Angels! The creatures with white robes, wings, with halos on the top! These mythical beings are favorites to most kids. But imagine how beautiful it would be if the kid is named after angels? Isn’t it cool? Both adults and kids love angels as such for their meaning and appearance. So, today we have baby names that mean angel. The angel baby names are already in trend right now and not a new phenomenon. However, they are evergreen and classic and always sound mesmerizing.

Interested to know more? Here we go with angel baby names and meanings!

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Beautiful, Cute, and Popular Names That Mean Angel

We have worked around and compiled some of the unique and gorgeous names that mean angels from heaven. And if you think they are limited to the female gender, you are mistaken! Today, we have whole new ideas and lists for both boys and girls. So let’s now go ahead and explore everything about the lovely list of baby names associated with angels, with their meanings!

Female Names That Mean Angel:

Well, most often, when we think of angel-inspired baby names, girls come to our mind first! So, let’s start with the angel baby names for girls.

1. Angelina:

The name Angelina is already widely popular throughout many countries and regions. This is because it has roots in the Latin language and means’ messenger of God’. The other name variations of the name Angelina are Angelica, Angel, and Angela.

2. Ariel:

In Hebrew origins, the name Ariel means ‘lion of God.’ The name is also widely popular across several fiction writings and movies.

3. Celeste:

Celeste means someone who is heavenly. The name has roots in both the French and Latin languages and is a beautiful name with rich meaning.

4. Dina:

Dina means angel of wisdom and knowledge. It is two-syllable name that is beautiful and pretty for naming girls.

5. Dalili:

Dalili means a sign from God. The name has roots in Swahili, and other variations of the similar name include Dalila. It is unique, rare, and elegant at the same time.

6. Eden:

This is a wonderful and charming name. Eden means delight, so the name symbolises someone delightful.

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7. Evangeline:

The name is derived from two of the Greek words, Eu and Angels, which means good angel. It is a widely used and famous name idea for girls, yet it is among the most classic and timeless choices even in modern times.

8. Gloria:

Gloria name reminds us of the word glory. It is an elegant and beautiful name idea for girls that symbolizes heavenly angels.

9. Gwyneth:

If you are looking for a pretty rare and unique name idea for girls, this is apt. It means Blessed in Celtic origins.

10. Jannah:

Jannah name has origins in the Arabic languages. It means heaven or paradise. It is derived from the belief and concept of a heaven-like afterlife in Muslim beliefs. However, given the beautiful tone and meaning, it is now among a famous name.

11. Laila:

Laila also spelled as Leila and Layla, is a beautiful baby girl name, which means angel of childbirth. It is a popular name in several countries.

12. Melek:

Melek, in the Turkish language, means angel. The name is widely used right from the country’s royal times; however, it is already famous for its beautiful sounding and meaning.

13. Mariangela:

Mariangela name is put together from two words, Maria and Angel, which means rebel angel. It is among old vintage name ideas for girls.

14. Michelle:

Michelle name means ‘someone who is like God.’ The name has roots from French origins and is a widely popular name already.

15. Parisa:

Parisa means someone who is like an angel. This name has origins from Persia and Iran and is a beautiful, meaningful choice with uniqueness too.

16. Rabia:

Rabia name is popular in Arabic countries, and it means spring. In mythology, however, the name Rabia is symbolized by one of the angels accompanying the sun. Therefore, it is a rarely found name idea.

17. Raphael:

Raphael means ‘God has healed. The name has origins in Hebrew and is a beautiful, mighty name symbolizing angels.

18. Seraphina:

Seraphina in Bible describes a six-winged angel. It also has other variations like Serena and Sera and has roots from Hebrew origin.

19. Trinity:

Trinity name is difficult to describe; however, it symbolizes someone like spiritual or divine.

20. Tien:

This is a short and gorgeous cute baby name idea for girls. It means fairy, spirit, or angel in Vietnamese. The name itself sounds soothing. Isn’t it!

Male Names That Mean Angel:

How about guys’ baby names that also mean or symbolize angels? Well, are you confused? Yes, you heard us right! Not just girls, there are baby boy names too that are inspired by an angel. Let’s check them out!

21. Angelo:

Just like the feminine name Angela, we have the baby name for boys too. It means ‘a messenger’. The name is popular globally and has several celebrities with this name too!

