Aztec tattoos are not new, but most have not heard about them. We are not shocked, given that they are not given mainstream attention. However, these Aztec tattoo designs are picking trends now, given their artistic, colourful and creative variants. Among the tribal, ancient cultural art came up with several designs, including triangles, waves, and squares. Aztec designs are done in several forms, like nails, dress materials and bags. Now the Aztec tattoo ideas have started picking up the trend.

In case you are someone who loves to get these intricate Aztec tattoo patterns and designs, then this guide is for you. Here we list our top and favourite Aztec tattoo images. These are pretty intricate, unique and stylish.

15+ Best Aztec Warrior Tattoo Designs:

Aztec-style tattoos are new in style, and if you want to get them, you will surely not regret your decision. You can get easy and simple designs as well as intricate ones. It is totally up to your wish and choice. Below are the top pictures of Aztec tattoos and designs that you can get inspired to get something like this on your body.

1. Traditional Artistic Design For Hand:

This is very artistically done. This is also easy to try out because this has not been done on the whole hand. Therefore this can be pretty easy to sport. You should take the help of a professional artist for this. A professional artist also knows how to draw these out from some designs you may take to them, add more associated things, and then make something custom-made. This is a traditional variant which is quite trendy. It is bold, looks ferocious and also courageous. This is among the top trending Aztec tribal tattoos for men.

  • Body Placement: This Aztec tattoo is great to be done on the arms.
  • Colour: Wear this in black colour only to look bold and good.
  • Size: Big-size tattoo here looks better.
  • Skin Tone: Wear these only if you have a lighter skin tone.
  • Suitable Gender: This is an excellent Aztec tattoo for men.

2. Aztec Forearm Tattoo Design:

This is an ancient pattern, and these patterns used to be used on carvings by ancient people. You can try out something like this. This is good for you if you believe in having a heritage and ancient touch and love history. It will stand out, given the evergreen charm it carries. The precise and intricate details have to be done carefully.

  • Body Placement: Place this tattoo on the forearms or back near the neck.
  • Colour: Go with a darker colour to look great.
  • Size: Any medium or larger-sized tattoo here can look good.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this for any skin tone as it suits all.
  • Suitable Gender: This can be tried by men and can be an awesome Aztec tattoo for women.

3. Aztec Leg Tattoo Design:

This design is done on the legs. Therefore, this is very detailed and requires several sessions to get this done. This is mainly done in dark colours. If you like to have such large-scale art, then this can be something that you can try out. This also goes synonymous with the Aztec warrior tattoo, which depicts the ancient age-old day’s rich culture.

  • Body Placement: Wear this on your legs.
  • Color: Black colour ink can look great for this.
  • Size: This should only be done in a larger size (full body).
  • Skin Tone: Wear it for a medium-coloured skin tone.
  • Suitable Gender: Men can wear this at their best.

4. Aztec Tattoo Bands Design:

It is common to get band patterns on the hands and to get these in various styles. These are very intricate designs and must be done correctly, or they will not have the same visual effect. This is a similar pattern; you can get these done on your legs. It is simple and depicts the bands which are worn in tribal cultures. This is a variant of a popular Aztec tribal tattoo.

  • Body Placement: Wear these on your hands or legs.
  • Color: Black-colored tattoos look good here.
  • Size: Wear them for full hands or legs size in width.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can pull these tattoos off.
  • Suitable Gender: Men can wear their best.

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5. Intricate and Bold Aztec Tattoo Design for Leg:

This is done at the back of the lower leg. You can get various styles like this done at multiple body parts. This is one of the best Aztec tattoo designs for women. This tattoo, however, symbolises the calendar year and cultural events in their belief. This goes along with the Aztec calendar tattoo variant.

  • Body Placement: Place these tattoos on the arms or beneath the neck on the back.
  • Color: Wear these in black colour only.
  • Size: Medium to large-coloured tattoos can look great for this design.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can go well here in this tattoo.
  • Suitable Gender: Women can get these tattoos for the best look.

6. 3D Tribal Pattern:

This is a 3D pattern you can get done, which is quite artistic. These also require professional artists to give you the desired effect. This variant of the Aztec sun tattoo tells the time and meaning. It is a 3D design and is quite loved by many. It is dark, bold and intricate.

  • Body Placement: Wear this tattoo on your arms or shoulders to look great.
  • Color: Only black-coloured tattoos look good here.
  • Size: Wear this Aztec tattoo in a larger size to get the best look.
  • Skin Tone: This tattoo goes well for darker skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Looks good on men.

7. Detailed Pattern For Hands:

This is a very detailed design that can be done on hand. This also has a 3D effect. If you rewind and learn more about the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt, these designs are well shown for their beliefs and culture. This is among the popular Aztec pyramid tattoos around. Try this design out if you want to have the ancient touch and culture printed on you.

  • Body Placement: Wear these tattoos on your arms or chest.
  • Color: Black ink only suits this tattoo the best.
  • Size: This tattoo is good when done in a larger size.
  • Skin Tone: Wear these on any skin tone you like.
  • Suitable Gender: These Mexican Aztec tattoos look great on men only.

8. 3D Bracelet-Shaped Aztec Tattoo:

You can try out something like this. It is in the form of a bracelet and is done in the upper position of the hand. You can further make alterations to the same design as well. You can have an Aztec eagle tattoo customized on the head or even an Aztec skull tattoo. It is one of the best Aztec tattoo designs for men.

