of black pepper powder. Also add four tablespoons of lemon juice. Add another tablespoon of honey. Mix this well and drink every day. This remedy will help you lose quite a few kgs within a couple of months. Make sure the water you are using is warm. Cold water will only lower your metabolism.

Lemon Juice and Honey:

Another great ayurvedic remedy for weight loss is using the perfect combination of lemon juice and honey. You need to drink this every morning with an empty stomach. Try this remedy for a couple of months before you get the results. This is one of the basic remedies suggested by Ayurveda. If this does not satisfy you in any way, you may visit the doctor soon.

Bowl of Cabbage:

The best way to lose a lot of weight within a short period of time is by having a bowl of cabbage every day. It is effective in fighting body fat and is one of the best ways you can adopt to lose weight. You can have it at dinner instead of the meal or even at evening.


A great Ayurvedic remedy for weight loss is by using ginger. They boost your metabolism and also regulate your blood sugar. In order to use cinnamon in your daily life, just add a bit of it a cup of black tea. Make sure there is no sugar in it. Your cholesterol levels will improve and you will be living a very healthy and active life with the help of cinnamon. If you have type 2 diabetes or you are extremely obese, make cinnamon a daily part of your life.

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Dandelions are full of nutrition. If you have slow digestion then this is something you can definitely make a part of your diet. They help you maintain a healthy weight and also lose some pounds. Being full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, dandelions are what you need for cleansing your liver and improving your cholesterol. Your blood pressure will also become normal with time if you make full use of dandelions.

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