We all want our little ones lives filled with strength, courage and determination. How about naming your baby after a warrior? Warrior names have been gaining tremendous popularity for their strong meaning and uncompromising attitude. If you, too, are interested in choosing your baby a name after a warrior, these warrior names are indeed beautiful and famous. These names are unique, meaningful and trending across the globe right now, and you would love them too.

Are you excited? Keep reading to know all about the meaningful names that mean warrior. Here we go!

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Best and Famous Warrior Names

Let us get going ahead and check out the strong names that mean warrior. These names have a strong meaning; they are powerful, brave, and truly fascinating. So let’s check them out together.

Warrior Baby Boy Names:

Let us first begin with checking out male names that mean warrior. While you may have come across a few names, we are sure the others are truly unique and meaningful. So let’s go through them today.

1. Ajax:

The Greek name, Ajax, means ‘a true and strong warrior.’ The name is itself immensely strong and beautiful.

2. Alexander:

The name Alexander is very well-known and popular globally. There are kings and emperors, and conquerors named after Alexander. In Greek, it also means ‘defender of men.’

3. Andrus:

In Estonian, Andrus means warrior. It is a unique and lesser-known name, yet it has a strong meaning. Do you agree?

4. Birendra:

Birendra has Sanskrit origins. The name means ‘king of warriors.’ This is a good choice if you love ancient and time-old strong names. It is also among popular Indian warrior names idea.

5. Bomani:

The name Bomani has African origins. Although it seems an age-old name, it means ‘a strong soldier.’

6. Cadogan:

Cadogan is yet another beautiful and truly strong, meaningful name. It has welsh origins and means’ honour in the battle.’

7. Dieter:

Dieter name has origins in German. It means ‘warrior of the people.’

8. Dustin:

Dustin may be a popular and well-known name. But do you know its meaning? It means ‘a brave warrior.’ It has meanings in Norse and Scandinavian origins.

9. Earl:

We know Earl is a title. But it is also a suitable name. Earl means a nobleman and warrior.

10. Eloy:

Eloy means ‘a mighty warrior.’ It has Greek and Scottish origins and is a unique, lesser-known, rare name.

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11. Harold:

Coming from Scandinavian origins, Harold means an army ruler. It also implies a strong and brave warrior and soldier.

12. Igor:

Igor means a heroic warrior. The name originates from the Norse God, Ingyar, a warrior of peace. Beautiful, isn’t it!

13. Junaid:

Junaid means a soldier or warrior in the Arabic language. It is also a very famous Muslim name across the globe.

14. Louis:

The German and French name Louis means ‘renowned warrior.’ It is a popular name globally.

15. Magnar:

Magnar means a strong warrior. It is a rare and unique meaningful name and is a perfect choice for modern babies.

16. Milo:

Milo is a cute and yet very strong name. It means soldier in the Latin language.

17. Murphy:

Murphy has Irish origins and means a sea warrior. How do you like this?

18. Nolan:

Nolan is a name with Irish origins. It means a renowned person or champion.

19. Oscar:

We know the name Oscar after the popular awards. But do you know, it has Irish origins and means champion warrior.

20. Owen:

Owen means ‘a young warrior.’ It has Welsh origins and is a beautiful modern young name idea.

21. Roger:

Roger means famous spearmen in German origins. It is a famous and charming name idea.

22. Ryder:

Ryder means a mounted warrior. It is an old English name and is a classic, timeless name choice for boys.

23. Sacha:

Sacha has Russian origins and is a lesser-known name. It means ‘defender of mankind.’

24. Saxon:

Saxon is an English name which means a swordsman. So what do you think of this name?

25. Sloan:

Sloan has Gaelic origins. It means a warrior. It is a beautiful, rare and yet youthful contemporary name idea with strong meaning.

26. Troy:

Most of you may have heard of this name in movies and television. Troy means ‘foot soldier.’ It has Gaelic origins.

27. Usbeorn:

Usbeorn means’ divine warrior.’ It is a soothing and pleasant baby boy name idea.

28. Walt:

Walt has German origins and means ‘a powerful warrior.’

29. Wyatt:

Wyatt means brave man at war. This is a classic and beautiful baby name idea too. It has English origins.

30. Zander:

We love the name Zander. It means defender of men, which also implies, a warrior. It has origins in Greek.

Warrior Baby Girl Names:

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How about checking out the warrior baby girl name ideas? These female warrior names are perfect if you have a baby girl and want to give her a strong, courageous name.

31. Aife:

If you are searching for a feminine name yet, that is strong, and there is nothing so beautiful as Aife. Aife means ‘great warrior princess.’

32. Amana:

Amana name has Swahili origins and means’ warrior at heart’ and a loyal person. It is from the African language.