  • Body Placement: Men can place them on their arms to flaunt them well.
  • Color: Wear this in black ink only, for it looks great.
  • Size: The larger or medium size of this tattoo looks great.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this tattoo for dusky skin men.
  • Suitable Gender: This is an excellent tattoo to try out for men.

9. Aztec Traditional Tattoo Design:

This has been done on the whole hand. This is like ancient carving, and you should get this done by a professional artist. This tattoo looks bold, unique and intrinsic. It goes with men who love to flaunt their boldness and bravery but also want to be mild. Mild and calmness can be observed in this tattoo near the eye area.

  • Body Placement: Men can place them as Aztec sleeves or even as an Aztec arm tattoo.
  • Color: Wear this for black colour shade only.
  • Size: Larger size tattoo can look good here.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this tattoo for any skin tone as it goes with all.
  • Suitable Gender: This is an awesome Aztec tattoo to try for men.

10. Bold and Intense Aztec Dragon Tattoo:

Those who want full-back body art can go with this Aztec dragon tattoo. This is great to flaunt for those men who love to get this inked and love this form of body art. This Aztec back tattoo is wild, bold and stylish. This goes very well, even with modern-day men.

  • Body Placement: Wear this as an Aztec chest tattoo or an Aztec back tattoo.
  • Color: Black coloured shade goes best in this design.
  • Size: Wear this in the largest size possible to cover the full back or chest area.
  • Skin Tone: Men with any skin tone can try this one out.
  • Suitable Gender: Wear this for men only as they love these the most. However, women who love to get crazy can also try them out on their backs.

11. Woman with a Small Aztec Tattoo:

This small Aztec tattoo inked on a woman is stealing our hearts. This is trending right now, given it’s unique and different from usual. It is not a pretty heavy bold design but rather meaningful and tiny. The woman who loves to get these kinds of meaningful and ancient designs inked can try this one out.

  • Body Placement: Wear these as Aztec hand tattoos. One can also try it as an Aztec armband tattoo.
  • Color: Black and yellow shades go well with this tattoo.
  • Size: Wear this in a smaller size only to make it look elegant.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin tone women can carry this design well.
  • Suitable Gender: Wear this tattoo only for women of any age.

12. Aztec Bird Tattoo on Legs:

If you want to get more quirky and bold, this Aztec bird tattoo is for you. This Aztec tattoo on the leg is quite different and not the usual form of a tattoo. It looks pretty simple yet elegant and trendy. The heritage and artistic touch are making our jaws drop as it seems totally fit and right in the placement.

  • Body Placement: This is an awesome Aztec leg tattoo. However, this can also be tried as an Aztec shoulder tattoo.
  • Color: Black shade is suitable for this tattoo.
  • Size: Medium-sized tattoo goes well with this design.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this for any skin tone as it goes with all.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and women can try this design out.

13. Bold Aztec Serpent Tattoo:

This Aztec serpent tattoo all along the wrist looks amazing, right? It is worth the way it is. It is intricate, unique, bold, courageous, and eye-catching. This Aztec tattoo has all the characteristics one wants in a tattoo and can suit several personalities who love not to keep it simple.

  • Body Placement: This can make great Aztec wrist tattoos.
  • Color: Wear this in black shade only to look great.
  • Size: Wear this in a similar big size to catch the eye.
  • Skin tone: Any skin tone can try this versatile tattoo.
  • Suitable Gender: Men can best wear this tattoo.

14. Aztec Pyramid Tattoo:

This Aztec Pyramid Tattoo is excellent and is enigmatic, vibrant and bold. This is right for you if you want a fierce and adventurous Mexican touch of a tattoo. This can make us think that even mummies go along similar lines in these designs. Try it out if you love this.

  • Body Placement: These can be great Aztec forearm tattoos or arm tattoos.
  • Color: Black shade only looks best.
  • Size: Medium-sized Aztec tattoos in this design can grab attention.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this on all skin tones as it matches all.
  • Suitable Gender: Men can wear this better.

15. Mexican Aztec Tattoos with Princess:

This Mexican Aztec tattoo is great to flaunt. This Aztec tattoo of a princess is quite trendy and stylish and looks great on those who love the beliefs and ancient stories. Both men and women can get this tattoo. This is wild, courageous, beautiful and stylish all at the same time.

  • Body Placement: Arms and shoulders are great places to get this tattoo.
  • Color: Wear this in black shades only to look good.
  • Size: Medium-sized tattoos can look great in this design.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can match these versatile tattoos well.
  • Suitable Gender: It goes with both men and women as these suit both.

#More Aztec Tattoo Designs:

#Additional Tips:

Here are a few tips before you get these Aztec tattoos.

  • Given that Aztec tattoo designs are quite intricate and dense, make sure you only go to professional artists who are well-versed and equipped with the designs.
  • Decide on a variant and ask your artist’s advice for better input.
  • Keep it black and bold. The Aztec tattoos can look best in black shades only.
  • This may take some time, given a whole lot of details involved. Make sure you don’t rush into the design but take time over it.


In conclusion, Aztec tattoo designs are rich in cultural symbolism and provide individuals with an opportunity to connect with the ancient Aztec civilization. These intricate and meaningful designs can serve as powerful representations of heritage, strength, spirituality, and various aspects of Aztec mythology. Whether depicting deities, warriors, or traditional patterns, Aztec tattoos continue to captivate and inspire people around the world, bridging the gap between past and present through the art of body modification.

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