Kanhaiya, Kanha, Balagopal, Krishna. These are very few of the numerous names Lord Krishna has. But these are by now quite common and known Lord Krishna baby names, aren’t they?! If we are naming our newborn kids in this generation, although traditionally with our Lord Krishna’s name, don’t we want to try out something unique, new, and meaningful?

Let us help you out with this. This guide can help pick the right and most beautiful Lord Krishna baby names. These picks are famous, new, and creative, and can be worked well in today’s present modern context, to name your newborn.

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Best and Unique Child Names Of Lord Krishna for Boys, Girls and Twins:

Let us now go ahead and explore the most lovely and beautiful Lord Krishna inspired baby names list for boys and girls of this generation. These Lord Krishna child names are all beautiful and charming.

Lord Krishna Baby Boy Names:

Most baby names related to Lord Krishna are suitable to name baby boys. They are traditional in meaning, inspired by our favorite God’s name, and are considered a direct blessing from our Kannaiya himself. These names are the perfect blend of traditions, the right meaning, creativity, and context. With our list of baby names for Lord Krishna, we give you options with both famous and popular name choices, along with unique and rarely found ones too. Choose the right pick of Lord Krishna inspired baby names as per your choice.

1. Ananta:

Ananta means endless or infinite. The name also symbolizes something which is eternal and forever. Ananta also means earth in specific South Indian and Sanskrit languages. It is a new day and modern yet meaningful baby boy name choice, which is also not uncommon. It is a lovely Lord Krishna names starting with A.

2. Aprameya:

Aprameya is another name directly relating to Lord Krishna. The name is a very rarely found choice and a significant yet unique and traditional-sounding name choice suitable for baby boys. This is a very uncommon Lord Krishna names for a baby boy.

3. Balakrishna:

Balakrishna means young Krishna. It is directly related to the name of the God Krishna during his childhood. The name is a traditional and very commonly found name choice at present in several South Indian states.

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4. Bansilal:

Bansilal is a typical north Indian baby boy name that is again very popular and famous already. The name Bansilal means the First Lord or Lord Krishna. It is a traditional Lord Krishna related boy names idea.

5. Brijnandan:

The name Brijnandan means Vrindavan God, another name for Lord Krishna. The name is trendy yet not very common. It is a traditional and conventional sounding name choice for God Krishna meaning.

6. Damodar:

The name Damodar is found commonly in both North and South India. Damodar means God Krishna directly. It is very generally found from ages and generations together. This is a very famous and ancient Hindu baby boy names with Lord Krishna.

7. Darsh:

Darsh is a wholly modern and contemporary name choice. It is a name with a short and cute sound too, which means Lord Krishna. The other names and symbolisms for the name Darsh include sight and handsome. This is a good Lord Krishna names starting with d.

8. Ghanshyam:

Ghanshyam or Ghanashyam is a traditional name choice for babies since generations together. The name Ghanshyam means Lord Krishna. The name, on the other hand, also symbolizes the darkest cloud and fully moving dark clouds. Both the name meanings are intricate and very unique in choice.

9. Giridhar:

Giridhar again, is a creative and yet common name. This also means God Krishna; the name originated from its intricate meaning, someone who can hold the mountain (who is none other than our Lord Krishna). This Lord Krishna boy names a commonly found name in south Indian states like Telugu and Kannada.

10. Gopal:

Gopal means cowherd. Cowherd is another for our God, Krishna. The name is spotted all over India, in North and south Indian states.

11. Harigopal:

Harigopal, again is another direct name for God Krishna. It is a very traditional and conventional name choice popular for several generations.

12. Janardhan:

Janardhan is someone who helps and liberates people in the world. The Sri Krishna names for baby boy is a very famous choice.

13. Kannan:

Kannan is a variant of the common name for Lord Krishna, that is, Kanhaiah. The name Kannan is commonly found in the south Indian state of Kerala. It is a famous Malayalam baby boy name with Lord Krishna meaning it.

14. Kishore:

The name Kishore has several meanings, like sun, sun rays, or a young boy. The other name meaning is Lord Krishna.

15. Krishnendu:

Krishnendu means a person who is like a prince to the earth. The name directly symbolizes and means Lord Krishna here. This Lord Krishna, names starting with K, is a common name for several North Indians and East Indians.

16. Madhav:

Madhav is an attractive and modern-sounding name choice which means Lord Krishna. The name is quite famous by now and yet is a classic and timeless one with lovely and traditional meaning. We love this name, and it is among the most famous names trending right now.

