Breastfeeding pillows or nursing pillows as it is otherwise called were initially used to prop babies who were not ready to sit. With time, however, they started proving to be useful as nursing pillows. They are simply small pillow that is used to place around the baby. So that you can enable their grip to stay in position and drink milk. Breastfeeding pillows for twins are the most common ones to be used, and they sure are helpful as you don’t have to hold both of them at one time when feeding. But what’s more important than all is knowing. Where and how to place your infant on the pillow for a safe breastfeeding position. Take a look at the quick steps and things you need to be wary of.

  • First of all, sit in a comfortable position making sure your back is supported well.
  • Place the pillow on your lap, around your waist.
  • Keep your baby on the pillow facing your side, making sure that their mouth is even with the side of the breast you are planning to feed him or her on.
  • Start nursing them and make sure not to lower down your breast or bend down for them. Raise your arms and bring your baby closer to you.

The nursing pillow can also be used to feed your baby through a bottle. This time, use the bottle to nurse them while placing them in the appropriate position. The pillows are most often designed to fit the mother around her belly and thus provide support while nursing the infant.

Best & Comfortable Breastfeeding Pillows:

The market now has a range of nursing pillows. But if you do not have the time to look for the many kinds, here is your complete guide to understanding what you need and the kind you need.

1. Ergo Nursing Pillow:

This one is a breastfeeding newborn pillow that boasts of a natural curve nursing pillow and thus fosters easy feeding. It helps to keep you back from slouching. The nursing pillow comes in a range of pleasing colours and is priced at around 25$ per piece. It has an easy-carrying handle and is firm and supportive. The pillow is supple and is thus soft on the baby’s body. The company recommends 12-hour nursing to see the difference.

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2. Nursie Slip-on Breastfeeding Pillow:

Here is a perfect portable nursing pillow that is only about 10 inches long and can thus fit into your diaper bags too. Slip this in your arm and the soft cushion of the pillow will effectively prop up the baby for feeding and the mother does not have to hunch over. The best part about this nursing pillow is you can easily toss this in your washing machine for a quick wash. It can support any breastfeeding position and is thus attested as the best travel nursing pillow, priced at $39.

3. Twin Z Breastfeeding Pillow:

This one is a breastfeeding pillow for twins. Breastfeeding in itself can be challenging, but what’s all the more difficult is feeding twins. This one is designed specifically keeping in mind to feed both of them at the same time, and the backrest of the pillow will keep the mother comfortable. The pillow also becomes useful for mothers who have had a C-section, and it thus eliminates the pressure on her stomach while she nurses. It is priced at $100 and can also be useful to prop up the babies when they begin to sit.

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4. Widgey Nursing Pillow:

this nursing pillow can serve multiple functions. This includes even the pre-natal support that mothers need for their backs. The pillow will grip firmly onto the body of the mother, around her waistline, thus giving a sense of security and comfort while feeding. The flat surface will also provide ample rest for the baby’s spine. Use this to prop your baby to sit when he/she is getting ready to sit and also to turn the baby on their stomach over the pillow thus keeping them safe and allowing them to develop muscles on their back. It has a 100 % cotton removable and washable cover and is priced at $10.25.

5. Mombo Breastfeeding Pillow:

the Mombo nursing pillow is a soft pillow to support the baby along with offering a supportive side for the mother. The cushions come in a lot of colours and are a comfort factor to another level. It provides the ideal amount of firmness to support the baby. The cushion does not come with a cover, and thus you can buy a cover that you can wash and reuse. It also offers a soft side for lounging. The simple one is priced at $25, and the two-sided covered nursing pillow is priced at $40.

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6. Dr Brown’s Gia Breastfeeding Pillow:

The standard breastfeeding pillows might not work for mothers who have large breasts. This nursing pillow is tall and wide and thus gives more space that will be needed. It is shaped shrimp-like whose one end of it is lower than the other for positioning the baby at a normal slope. The cushion is washable and is very useful for all plus-sized women. It is priced at $30, and you can also order a cushion cover with it.

How to Choose Breastfeeding Pillow:

Now that being addressed, here are some things you need to keep in mind. When having to choose the right pillow for your baby and for you.

  • Answer the question to yourself, ‘how long in a day do you nurse the baby?’ if you are planning to breastfeed for about 3 months, choose the one that will suit this longevity. In case you are planning to breastfeed only at home, you don’t really have to invest big in this and rather choose one that is simple and will cater to everyday use, wear and tear.
  • Look for the fit. Ideally, the pillow should fit your torso in such a way that the head of the baby along with its body is positioned at the height of the nipple.
  • Look through the many shapes like “C”, and “O” and also the “crescent” shape. The shape is important because each of them fits the body differently. Choose the one that is most appropriate.

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While we know taking care of the baby in itself is a daunting task, ease up some of the processes by choosing the right breastfeeding pillows. Taking care of the baby starts from choosing things that will best suit their nursing needs to making them sleep in comfy positions. Head right out and make sure to choose the nursing pillow that will give you and the baby maximum comfort.


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