If you are interested in ancient texts, mythological stories, culture, and rich past and are looking for a rich and meaningful name for your little born, Greek God baby names are apt to fit. Greek god names are powerful, meaningful, rich, and rarely found. They are historic and filled with a mesmerizing feel and philosophical worth. The Greek god names reflect their deities, Gods and Goddesses, heroes, and mythological stories, and they are certainly inspirational.

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Fascinated more? Read along to check all the beautiful names of Greek Gods and Goddesses, mythology names, and meanings. Here we go!

Best and Famous Greek God Names, Mythology Names and Meanings

This list of Greek Gods and Goddess names is beautiful and meaningful. They are rarely found, ancient and old, and deliver rich connotations. You will definitely be in awe once you go through this list. Here we go with the most popular and pretty Greek God & Goddess names.

Greek Mythology and God Baby Boy Names

Let us begin with checking out the Greek God and Mythology names for boys. If you are looking for charming and meaningful name ideas, the Greek God male names will surely interest you. So, let’s explore them together.

1. Adonis:

This is among the most famous Greek mythology and God-inspired baby names. it means ‘someone who is handsome and good looking.’ The name in their mythology means he is beloved of Aphrodite.

2. Apollo:

Apollo is very popular in Greek mythology. He is the God of Knowledge, music, arts, prophecies, and enlightenment. The name means ‘manly beauty.;

3. Argus:

Argus in Greek mythology is someone who built the Argo with hundred eyes. The name also means shining.

4. Adrian:

Adrian is a wealthy person in Greek mythology. If you are looking for a sleek and modern trendy name feel, this is a good choice.

5. Ajax:

Ajax, in Greek mythology, is the name of a brave warrior who led the Trojan War. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘Aias.’

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6. Atlas:

Atlas is the God of astronomy in greek mythology. It also means ‘to endure.’ It is very famous Greek god names that start with A.

7. Bacchus:

Bacchus is another name for the Greek God, Dionysus. The name is ancient and is rarely found.

8. Brontes:

Brontes means ‘thunderous’ in the Greek language. It is the name of one of the three heavy cyclopes.

9. Castor:

Castor is the son of Zeus in Greek mythology. It is a very rare and traditional ancient Greek boy name.

10. Cephalus:

Cephalus is the name of a Greek faithful husband and legend who was loyal to his wife, despite being heavily persuaded by Goddess Eos. The name also means ‘head.’

11. Charon:

Charon is the operator of the ferry who was brought dead to Hades. It is symbolizing ‘fierceness.’

12. Cicero:

Cicero means historian. The name is another ancient and mythological name. It is among very ancient Greek baby names.

13. Demetrius:

Demetrius is derived from the Greek Goddess of Harvest, Demeter. It also means ‘lover of the earth.’

14. Deo:

Deo in Greek is ‘God Like.’ This is a very modern feel Greek baby boy name idea.

15. Damon:

Damon in Greek mythology means ‘gentle.’ This is another lovely Greek name, popular also in the English and Irish countryside.

16. Eros:

Eros is a very famous name in Greek mythology. He is the son of Aphrodite. The name Eros also symbolizes love.

17. Evander:

Evander means Goodman. In Greek mythology, he is an Arcadian hero in the trojan war. Lovely isn’t it!

18. Glaucus:

Glaucus is the name of a herb that magically makes a person immortal. It is a very famous term in Greek mythology.

19. Griffin:

Griffin in Greek mythology is believed to be a mythological dragon kind of creature. It symbolizes power and wisdom.

20. Hector:

Hector is the name of the Greek God and is famous for fighting in the Greek Trojan War. How do you like the famous Greek god name?

21. Hermes:

Hermes means messenger. In Greek ancient mythology, the name Hermes is the God of travel and trade.

22. Iacchus:

Iacchus is another name for the Greek God Dionysus. It means ‘to shout.’

23. Jason:

Jason is healing in Greek. It is also the charming name of a Greek Hero.

24. Kreios:

Kreios, in Greek mythology, is the name of a Titan. It also means and implies ‘male sheep.’

25. Leander:

Leander means ‘lion of a man.’ The name is a very famous choice and is heroic in greek mythology.

26. Nicholas:

Nicholas is a name present in various cultures. It means victorious people.

27. Osiris:

Osiris means ‘mighty eye.’ The name is present in Egyptian and Greek mythology and symbolizes the God of Agriculture.

28. Prometheus:

Prometheus is a trendy name in Greek mythology. It means ‘person who stole from Gods and gives to humans.’

29. Perseus:

Perseus means to destroy. It is the name of the Demi-God in Greek mythology, who defeated Medusa.

30. Poseidon:

Poseidon is God of Sea and God of Earthquakes. It is a very rare and unique Greek mythological baby boy name idea.

31. Proteus:

Proteus means ‘first’ in Greek. It is also the name of the Greek God of Sea in mythology.

