8 Best Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Hair Care Shampoos

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Among the herbal products, Patanjali is a renowned brand now and has gained considerable popularity. Herbal products are always preferable as they have less of side effects. Herbal products are more preferred when it’s about hair care. Patanjali offers a wide range of shampoos for each hair type.

List Of Patanjali Shampoo Products For Hair:

Let’s find here with we mentioned 8 best Patanjali shampoo products for hair.

1. Patanjali Milk Protein Shampoo:

This Patanjali shampoo enriched with protein is made up of natural herbs that provide essential nutrients to the hair cells and help in hair growth. It helps in treating dryness of hair. Hair loss is caused due to several reasons. This hair protein shampoo provides essential nutrients to the hair roots and removes dryness of the hair naturally by providing milk protein. Dryness may occur due to loss of nutrients from the hair or when there is lack of proper diet.

Patanjali Milk Protein Shampoo

Young individuals also suffer from hair loss due to bad habits such as excessive drinking of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or staying awake late at night. Kesh Kanti milk protein shampoo is also recommended for women’s hair loss that may occur during pregnancy or lactation. The protein shampoo is made up of natural milk protein that provides natural proteins to the hair roots for proper growth and can be used by all categories, men, women or adults.

2. Patanjali Reetha Shampoo:

KeshKanti Reetha Shampoo

Patanjali reetha shampoo is a revitalising herbal hair shampoo that strengthens and brings shine to hair. It also helps in

  • Minimizing hair loss and dandruff
  • Reducing dryness and roughness of hair
  • Improves hair shine while reducing hair fall

It contains goodness of reetha herb which is the main ingredient in herbal shampoos and soaps as well.

3. Patanjali Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Patanjali anti dandruff shampoo is a result of combination using natural herbs and proves very effective if used on regular basis. Since, it is a herbal shampoo it is mild on hair in comparison to using chemical rich shampoos. It is a good option to choose for dray, rough and dandruff hair. This herbal shampoo is also gives nourishment to hair and so less hair falls.

Patanjali Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Some of the main ingredients in the Patanjali anti dandruff shampoo are reetha, myrtle, bhringraj, tagar, neem, shikakai, bukachi, amla and turmeric.

The shampoo is well known for its rejuvenating properties and so it is good for hair health. Being herbal in nature, it is good for entire skull and relives in case having headache. It can also treat eczema, athlete foot, and dermatitis and hair loss too. It can be used to treat scorpion strings too. This shampoo also prevents lice or ticks that stay at hair. It provides rejuvenation and longevity.

4. Patanjali Natural Shampoo:

This Patanjali natural shampoo for hair all control helps to improve hair growth and prevents hair loss. Being rich in natural remedies it is recommended for hair loss. Hair loss is a common problem in both men and women. Hair fall may start at a young age in some individuals due to weakness or inadequate diet.

Patanjali Natural Shampoo

There are many causes of hair loss and this herbal hair loss treatment gives better growth of hair. It does not produce any side effects on the scalp and reduces the itching and burning of scalp. It is also recommended for preventing dandruff and dry hair. The natural herbs in this shampoo provide nourishment to the hair cells and help to improve hair growth by providing essential nutrients to the hair. It is proved to be the best hair falling treatment for people of all ages as it is absolutely natural and safe.

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5. Patanjali Aloe Vera Shampoo:

Patanjali Aloe Vera Shampoo

This Patanjali aloe vera shampoo for oily hair is proven to show positive results. The sweet fragrance will make you feel refreshed. It contains the goodness of lime and aloevera that will supply the necessary essentials for your hair.

6. Patanjali Shikakai Shampoo:

Patanjali Shikakai Shampoo

This shampoo is meant for a good cleansing of your hair and makes your hair look truly neat. This Patanjali shampoo for grey hair and white hair is effective in fighting early greying and whitening. The shampoo looks like honey and is thick in consistency. Its smell is herbal and the packaging is travel friendly. Pick this up if you are looking for a shampoo with a touch of ayurvedic base.

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7. Patanjali Baby Shampoo:

Patanjali Baby Shampoo

The Patanjali shishucare baby shampoo is gentle and pH balanced whose base is enriched with aloevera, neem and tulsi. They impart a gentle and natural nourishment to the baby’s hair and treats their dryness effectively. The shampoo is priced reasonably and has a sweet fragrance.

8. Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash:

Patanjali Coconut Hair Wash

This nofussy packaged bottle is a blend of coconut oil and natural extracts of aloevera, methi, bhringaraj, and henna. It gently nourishes the scalp and leaves your hair extremely soft, silky and shiny. This Patanjali coconut shampoo for hair fall, truly saves your hair from hair loss and is a great saviour! Grab one now.

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Whether you are looking for Patanjali shampoo for dry hair or oily hair, dandruff free shampoos, or itchy scalp, they have it all. You only have to pick the right one and go by your hair type. Their ingredients are carefully chosen by keeping in mind the purpose, so we are sure, they won’t disappoint you.