33. Armani:

Armani name has Italian origins. It means a warrior.

34. Armina:

Armina is a lesser-known name that has French origins. It means ‘army man.’

35. Bellatrix:

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know this name. But did you know that Bellatrix has origins in Latin. It means a female warrior.

36. Cahira:

This is a rare yet beautiful name. Cahira means warrior, and it has Irish origins.

37. Carla:

Carla means a person who has strength. It has French and Latin American origins and is a beautiful name idea.

38. Dustine:

Dustine name is the opposite for Dustin, which means female warrior. It has American origins.

39. Edwige:

If you are looking for a beautiful baby girl name, your search stops here. It means war from French origins.

40. Elda:

Elda means a warrior in French origins. This is an excellent idea if you want a short and cute yet tough and strong name.

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41. Harlow:

Harlow means army.’ The name has English origins and is a lovely rare name idea.

42. Hera:

Hera name may be very famous, but not many know its meaning. The name hera in Greek origins means Hero or Warrior.

43. Hilda:

Hilda means a battle woman. It has German origins and is a popular warrior names choice for female babies across the globe.

44. Kella:

The name Kella has origins in Ireland. It means ‘a warrior.’ It is a short, pretty and sweet baby girl name and is a perfect modern choice.

45. Louisane:

The name means ‘brave renowned warrior.’ Louisane name has origins in Germany.

46. Nakono:

If you can guess, the name Nakono has Japanese origins. It means brave warrior.

47. Romilda:

Romilda name is a beautiful German based baby girl name. It implies a glorious battle maiden.

48. Tilly:

Tilly means a person who is battle mighty. It has german origins and is a lesser-known name idea.

49. Valda:

Valda means ‘battle heroine and a ‘famous ruler.’ The name also has German origins.

50. Zandra:

The rare and unique name, Zandra, means ‘defending men.’ The name has Greek origins and is a lovely classic name idea for girls.

Baby Names That Mean Fighter/Protector/Survivor:

We also have a list of names that mean fighter or protector. These names are a blend of beautiful modern names as well as ancient warrior names for baby boys and girls. Let’s check them out too.

51. Ansel:

Ansel is a beautiful baby boy name. It has Hebrew origins and means ‘a protector.’

52. Aloisia:

The name is rare and lesser known! Aloisia means’ famous fighter.’ It has German origins and is a beautiful and strong baby girl name idea.

53. Boriša:

The name Boriša means fighter in Vlach. It has Romanian origins and is a very rare and ancient name idea.

54. Dealla:

Dealla has Irish origins and means a protector. This is yet another baby girl name that is strong yet modern.

55. Deandra:

Deandra name is for female babies. It has german origins and means divine protector.

56. Delmira:

Delmira name means a protector. It has German origins and is a beautiful ancient classic name idea for baby girls.

57. Edme:

Edme means protector in Scottish origins. It is a gender-neutral baby name idea.

58. Ethan:

Ethan is an ancient and classic historical baby boy warrior names idea. It means ‘strong’ and ‘fighter.’

59. Liam:

Liam has Irish origins. It is a baby boy name that means ‘unwavering protector.’ Intense and strong, isn’t it!

60. Malou:

Malou is a beautiful baby girl name idea from Danish or Dutch origins. It means a little fighter.

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61. Mina:

Mina is a beautiful baby girl name idea. It means protector and has Dutch origins.

62. Ned:

Ned means ‘well to do protector.’ The name has old English origins and is a classic vintage name choice for boys.

63. Osmond:

Osmond name means ‘a divine protector.’ The name has Old English origins too.

64. Patton:

Patton is another age-old name that has origins in English. It means ‘fighters town.’

65. Raymond:

Raymond may be a very common name, but did you know it means ‘protector of man.’ It has German origins.

66. Ritza:

Ritza name is beautiful for baby girls. It means a noted protector and fighter. The name has German origins.

67. Sandra:

How about the name Sandra? As famous as it is, do you know that it means ‘protector of a man.’? It has Greek origins.

68. Tesha:

Tesha name has Indian origins and means a survivor. It is an excellent baby girl name idea.

69. Warrick:

The name Warrick means ‘protecting ruler.’ It has German origins and is a popular boy’s name idea.

70. Werner:

Werner means an army or a protector. It has English and German origins and is a beautiful lesser-known name. It is a baby boy’s name.

So, what are your thoughts on this list of names that mean warrior? Aren’t they truly strong and beautiful? So, if you are looking for beautiful, immensely meaningful and captivating strong names, these male and female warrior names are perfect for your liking. So, let us know your thoughts and what do you think of these names. We love to hear from you!


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