Looking sexy and hot is the new trend. With more and more western clothes gaining popularity in the market, women have multiple choices among the clothes. Backless tops are also in fashion and with a huge range of colours and designs. We have shortlisted the best backless tops below.

Elegant Models of Open Back Tops for Ladies with Images:

Here is a list of the top 15 backless tops for the women to choose from.

1. Girls Laced Backless Top in Black:

The black open back top designed with numerous laces behind tied to each other in a criss-cross manner is a fashionable one to choose. Beside the tied up, laces is a vertical design intricately made with black flowers as well. The top bears a sexy look and has to be your choice for one of your friend’s parties.

2. Designer Grey Color Loose Backless Top:

A unique backless top with the shiny grey colour is one that should be definitely in your wardrobe. Designed backless with the black transparent long lace behind, it gives the perfect look. Loose enough to fit any body curvature; this top would be a boon for any woman. Thus, it has to be on every lady’s list.

3. The Sporty Look Backless Top for Women:

This top is one of those suited for a sporty look. A high tied bun, rugged jeans beneath with shoes, this top would perfectly complement the attire. The plain coarse pink colour is suited to the features of the top. This one again with a loose-fitting would be a good choice to wear it on one of your college days or casual outings.

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4. Oval Shaped Backless Top in Maroon:

A classy top to wear with the backless design. The colour is catchy and the backless design in the form of an oval cut gives a sober look rather than a sexy one. Paired with black jeggings and high heels, this would be perfect attire for any party or date.  This has to be on your list!

5. The Frock Styled Backless Top for Girls:

The bright pink coloured top would attract anyone’s eyes. The top is styled like a short frock with layers of straight feels and classy backless design. The top would provide with a cute look and would be a nice choice for one of your girl parties.

6. The White Heart Shaped Backless Top:

The white top with the heart-shaped backless design is a sure one to attract you with its design and beauty. A straight-lined top with no curved sleeves or any sort of curvature in the cutting, this is a unique top. One of those tops, which would let you stand out in the crowd when you wear it. The v-neck would add to the beauty of the top. Buy it for one of the elite parties you would attend.

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7. Girls Shirt Styled Backless Top:

The pink and white striped shirt with the backless feature again bears its characteristics to the casual or the sporty look. Paired with tight-fitting jeans and the loosely tied knot at the back would provide you with the casual look you prefer. The colour combination of the stripes is also a well-suited one for any of those girls or ladies.

8. The Pink Alter-Neck Backless Top:

The pink colour of the top is a common yet a sober one. It has the alter neck with the silver strand holding it. Well suited for any of the casual outlooks, you can always prefer to buy this.

9. Ladies Short Backless Top in Pink:

This short pink top gives one of those model looks when you wear it. Suited for the girls with the perfect body curves, it just has a thin lace behind with the button. The top features a silver lining throughout, even on the neck. Featuring the deep neckline and fitting onto the bust, this can be preferred by girls desiring a model look.

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10. Printed Open Back Top:

Prints never go out of fashion. And this top with the blue colour and white prints gives a beautiful look. Paired with hot pants as visible in the pic or any of your jeggings, this top would give a nice look. This has to be in your wardrobe to be among one of those tops with prints.

11. Ladies Beach Styled Backless Top:

This top with the eye-catchy multi colours and uniquely styled knots at the back gives a marvellous look. As the name suggests, this top would be a perfect one to wear on a beach. Paired with shorts or a skirt this would definitely make you look hotter. So buy it for one of your goa vacations!

12. Short Backless Crop Top:

The dark purple coloured top with the traditional prints and no sleeves gives a beautiful look. Girls looking for all the features i.e. crop, backless etc. Design in one top itself, this would be a bliss for them. The top would give a classy look only when paired with black jeggings and so buy it for one of your sober parties.

13. The Brown Open Back Tops for Girls:

This is a top with the button on the top at the back and left open after buttoning to give the perfect backless look. The shiny brown colour adds to the beauty of the design. This would be the best option for your high-class parties.

14. The Light Blue Backless Top:

This top with the thin stripe at the back and the loose part of the top left out gives a nice backless look. The top portrays a casual look in the front and so is suited for any of your casual looks.

15. The Plain White Backless Top:

This would catch eyes of any of the ladies desiring a hot look. The plain white top with the thin knots at the back paired with the printed jeggings would give an eye-catchy look. Thus buy it to look hotter with carelessly tied hair and flats on your feet.

Coming to the end, the above list would surely provide a solution to the confusing choices of many women. Get sexy and gorgeous with one of these backless tops!

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