A backyard pool is more than just a swimming area and is about transforming your small outdoor space into a personal oasis. The space will be a great spot for recreation and relaxation. A well-designed small pool for a small backyard will seamlessly integrate with the overall landscape of the home, thus adding overall beauty and value to the property. Also, modern advancements in pool technology offer options such as auto-cleaning, eco-friendly heating solutions and making it easier to maintain the space. A backyard pool design is typically a blend of fine engineering and artistry. Check out our top 15 backyard swimming pool ideas.

Top 15 Small Backyard Pool Ideas:

Our list includes budget backyard pool ideas to choose from. Whether you prefer a sleek lap pool or a luxurious retreat with spas and a waterfall, there are options for everything. Read on to know more!

1. Artificial Pool with Plants:

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Check out this classic backyard pool idea, which is probably the most common type of pool that is available. In this, the pool is decorated with flowers and plants. They are aquatic plants. The pebbles on the sides can also be made colorful to add to the overall look of the pool. This one is a perfect small backyard pool idea if you are looking for something budget-friendly.

2. Classic Swimming Pool:

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This type never goes out of fashion. This swimming pool is the classic one you would have seen commonly. It is small and the surrounding area has ample space for relaxing. It mainly has poolside furniture, kept ideal for sunbathing. The height of the pool can be customized to your choice. This type can feature both your backyard and the front yard.

3. Small Pool for Big Courtyard:

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If you have a big backyard, you can try this big pool. This pool will look classy, with a small dining table on one side and relaxing chairs on the other. The rectangle-shaped pool adds a very posh look to your backyard and can be your ideal choice for relaxing or a beautiful outdoor get-together. This will be an absolute winner for beauty and elegance.

4. Inflatable Blue Pool:

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If you are short of space but still would like to have a pool, here is a makeshift idea. This simple backyard pool idea is inspired to keep your little ones busy while making sure they also do not miss out on the fun just because of the space constraint. The inflatable pools are readily available, and the water needs to be filled and emptied as and when required. Check this easy option.

5. Freshwater Fish Pond:

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Freshwater fish pond is another good idea we vouch for. In this, there is a small wood walking rod type bridge that adds to grace and keeps it looking beautiful. This type may need regular maintenance, and the fish needs to be fed every once in a while. You can try this on your backyard with the bridge facilitating moving from one side to the other.

6. Bed Pool:

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If you have a lush green backyard, try this one. The small pool is made to look beautiful with bedside pools and umbrellas. The umbrella helps protect from the sun. It is an ideal choice to relax or unwind after a busy day or week. Poolside lamps also further enhance the look of the space. We urge you to try this backyard pool idea if you have a good green space.

7. Infinity Swimming Pool:

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Infinity swimming pools are a class apart. These can be kept small and enhanced by adding floating ducks and floaters. These pool accessories add to the overall look. You can try this one even in a limited space. A designer might help you get this look right. To make maintenance easier, you can integrate auto-cleaning technology.

8. Small Pool:

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Here is an idea! Before you begin constructing your home, you can think of dedicating a small space or structure exclusively for your pool. It stays separate from the main backyard and exists as a separate entity. It is kept small and can be personalized as needed. You can also add pool lamps surrounding the area to keep it looking beautiful.

9. Cozy Pool:

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If you are looking to build a pool in a small, cozy backyard of yours, we recommend you try this simple one. This backyard pool idea on a budget takes any shape. It can be enhanced using pool accessories like floating ducks or other animals. The place will act as a good spot for children to have fun.

10. Simple and Small Backyard Pool:

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Here is another excellent idea for a small backyard pool. In this, the small space very effortlessly houses a pool that can come in any shape. The pool simply serves for good fun and relaxation. If need be, you can add poolside beds. This is the next best choice for those looking to have something on a budget. Try this one!

11. Plunge Pool:

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Plunge pool is everyone’s favorite. How about having it in your backyard? This plunge pool is built in a small area and is square. The shape of the pool can be customized depending on the land availability in your backyard. You can add a beautiful garden surrounding the pool. Add lamps to enhance the beauty of the place. Check this one out for your pocket-friendly option.

12. Cute Private Pool:

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If you would like to have some time for yourself and if you are looking to relax, simply check out this poll design for a small backyard. This one has a nice bedside pool that you can relax in after your shower. It is budget-friendly and is just meant to serve its purpose. If you like, add lamps and poolside plants to make it look attractive.

13. Courtyard Type Pool:

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Check out this pretty small pool that is perfect as decoration and can also be used for some fun. Decorate the space around it beautifully with pots and plants to enhance the overall look. The pool also has a series of steps to help you get in with ease. This is a good choice for people who have some space in their backyard and are looking to add some touch of elegance.

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14. L-shaped Pool:

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If you are very short of space but do not want to miss out on having a swimming pool, check out this type that runs in an L-shape fashion. The pool on either side comes with a small garden and has beautiful planters. Pool side lamps will be a classic addition to the overall setup and we recommend this strongly for people who like this style.

15. Square Shaped Pool:

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The square-shaped pool is a good choice for a slightly bigger backyard. The backyard can be made classic with a garden and lamps. It is a lovely choice to relax. The pool features seating for people just looking to relax alongside the pool. Try this one, and we are sure you will love it too.


A well-planned pool can greatly improve your outdoor living space, whether looking for a calm, sophisticated getaway or a lively, family-friendly setting. It becomes a center of enjoyment, amusement, and relaxation, enhancing the appeal and value of your home. When you start designing your backyard pool, don’t forget to combine your practical needs with your style to create a place you will love for years to come. Pool designs for backyards come in even more styles and variants. Browse through and find the right one!


Q1. What Are Some Factors To Consider When Designing A Backyard Pool?

Ans: One of the factors you may want to consider when thinking of a backyard pool design is the purpose if it is meant for relaxation, exercise, or entertainment. Secondly, space and layout need to be kept in mind. You may want to carefully plan how the pool will fit in your backyard. Budget is the next major thing to think about. A clear budget with an initial cost of construction and its maintenance. Safety must also be considered, such as fencing the pool, pool cover, and alarms, to ensure the user’s safety.

Q2. What Are Some Popular Design Trends For Pools?

Ans: Some common pool ideas are infinity pools, such as vanishing edge pools, which create a visual effect of water extending to the horizon. Natural pool is the next kind that mimics natural bodies of water. They often use rocks, plants, and waterfalls too create a beautiful scenic atmosphere. Smart pool is the next major trend that integrates smart technology, allowing for remote control of pool features such as lighting. The lounge area is a wise choice to keep it looking trendy.

Q3. What Is A Good Pool Height?

Ans: Your small ideas for a pool in the backyard can have 4ft. This height is sufficient for a whole family to use at one time, while diving may not be possible. However, always do a feet-first approach before jumping in.


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