Dandruff is becoming so popular with every second person you walk on the road, you meet at workplace etc. because of the increasing stressful lifestyle and increasing pollution. The dead skin on the scalp accumulates to cause white flakes in the scalp and appears as white element on the hair. Since they accumulate at the scalp so they also prohibit free breathing to the hair and therefore weaken it all the more and increase hair fall.

One of the major causes for hair fall is dandruff. Though you may try various anti-dandruff shampoos or creams and lotions but it may not be a bad idea to try natural cure of ayurvedic treatment for dandruff.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Dandruff:

Here are 9 Best Ayurvedic ingredients that makes dandruff free hair.

1. Coconut Oil With Camphor:

One of the most tried and tested and effective therapy is to mix small amount of powdered camphor in coconut oil. You can store it in a bottle. Apply this mixture every night before going off to sleep. Camphor makes you feel cool and therefore reduces the skin irritation which in turn reduces creation of dandruff. Coconut oil moisturises hair and therefore reduces dryness.

2. Lemon and Coconut Oil:

Mix warm coconut oil with lemon juice. Apply this mixture well into scalp and massage gently and leave for may be half an hour to forty five minutes. Shampoo well after this. You will notice that your hair will feel light, rejuvenating and fresh. The dandruff will also get washed away. Using this at least for a month will show effective results.

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3. Curd and Lemon Juice:

Take 3-4 table spoon of curd depending on your hair volume and length and to add mix 2 tea spoon of lemon juice. Now apply this on the scalp and also all through the hair. Leave for 30- 45 minutes. Curd is a very good natural cleanser and a very effective conditioner. Lemon also helps in reduction of itchiness caused by dandruff and thereby reduces irritation. Now shampoo and rinse well.

4. Shikakai:

Mix shikakai in water along with fenugreek seeds and leave it soaked for few hours. You can also add mint leaves to it and leave it soaked in warm water. Now before going to sleep, apply the mixture onto the scalp. Once you get up in the morning wash your hair with warm water. Mint and fenugreek seeds provide coolness to hair reducing itchiness and removes dandruff.

5. Lemon and Neem:

When come to ayurvedic treatment for dandruff lemon and neem are the best. Make a paste of neem leaves. To it add lemon juice. Now apply this moisture on hair and scalp and leave for thirty minutes. Shampoo your hair thereafter. This does not even need conditioner after you shampoo. Neem also helps in reducing itchiness and is very effective for skin. Use this treatment at least twice a week. You can otherwise also add neem leaves to warm water and have bath regularly to avoid body itchiness.

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6. Almond and Olive Oil:

Make mixture of olive oil and almond oil. Store it in dry. Both almond and olive oil are rich in moisturiser. You can apply this mixture by even making it warm and leaving it overnight. You may then shampoo next day or even let it be. They nourish the hair.

7. Tea Water:

Tea water is also a natural refresher and reduces itchiness in dry skin. Once you shampoo your hair try rinsing it with warm tea water. This can also go best while you apply the almond and olive oil mix to your hair and then shampoo and rinse with tea water.

8. Hot Oil Massage:

Before applying oil in your hair, warm the oil a little- just lukewarm and then gently massage onto the scalp for effective results and nourishment.

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9. Egg Whites:

You can also apply egg whites before shampoo for clean and refreshing scalp.

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