17. Manhar:

Manhar is pleasing and someone who is charming. The name symbolizes our God, Krishna.

18. Mukund:

It is a very traditional name choice, which means both Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. Mukund also means someone who liberates a person.

19. Murali:

Murali means flute. God Krishna, our own Kanha, plays the name here of the flute. It is a very famous name in several Indian states.

20. Muralidhar:

Another variant of the above name is Muralidhar, the one who plays the flute. This is our own Kanhaiah. Muralidhar is a very traditional yet classic name choice for baby boys.

21. Nandan:

Nandan means pleasing and heartening. It is another name for Lord Krishna, Lord Siva, and Lord Vishnu too. Another variant of the same name is Nandalal. This is a very youthful and classic name choice for baby boys.

22. Nilesh:

While Nilesh means moon, the name also means Lord Krishna, someone who has blue skin or blue tone. It is a common and famous name in North Indian states.

23. Nityananda:

Nityananda literally translates to someone who is always happy. The name also symbolizes God Krishna.

24. Pinaki:

Pinaki is a very traditional and ancient name choice for our God. It means someone who wields a bow, also. This Lord Krishna, whose name starts with P, is unique and charming.

25. Radhakanta:

Radhakanta means a person who is the sweetheart of Radha. The name hence symbolizes our own Kanha. It is an ever-timeless and classic name choice.

26. Radhesh:

The Radhesh name directly symbolizes God Krishna. It is an uncommon name for our God, which is rarely found and yet an excellent choice.

27. Ramakrishna:

The name Ramakrishna combines both Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. It is a very traditional name in several south Indian states, especially in Telugu and Tamil languages for baby boys.

28. Rohanlal:

Rohan is the name of a mountain, and lal means beloved. The name Rohanlal symbolizes and denotes Lord Krishna and is a rarely-found name choice for baby boys.

29. Saket:

Saket is a cute and short modern-day name choice for baby boys. It means God Krishna and someone who has noble intentions.

30. Sarva:

Sarva is, again, a traditional-sounding baby boy name. It means complete or perfect. The name also symbolizes our own Bala Gopal. It is also among the famous nicknames meaning Lord Krishna.

31. Sri Krishna:

Sri Krishna, or Shri Krishna, the name itself, is our favorite Lord’s name.

32. Shyam:

Shyam is a very famous and popular name, which means our own Kanha. It also means dark blue. This is a common yet timeless name choice for baby boys.

33. Shyam Sundar:

The name Shyam Sundar means colored beauty or someone who is blue and beautiful. This symbolizes our Lord Krishna’s name indirectly.

34. Thakarshi:

Thakarshi means Lord Krishna. This is a very rarely found name choice, ideal for modern-day parents who want a unique yet meaningful and innovative name for their baby boys.

35. Tirthayaad:

Tirthayaad means Lord Krishna again. It is a rare name yet very traditional and conventional in sound.

36. Urugay:

We bet you haven’t come across the word Urugay too. Urugay means far going. The name symbolizes God Krishna, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Indra also.

37. Vamshidhar:

Vamshidhar means someone who bears the flute. This name symbolizes our Kanha in a very poetic and lovely name. It is a famous and very known name and is commonly found in several south Indian states. However, this is yet a classic one to date.

38. Vanamali:

Vanamali is an epithet of Lord Krishna. It is, although not commonly found, is already known choice for several people.

39. Vasumat:

Vasumat means wealthy and also Lord Krishna.

40. Vedamohan:

The name Vedamohan means someone who knows all the Vedas. The name also means Lord Krishna. It is a charming and beautiful yet traditional name meaning for baby boys.

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41. Vibhav:

Vibhav means glorious. The name also indirectly symbolizes our own Kanha and Balagopal. The other symbols of the name include magnificent, omnipresence, and power.

42. Vibhumat:

Vibhumat means someone who appears in several forms, which is our own Lord Shri Krishna.

43. Vihari:

The name Vihari although not very common, means a person who enjoys it a lot. It indirectly symbolizes Lord Krishna.

44. Vitaharya:

Vitaharya means Lord Krishna. It is an innovative, poetic, and creative name choice for baby boys with this meaning.

45. Vrajesh:

Vrajesh is a famous name found in several parts of India, which means Lord of Vraj. This is our own Kanha.

46. Yadav:

Yadav is a very famous name and is already a known choice for baby boys. It means descendant of Yadu, which is our own God Krishna

47 Yadavendra:

Yadavendra is the king of the whole Yadava clan. This symbolizes our Bala Murali’s name and is a very traditional-sounding choice.

