Anklets are the best musical gift you can give to a newly born baby. It is gifted at the time of baby shower as a good luck gift, on the birth of the baby or simply as a romantic to your wife while she is still expecting. It is an old tradition to gift anklets to the newly born infant since several decades. But some gift anklets when the baby learns to walk, so the house would always be filled with its jingles.

Anklets for Baby Girl and Boy:

Let’s check out some trendy baby anklets wining the heart of anyone.

1. Simple Baby Anklets:

Everything whether simple or decorative suits a cute baby. This simple baby anklet has no decorative hangings with it, still it looks charming. The silver anklet is made with dual rings and one pair of jingles at the end.

2. Silver Enamel Anklets:

This beautiful anklet for babies is moving trendy. They are made with silver and enamel stones. The lovely colours of the stones really can steal the heart of any one when is worn by the baby. At the end of the anklet are jingles which play music when the leg moves.

3. Silver Clasp Chain Anklets:

Silver anklets with clasp chains would be an amazing gift for the new toddler. This type of anklets is a single chain of silver with several cute spring chains hanged below the main silver chain. And at last, the anklets have musical jingles to make it more attractive.

4. Red Floral Design Anklets:

This type of anklets expresses the love between the husband and wife. The anklets are made of gold and floral stones are attached to it. This type of romantic anklets is gifted by the husband to his loving wife during her pregnancy to show his love towards her.

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5. Jingle Bell Anklet:

This is another simple baby anklet for boy. The anklet is just a splendid combination of a spring chain with several jingles hanging around at specific distance. This anklet is hence named as jingle bell anklet. Such anklets are gifted to baby boys as a good luck gift.

6. Baby Slave Anklet:

This is a unique design of baby anklet for girls. It is known as slave anklet as the chain of the anklet is stretched till her middle finger of her foot. Some also keep a small ring attached for the middle finger. Also chain type spiral design is used with a small diamond in the middle and a jingle at the end. Such pattern gives a sandal type design of to the cute tiny feet.

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7. Butterfly Anklet:

The butterfly gives the anklets a new and interesting look. And if the feet are of a new toddler it brings height of cuteness. This simple looking anklet is attached with lovely butterflies and a jingle at the end. The chain of the anklet is made of gold while the butterflies from pink coral stones.

8. Panchdhatu Simple Anklets:

Gifting an anklet to the infant is a special occasion. Thus the gift should also be special. Here is a unique anklet. Made from Panchdhatu, means mixture of five metals, this anklet brings good health, fortune, prosperity and balance in life of the baby. It is a simple anklet with several jingles attached to it at some distance.

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9. Sparkling Silver Anklet:

This glittering anklet is made out of sterling silver. However it can also be made of silver and gold. This delightful anklet consist of butterfly, bow, daisy flower, dragon fly etc hanging below. You can also add few animal shapes in the anklet.

The parents and grandparents these days are purchasing more and more jewellery specially for the new born toddler. There are also special baby anklet bracelet sets available in the indian market as the infant are gifted both for good luck.

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