22. Castiel:

The name Castiel is originated from Hebrew, which means God’s cover. It is among the most popular names list already. The name is also famous after the series ‘supernatural,’ who is a hero and rides on the wings of an angel.

23. Engel:

Engel is just a form and variant of the term angel. It is taken up from German roots.

24. Evangel:

Evangel means’ good news’. The name is widespread globally and has Greek origins. It is an ancient name choice for boys. Other variations of this name are Evangelos and Evangilino.

25. Gabriel:

Gabriel name is taken from the person who told out that Jesus was born. The name is symbolized as an angel.

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26. Haniel:

Haniel means a person favored by God. The name is also an ancient popular name, originated from Hebrew.

27. Javan:

Javan is considered to be the guardian angel of Greece. He is also the son of Noah in the Bible and is also among the famous ancient Greek name.

28. Kafziel:

Kafziel implies ‘speedy one of God’. The name has roots in Hebrew and also is symbolized along with the planet Saturn.

29. Kemuel:

Kemuel means God’s helper. The name is originated from Hebrew too and is a unique choice for boys.

30. Malach:

Malach is from Hebrew origins and is an anglicized form that means ‘angel.’

31. Michael:

Michael name might be familiar, but it is the evergreen choice for boys too. It means who is like God’. The name has its roots in Hebrew and also symbolizes God’s messenger.

32. Muriel:

Muriel name has roots in Irish. It means ‘sparkling sea.’ The name is associated with angels and is a unique name idea for boys.

33. Nathaniel:

Nathaniel means angel of fire. It is a classic name idea, yet rarely used choice. How do you like it?

34. Raguel:

Raguel has Latin roots, which means a person who is a friend of God’. The name Raguel is also an angel of fairness and harmony. Such a cool name isn’t it!

35. Raziel:

Raziel is someone who keeps the secrets of the entire universe. The name alternatively also implies someone who is the angel of mysteries.

36. Reuel:

Reuel means God’s friend. It is originated from Hebrew and is a traditional baby boy name idea.

37. Samuel:

Samuel is the name of one of the prophets in Judaism. The name is also very famous across the globe for baby boys.

38. Uriel:

Uriel means ‘light of the God’ or ‘flame of God.’ The popular name also is originated from Hebrew!

39. Zadkiel:

Zadkiel means God’s righteousness. This is a very rarely found baby name for boys and is a classic and ancient name.

40. Zerachiel:

This name appeared in the book of Enoch. It is taken as a symbol of an angel of sun and healing.

Unisex and Gender Neutral Names That Mean Angel

These beautiful baby names that mean angel are suitable for both boys and girls. They are gender-neutral names and are versatile. Let’s explore them too!

41. Akachi:

The name means ‘hand of God.’ The name is from Western Africa and is a very rarely found one for boys and girls.

42. Ambarish:

Ambarish has its origins in India, and it means ‘angel from the heavens.’So the name also symbolizes the sky.

43. Elin:

Elin in Welsh origins means ‘an angel.’ It is a lesser-known name idea for both boys and girls.

44. Jassi:

Jassi means special angel. It has its origins from Persian and is a less rarely found name idea for both boys and girls.

45. Halo:

We all know that the halo is the headpiece worn by angels. However, it is also coming up as a popular name choice, both for boys and girls.

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46. Noor:

Noor might be a familiar word, but it is also a beautiful name. It means light in Arabic. It, however, also symbolizes angels and spiritual beings.

47. Sariel:

Sariel translates to ‘command of the God. The Sariel is also the name of one of the seven biblical archangels. The name is suitable for both boys and girls.

48. Seraphim:

Seraphim is a unisex variant of Seraphia, which means ‘angel.’ It has its roots in Hebrew too!

49. Tamera:

Tamera in Hebrew origins means beloved angel. It is a beautiful and lovely name idea that is aptly fit for baby boys and girls.

50. Yael:

Yael is a rarely found unisex name idea. It means ‘to ascend.’ The name has roots in Hebrew.

We hope you enjoyed checking these beautiful and mesmerizing baby names for boys and girls that mean angel. While few of the names are highly popular, others are classic and vintage, while others are modern and rare. Tell us which names did you like the most; we love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about the latest Angel baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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