Babaji Kriya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

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The essence of Babaji Kriya Yoga is to release oneself from the stressful life and not bother about the petty things in life and instead think of better and bigger things that make our life complete. It refers to the self realization and enlightenment. One tries to question the present situation and come up with better alternatives to satisfy oneself and the society. Materialistic things do not matter anymore instead one tries to be morally and ethically correct. This great therapy is quite therapeutic and was introduces by Baba Nagaraj who himself got influenced by the age old 18 Siddha traditions.

The entire aim of this Kriya Yoga is to set the aatma also known as the soul free from the body and all sorts of pressure. The way to achieve this stage is through the force of Kriya Sadhana. The original place of the aatma is the Mooladhara chakra. However, when Kriya Sadhana is practiced the aatma moves on to the Vishuddhi chakra. If the force is intensified a little more, the aatma moves to the Ajna chakra and later enter into the Sahasrara chakra where it exerts a lot of pressure and comes in contact with the Brahma Randhra. This is the place from where the aatma is said to be completely free from the body and move towards the Sahasrara chakra which proves that the aatma is now completely free of the body pull and now lies in a different place altogether. This place is free of all the minute troubles of life and helps the human mind to think of bigger issues and release stress.

This entire yoga therapy divided into five parts, named as

  • Kriya Hatha Yoga.
  • Kriya Kundalini Pranayama.
  • Kriya Dhyana Yoga.
  • Kriya Mantra Yoga.
  • Kriya Bhakti Yoga.

All these five elements have been described below in details.

Kriya Hatha Yoga:

babaji kriya yoga

This kind of Kriya yoga includes around 18 asanas or postures which help people to stay fit and relax their mind. Mudras are also taken considered to be a part of this section. Pressure is exerted on muscles which help the body to get toned up.

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Kriya Kundalini Pranayama:

This element mainly includes the extensive breathing techniques which help the mind, body and soul to relax. This sets the aatma to travel from the body to highest level. One has to pay attention to one’s own breaths. This will help automatically help the aatma to travel from one chakra to the other.

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Kriya Dhyana Yoga:

Meditation techniques are included in this segment. A person can perform this activity to get rid of all the dirt in the mind and look into one self. This is one of the best techniques to realize one’s own mistakes and to be sure of one’s decisions. The best way to carry this out is in a peaceful environment with nobody around.

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Kriya Mantra Yoga:

Small mantra or a word has to be repeated continuously. This helps the mind to clean the subconscious and fills the body with positive energy. One will be able to seek into oneself more clearly and accurately. An individual’s mind will also start focusing more precisely and increase the span of attention.

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Kriya Bhakti Yoga:

This kind of yoga includes devotional love towards the gods and goddesses. Chanting of prayers and saying mantras come under this section. This helps one to believe in the fact that there is a supernatural power which is much stronger than we humans and is taking care of us. This entire act helps one to be more confident and sure of one’s steps. Idol worshipping and holy trips are also a major part of this act.

Babaji Kriya Yoga works best when followed regularly. One must have faith in it while practicing, only then will it show wonders. The upliftment of soul will definitely change a human and make him or her feel better and free of all the petty issues of life. Mind will get relaxed and the soul will get cleansed.

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