48. Yaduraj:

Yadu Raj is another name for our own Kanha, which indirectly means King of all the Yadus or Yadavas.

49. Yaduvir:

Yaduvir means brave man. It also indirectly symbolizes our Lord Krishna

50. Yajnarup:

Yajnarup is a very conventional name choice. It means someone who is as pure as Yajna, that is, God Shri Krishna.

Lord Krishna Names for Baby Girl:

As much as we all assume and estimate the name Lord Krishna for babies or its symbolism can be kept only for boys, well, you may be wrong here. We even have some beautiful names for baby girls whose meanings can symbolize and direct our own Kanha. Let’s check Lord Krishna related baby girl names out.

51. Anuvrinda:

It is a beautiful and charming name choice. It is also unique and not much heard. The name Anuvrinda means Krishna’s queen. It is a lovely and mesmerizing name, and we immensely love it.

52. Bansari:

Bansari means flute. The name indirectly symbolizes how Krishna loves the flute and is a bearer of Murali himself.

53. Brinda:

Brinda is a common name choice, especially in Tamil, Sanskrit and Malayalam Lord Krishna baby girl names. It symbolizes Brindavan, which is associated with our Kanha.

54. Demira:

We bet this modern name Demira is hardly known or found as yet. It symbolizes the devotee of Krishna again. Isn’t it cool?

55. Dwiti:

Dwiti means dual. The name also symbolizes Lord Krishna.

56. Mira:

Mira or Meera is a devotee of Lord Krishna. She dedicated her life entirely to our God and is an attractive and timeless name choice for baby girls.

57. Kanupriya:

Kanupriya means a beloved person of God, Krishna. It is a unique and very rare name choice for baby girls.

58. Saketa:

Saketa is another name that directly means God Krishna. The boy variant of the same name is Saket and is an unusual and unique Lord Krishna names starting with S.

59. Samaira:

Samaira is a beautiful baby girl modern name choice. It means enchanting and protected by God Krishna himself.

60 Vishnu Priya:

Vishnu Priya is a famous name already, yet it is a classic and mesmerizing choice. It symbolizes the devotee of God Krishna again. This is one of our favorite Lord Krishna names, starting with V.

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Unisex Name Ideas with Lord Krishna Meaning:

There is a set of unisex name choices that can be named for both boys and girls. They are modern and traditional choices with meanings associated with our God Kanha.

61. Ajaya:

Ajaya means undefeated or unconquered. The name indirectly symbolizes Lord Krishna and is a suitable name choice for both baby boys and girls.

62. Krishna:

The name Krishna itself can be named for both boys and girls. It is a unisex name choice, which is beautiful in itself.

63. Punya Shlokaya:

Punya Shlokaya name sounds very traditional, and it is. The name is suitable for both boys and girls, which means Lord, whose praise can give merit.

64. Shaakya:

Shaakya means full energy or energy circle. The name indirectly symbolizes Lord Krishna and can be good to go for both baby boys and girls.

65. Suri:

Suri is a beautiful baby boy and girl name. It means happiness, learned being or person, and also Lord Krishna.

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Twin Names Inspired By Lord Krishna:

In case you are looking for twin name choice ideas for babies with a similar meaning related to our God Krishna, we even have got you some ideas.

66. Bala Gopal – Bala Mukund:

Both the names are very traditional, known and famous already. But we also agree that they are classic choices. They are beautiful names symbolizing our God, Krishna.

67. Brij – Bansi:

Brij and Bansi names are short and cute name ideas. The name Brij means place of Lord Krishna, and Bansi is the flute played by our God. These are beautiful name choices for twin babies.

68. Gokul – Govind:

Gokul and Govind, although they are very known and famous, make unique twin name ideas relating to the God Krishna meaning. The name Gokul is the place our Kanha grew, and Govind is cowherd, which is another name for Kanha.

69. Kanu – Kanha:

Kanu and Kanha are lovely name choices for girls and boys, respectively. They both symbolize our Kannaiah and a short and cute baby boy and girl names for twins.

70. Achyuta – Avyay:

These are both lovely unisex name choices suitable for both boys and girls. They relate to our Bala Gopal.

These Lord Krishna baby boy and girl names are all about invoking and admiring our traditions and having beautiful names. We hope you found the perfect pick for your baby girl or boy here. Tell us your thoughts and which are your favorite choices; we love to hear from you.


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