Are you looking for inspiration to get an alphabet tattoo with the letter B? Whether you want your name or the name of your loved one, you will be inspired by the B letter tattoo templates mentioned in this article. You can express profound love and powerful sentiments with simple single-letter tattoos. So, let us go through this article for some elusive yet beautiful B letter tattoo designs without further ado.

Top 20 B Letter Tattoo Designs:

The letter B tattoo is an alphabet tattoo that can express love and significance without using too many letters. Instead of elaborate tattoos, couples, young or older adults, can get them. You can add elements as per your personal choice and see the difference.

1. Heart B Letter Design On The Wrist:

Although the letter B tattoo can be pretty straightforward, adding a cute little heart in continuation to the alphabet can be attractive. This tattoo looks the best in small and medium-size and can be an excellent option for your wrist. Irrespective of gender, people of all ages can get it, but women usually prefer it.

2. B Letter Tattoo With Flowers:

If you want to honour someone you love, this B letter tattoo covered with floral patterns can be a great way. The design represents love and romance with the addition of beautiful floral elements. The addition of the quote, ‘I love you with the cherry blossoms, indicates your feelings are expressed beautifully.

3. Bold B Letter Tattoo Design:

Sometimes simple things go a long way in expressing enormous emotions. This letter b tattoo font is pretty simple and is suitable for people of all ages, irrespective of gender. You don’t have to add any other elements to this pattern because it is a simple choice and looks sufficient in itself.

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4. Cursive B Letter Tattoo On The Wrist:

The wrist is one of the common areas people get a tattoo, especially single-letter tattoos—cursive letters with beautiful curves at the start and end, making an impressive look. Although you can get this design engraved in black ink, you can try experimenting with other colours.

5. Robust B Initial Tattoo:

Calligraphy is yet another font that is gaining popularity among tattoo enthusiasts since it gives the wearer variety. Another unique feature is that the lower area of the letter is filled with black ink, and the upper area is left clear, creating a black-and-white effect. You can increase the size and get this magnificent design on your shoulders or back.

6. B Letter Tattoo With Colored Crown:

If you are bored with black-inked tattoos, adding colours can make a lot of difference. The letter B is made with black ink, and the design’s overall look is enhanced times more with the bright red-coloured crown on the top. But it doesn’t have to be red; you can experiment with different colours as per your taste.

7. B Letter Tattoo With A Heart:

Hearts and single letters are a perfect combination that helps you express your love for the letter visually. The heart is beautifully combined into the alphabet B creating a mirage effect. This tattoo looks exceptional on the wrist since you can flaunt it with style.

8. Stylish B Alphabet Tattoo On The Neck:

Although this pattern looks feminine, men and women all prefer it depending on the size. The shadow effect is one of the commonly found patterns, and the beautiful curves in this tattoo elevate the design further. The neck can be perfect for getting this stylish letter b engraved.

9. B Alphabet Tattoo Filled With Nature:

We all love nature, don’t we? This B-letter tattoo on the arm can perfectly represent your love for the letter and environment beautifully and artistically. Unlike common tattoos, this design uses multiple colours bringing the design to life. You can get this tattoo on your shoulder, back, or neck for adequate visibility.

10. Colorful Letter B In A Heart Shape:

This sleek B letter inside a heart tattoo is beautifully crafted into the wearer’s skin. The watercolour background across the alphabet looks aesthetically pleasing. This design looks fantastic, especially if you want an artistically placed colourful option.

11. B Letter Tattoo Near The Neck:

The shoulder is yet another commonplace for you to get a tattoo engraved. This tattoo looks gender-neutral and is suitable for people of all ages. You can flaunt it with your off-shoulder dress or cover it up for convenience and choice. It seems exceptional in black ink.

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12. Capital Letter B with a Crown on Top:

If you are a fan of adding a royal look to your body art ensemble but don’t want to go over the top, this design can be an exceptional choice. Though the alphabet looks simple, the beautiful crown creates an entirely new look to the design. If you want, you can use a splash of colors, but black ink looks good.

13. Royal B Letter Tattoo On The Arm:

This one can be an appropriate choice if you are looking for a royal look for your B letter tattoo. The letter B looks stylish, and adding a crown on top gives this simple letter a royal finish. Although the entire crown is in shades of grey, the placement of different coloured stones makes the design stand out.

14. Sleek B Letter Tattoo With A Flowering Vine:

You can add a bit of an edge with floral or natural elements to simple alphabet tattoos. The beautiful floral vine decorated with the letter B tattoo looks gorgeous and feminine. Depending upon your personal choice, you can add lavenders or cherry blossoms, making the simple tattoo look chic.

15. Simple B Letter Tattoo Font Styles:

Many people prefer simple designs to elaborate ones, especially in the case of alphabet tattoos. The curvy edges of the B letter give it the look of combining the upper part of a heart. Unless This looks exceptional in black ink. It is unless you want to use colours suitable for all genders, irrespective of age.

16. B Letter Finger Tattoo:

Finger tattoos are quickly gaining popularity, especially single-letter tattoos because they occupy little space. Many married couples are opting for finger tattoos as a form of romance. By engraving a capital B letter and a heart on the ring finger, you can permanently represent your love for the person.

17. B Letter Tattoo With A Fairy:

This b-style letter in this tattoo design looks beautiful; the bold lines and the font of the alphabet stand out. The uniqueness of this tattoo is the addition of a fairy which can symbolise the person associated with the latter being a guardian angel. You can either get it done in black ink or experiment with colours.

18. Angel B Letter Tattoo With Wings:

If you want something personal, you can take inspiration from this design. The cursive letter B in the centre has wings on either side and a halo on top, making it a perfect angelic appearance. People get these types of tattoos if they want to attribute angelic features to the person they adore.

19. B Letter Couple Tattoo With Infinity Symbol:

This is a tattoo where two letters with an infinity symbol make it look like the love between the couple is infinite. The capital B and F letter Tattoos are bound in the infinity symbol, and this tattoo looks exceptional on anyone, irrespective of gender. You can also experiment with colours to add a unique touch to the tattoo.

20. B Letter Tattoo Design With Crown:

We all have had a look at a lot of crowns on television or the internet. But if you are a fan of royalty and want to incorporate it into your body art, this design can be a perfect choice. The stylish-looking letter B is topped with an intricately jewelled crown that looks nothing less than a king’s.


If you wonder how to get your B letter tattooed, we hope this article has provided you with enough variations. Before you permanently engrave a design on your body, go through the patterns and finalise a design for yourself. You can make changes as per your preference and add a personal touch to it. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful.

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