32. Thanatos:

Thanatos is the God of death in Greek mythology.

33. Theseus:

The name Theseus implies ‘to set.’ The name is also the popular King name of Athens in ancient Greek history.

34. Troy:

This is another very popular name we all know. It is the beautiful name of the city where the Trojan War was fought.

35. Zeus:

Zeus is the God of Olympians in Greek mythology. The name often symbolizes strength and power.

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Greek mythology and God inspired baby girl names

How about exploring some beautiful, pretty, and powerful baby girl and female Greek God mythological names ideas? Let us see some famous and unique suggestions in Greek Goddess inspired baby names for girls.

36. Astraea:

Astraea is the lovely name of the Greek Goddess of justice. This is an ancient and beautiful baby girl name.

37. Athena:

Athena is already a globally famous name. It means Greek Goddess of wisdom, law, and justice.

38. Acantha:

Acantha means ‘thorn’ or ‘prickle.’ This is the name of a nymph who was loved by Apollo.

39. Aphrodite:

Aphrodite is the graceful name of the Greek Goddess of love. Beautiful, isn’t it!

40. Atlanta:

How about the name Atlanta? The famous name is the name of a maiden who refused to marry men in the race who lost to her. It is a very famous name inspired by mythological stories.

41. Briseis:

Briseis is the name of the daughter of Briseis. The name is among popular ancient Greek name ideas.

42. Cassandra:

How about the gorgeous and lovely Greek mythological baby girl named Cassandra? Cassandra is the name of the daughter of the king and queen Troy.

43. Danae:

Danae is princess of argos. It is a beautiful Greek mythological baby girl name.

44. Dike:

Dike is the Goddess of Justice in Greek mythology. It means justice.

45. Erato:

According to Greek mythology, Erato was the name of muses of lyric poetry. It also means lovely in Greek.

46. Evadne:

Evadne is the wife of Capaneus in Greek mythology. It is an ancient and rarely found name idea for girls.

47. Gaia:

Gaia, in Greek, is the Goddess of the earth. She is also considered a creator of the world and universe in mythological stories.

48. Harmonia:

Harmonia is the name of the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. It also means harmony.

49. Hebe:

Hebe is the daughter of Hera and Zeus. She is the Goddess of youth according to the Greek mythological beliefs.

50. Hestia:

Hestia is the Goddess of Hearth according to greek mythology.

51. Helen:

Helen is the lovely daughter of Zeus and Leda. She is considered among the most beautiful women in the world.

52. Hera:

Hera, in Greek mythology, is the queen of heaven.

53. Ianthe:

Ianthe is the name of an ocean nymph in Greek mythology. The term also symbolizes a ‘beautiful violet flower.’ Interesting, isn’t it!

54. Iris:

Iris is a short and charming baby girl Greek name in mythology inspiration. It means Goddess of the sea and sky.

55. Jocasta:

Jocasta is the name of the mother of Oedipus according to Greek mythology.

56. Larisa:

Larisa makes a beautiful baby girl name. she is the daughter of Pelasgus in Greek mythology.

57. Melaina:

Melaina is the name of another nymph according to Greek mythology. It is a memserizing and enchanting name, isn’t it!

58. Nyx:

Nyx is a gorgeous and short name idea. She is the Greek Goddess of the night.

59. Pandora:

Pandora means a person who is gifted. It is beautiful and rarely found Greek name.

60. Phaedra:

Phaedra is the wife of Theseus in Greek mythology. The name also means bright. Lovely isn’t it!

61. Phaenna:

Phaenna in greek mythology is the name of one of three graces. It means shining.

62. Phoebe:

Phoebe is the name of Uranus and Gaia’s daughter. The name is trendy in Greek mythology and also means ‘shining’ and ‘brilliant.’

63. Penelope:

Penelope is another very famous Greek baby girl name. she is the name of the faithful wife of Odysseus and symbolizes faithfulness.

64. Rhea:

Rhea is a Greek titan. She represents motherhood and fertility in mythology.

65. Selene:

Selene is the beautiful Greek Goddess of the moon. The name is among very famous Greek mythology names for girls. It is also among very popular Greek god and Goddess names starting with S.

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66. Tisiphone:

Tisiphone is the infamous name of one of the furies according to Greek mythology. It means to avenge.

67. Thalia:

The gorgeous name is among one of nine muses. It is a lovely and feminine baby name idea.

68. Thethys:

Thethys is among the titan of the sea and is the wife of Oceanus.

69. Semele:

Semele is a traditional yet charming name idea. She is the name of the lover of Zeus.

70. Xanthe:

Xanthe in Greek means golden, or bright yellow color. She is the Goddess of harvest, according to Greek mythology.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these meaningful and mesmerizing rich cultural Greek god baby names for boys and girls. Did you like any from this list? Let us know your thoughts and views and if you are choosing a name from the compilation! We love to hear from you!


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