To all the moms and pregnant ladies out there a huge thumbs up and a great salute to you because no man can ever have the capability of undergoing through the pregnancy problems and childbirth. This article is especially for pregnant women, it would seem that pregnancy won’t have many problems but it just keeps adding on and one such problem faced by women is the problem of bad breath when pregnant. So is bad breath a sign of pregnancy? The answer is yes.

But there are certain causes, symptoms, prevention and remedies for bad breath in pregnancy listed below. But if you are still unable to determine the cause or if you cannot find the symptoms then probably you just forgot to brush in the morning.

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Bad breath is humiliating nightmare for any person and it’s no different for pregnant women. There are a few causes for bad breath in pregnancy and don’t worry it can be solved.

1. Poor Oral Hygiene:

One of the major causes for bad breath during pregnancy is poor oral hygiene. Pregnant women have to eat quite frequently and if it is a sugary diet then it causes problems in the mouth which leads to bad breath.

2. Dental Problems:

Dental problems are prone to occur in any pregnant women because pregnant women are prone to suffer from morning sickness which results into vomiting and if the mouth is not washed soon after the vomiting occurs then it could result into dental problems.

3. Dry Mouth:

One of the common reasons for bad breath is dry mouth, dry mouth occurs due to slow production of saliva. Pregnant women usually have a dry mouth because of the problem of dehydration that they face. Also due to the intake of various medicines pregnant women suffer from dry mouth which makes the mouth stink.

4. Medical Conditions:

If women suffer from any medical condition such as throat infection, sinusitis etc. then the risk of developing bad breath increases.

5. Food:

Many food items result into a stinking mouth such as onions, garlic and sugary foods. The bacteria enter the mouth and starts reacting with the food particles stuck in the mouth which results into bad breath.

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If there is a doubt in your mind whether the bad breath is due to pregnancy or not then here are a few symptoms to help you through

  •  A bitter taste in your mouth as if you had eaten all the bitter herbs for breakfast.
  •  It would feel as if your mouth would soon convert into a dry land.
  •  You would feel as if your tongue is being wrapped for courier.
  •  Prickly feeling in the throat
  •  And finally you would have the most common thing portrayed in the toothpaste advertisement: Plaque


  •  First of all brush every morning without fail.
  •  Keep yourself hydrated.
  •  During morning sickness rinse the mouth of any vomit particles left in the mouth.
  •  Remember you pay your dentist so ask for any special toothpaste or mouth rinses which can be safely used during pregnancy.


  • Stick to a good low-sugar diet and it will help in preventing bad breath during pregnancy. And if you still want to eat something sweet then get some fruits.
  • Consult your dentist and ask him natural ways to prevent bad breath such as chewing fresh mint or parsley leaves. But don’t get overly enthusiastic about it and avoid any natural medicine or prevention methods unless your dentist approves it.
  • Well good oral health is a must if you don’t want bad breath to annoy your husband off. So visit your dentist regularly especially during the pregnancy period and brush off any arising dental problems beforehand.

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No one can deny that pregnancy is an exciting experience for every woman. Sure, bad breath seems like an unfortunate drawback but now you know how to deal with it! Humiliating as it is, don’t let bad breath bring you down now.


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