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Top 10 Baba Ramdev Tips for Glowing Skin

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Baba Ramdev is a known yoga expert who teaches people yoga and gives various natural remedies which can help the skin and other health problems.

baba ramdev tips for glowing skin

Below are the top 10 of his suggested and popular remedies for glowing skin.

1. Kapalbhati Pranayam:

This is a very important meditation type of yoga that people should practice regularly for benefits. Ram dev suggests that daily practice of this will give glowing results in 6 months. He asks people to do this 15 minutes twice a day and this helps more oxygen into the body through the lungs.

2. Massaging the face with towel:

It is suggested that a person should massage the face properly with a soft moist cloth. This should be used to massage gently so that this helps to circulate the blood and this can make wrinkles to get treated.

3. Drink enough water:

He also says that it is always said that a person should drink 3 to 4 litres of water regularly for proper functioning of the system. Enough water helps to regulate the bowel movement. It also helps in keeping the body and the superficial layers of skin supple and moist. This can help fight off blemishes and keep skin tight and the pores will not secrete excess of sweat or sebum. This also helps eliminate fat and toxins from body in form of sweat.

4. Fresh fruit Juice:

Fresh juice is very important to supply the body with various types of vitamins and nutrients. These we can have in place of common soft drinks. There are also good brands which provide juice which can be bought by people and had in place of making these. However, fresh fruits can be chewd to have the fibre in these. These can help in proper bowel movements as well.

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5. To meditate and to keep positive thinking:

It is suggested that people should meditate and try to keep the stress away. This can also cause anxiety which can make skin to get blemishes.

6. Aloe Vera juice:

Natural aloe vera juice which is processed for consumption can be used for those who suffer from constipation. This should be consumed based on doctor prescribed dosage and other suggested remedies. A good diet is always essential and this can also have side effects therefore this should not be used for self medication or this can be harmful.

7. Besan face masks:

He suggests to the people to use natural packs instead of using some market available products. This is very important. Besan ka atta is very popular in houses and is good cleanser. The yoga expert suggests that a person can take besan instead of normal face washes that are available in the market and use this with turmeric to make a mask.

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8. Sound sleep:

People should have a sound sleep everyday and should sleep by 10 to 11pm. This keeps the body healthy and helps it function properly. Waking up early is also important and this should be maintained.

9. Use of Lemon Juice:

People should use lemon juice to massage on skin and to get benefits out of it. It can also be used for getting rid of blemishes as it is known this contains mild bleaching agents. It is also said that drinking lemon juice or lemon water can help people get glow from inside by cleansing the stomach.

10. Milk pack:

It is suggested by Ram dev baba that people can massage unboiled fresh milk on skin at night and then wash this in morning. This helps reduce blemishes.

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