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20 Unique Baby Names That Mean Love

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With Valentine’s Day practically around the bend, there is the fragrance of love all around the globe. A child is the ultimate symbolism of unconditional love between couples. So why not you’re your baby on the theme of love itself. Whether regardless you’re searching for an affection enlivened name for your February child, or regardless of the fact that you’ll be having somewhat one in a totally diverse month, an adoration propelled name could be the ideal decision.

baby names meaning love

There is no affection more noteworthy than a mother’s adoration for her kid. Mothers sit tight for their minimal sweetheart to enter the world to shower all their affection and consideration. They spend restless evenings searching for a novel name with a delightful importance for their beloved newborn.

Baby Names That Mean Love:

In this article we have presented top 20 baby names meaning love hailing from a scope of various societies and nations. Your heart will certainly fill up with joy after going through this handpicked selection of assorted baby names.

Boy Names That Mean Love:

Here is a list of beautiful boy names meaning love are as follows.

1. Aziz:

Aziz is a strong  Arabic name, signifying ‘dearest’. The conventional name speaks to one of the 99 traits of Allah. People with name Aziz are believed to be the most dearest to god and are of a calming temperament .

2. Gerwyn:

Gerwyn is a Welsh name signifying ‘reasonable adoration’. It will make a flawless name for your little Mr. Perfect.

3. Connelly:

This name is one of the most popular baby names meaning love which is of Irish birthplace would make a charming contrasting option to the all the more regularly utilized “Connor” and signifies “adoration and fellowship

4. Darcy:  

It is a magnificent boy  name meaning love. Any lady who is the ultimate fan of the epic “Pride and Prejudice” will know where I’m going with this one. I adore giving somewhat one the name Darcy since which young lady didn’t cried her heart aloud after going through the heart touching love and romance  between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy?

5.  David:

It is a baby boy name meaning love which is  belongs to Hebrew origin with scriptural roots that signifies “adored” – in case you’re taking a gander at scriptural names and love roused names, this name will fit both classes.

Baby names that mean love

6. Ettite:

Ettie is a variation of the name Esther, which is again an updated version of the name Ishtar who was the Babylonian goddess of adoration. In any case, I think this name is one of the cutest on this rundown.

7. Prem:

If you are a Bollywood fan than the first thing which comes to your mind after hearing the name prem is none other than our very own pride of Indian film industry salman khan. If you are a huge salman fan than naming your baby with this beautiful baby boy name meaning love is the ultimate option for you.

8. Crimson:

What shading rings a bell when you think about adoration ? Crimson would be the vast majority of your answers. Also, there’s no shade superior to anything dark red in red. It’s strong, splendid, feisty, and phenomenal. We anticipate that Crimson would be a solid contender to the majority of baby boy names meaning love. It simply needs a sentimental courageous woman of the same name for the perfect match.

9. Romeo:

The name Romeo is an exemplification of sentiment. Our sentimental name round-up would be deficient without specifying this exemplary hero of Shakespeare’s play which is also the preferred choice if you are looking for boy names meaning love.

10. Eros:

Eros would be a perfect sentimental name for your little ruler. The name consummately portrays what a sentimental infant kid name ought to be as Eros was the devious God of adoration and the child of Goddess Aphrodite.

Girl Names That Mean Love:

Here is a list of beautiful girl names meaning love are as follows.

girl name meaning love

1. Freya:

Freya doesn’t signify “love”, however it is the name of the Norse goddess of adoration and richness, so there’s the tie in and good option for naming the ultimate baby girl name meaning love. This name was on my top choices list for a young lady.

2. Juliet:

Everybody realizes that this name is connected with the well known and deplorable lead character from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” The name Juliet became a legend and till now are the inspiration of the lovers of today. The name Juliet is filled with love, sacrifice, and patients which sets the best example of the significance of true love.

3. Lennan:

The name Lennan is really an Irish name signifying “sweetheart or mate” and I think the more female spelling would lead itself pleasantly to utilizing this name for female baby names meaning love.

4. Milena:  

To me milena is totally is a flawless female names meaning love. It is a Czech baby name and it signifies “adoration, warmth and elegance” every single exquisite assumption to shower on your precious one

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5. Adoria:

It is somewhat bizarre yet sounds full of love and adoration.This exquisite four syllable name, finishing with an “a” has a twentieth century appeal to it. Furthermore, the best part is that it is completely disregarded. So with this name, your little girl is certain to emerge in the group. You can consider its variety Adora also.

6. Celestia:

The name Celestia is a brilliant name portraying feminity  We, , feel that it would make a particular pick in the event that you like names like Seraphina and Angelina. Trust it or not, Celestia was extremely famous in the late nineteenth century and even made to the main six records in the 1880s. It was likewise the centre name of Caroline Ingalls so it could prove to be most popular female baby name meaning love.

7. Esmerlda:

This streaming, sentimental name is taken from the world “emerald” and signifies  a most precious gemstone which is green in colour. This moniker came into the standard through Victor novel, “in which Esmeralda was the name of the hero.

8. Honey:

This warm and clearly sweet baby girl name meaning love was chosen by Fearne Cotton for her little girl. In the event that you believe it’s too casual to be in any way utilized as a to start with, keep it as a center name. It will work awesome as a term of charm too.

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9. Lavinia:

This flawless, Victorian name portrays true love. This name has included in the Roman mythology, Shakespeare’s plays and the British TV arrangement, “downton Abbey”. It sounds like Olivia, however hasn’t encountered even 10% of its prevalence, which could work further bolstering your good fortune.

10. Maya:

Maya was the goddess of spring and fruitfulness. What’s more, in Hindu mythology, Maya signifies ‘illusion’. Be that as it may, its most celebrated conveyor is Zeus’ mom and girl of Atlas. What’s more, it’s from here this name gets its association with love.

baby names meaning love

There has been a sudden surge in the immense popularity of baby names meaning love for young boys and girl. They evoke the picture of the sentimental time whether it is from the antiquated Roman or Greek mythology or the old Hollywood motion pictures.

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