The Brand name Baggit is a very popular word in India when it comes to Ladies Handbags. Their strong belief in “Dressing to kill, and not killing to dress” Baggit brand got the PETA Vegan Fashion Award in 2014. Neha Lekhi, the Baggit brand founder, believed in harmless products and recognised Baggit as an Indian brand with integrity. The Handbag is a needed accessory item needed for women in her day to day life. It can also be metamorphically called the Third Hand for women. Baggit Handbags are popular among all age groups.

New Collection of Baggit Bags for Ladies and Girls:

There are different types and colours of baggit handbags which can be used according to the occasion, in that the top 25 Baggit Handbags which is most common in trend has been pointed out here.

1. Baggit Office Handheld Bags:


This brown colour-blocked handheld bag for women is a new and unique one in their collection. If you love multipurpose wear with multiple compartments space, this can be good to go. It comes with two inner compartments and another internal pocket too. Not just it, the colour and design look eye-catchy and lovely, suitable for young to middle-aged women who prefers mesmerizing looks.

  • Design: Brown Handheld Bag with Pocket
  • Material Used: PVC
  • Care: Use an only dry cloth to wipe out the dust.

2. Baggit Side Bags:


This textured sling bag is another new and lovely one in their collection. The side sling bag comes with a long shoulder strap with a sleek and edgy pretty look. It has two spacious outer compartments and also an inner compartment. Try this latest Baggit handbag out for quick outings with friends and family for that modern-day contemporary look.

  • Design: Textured Sling Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Material Used: Synthetic
  • Care: To wipe out the dust, only use a dry cloth.

3. Baggit Small Crossbody Bags:


This classy, elite beige Baggit crossbody sling bag is one of our all-time favourites. This handy and small, perfect-looking bag for women comes with a button closure, two inner compartments, and a non-detachable sling. This is from the latest baggit handbags new collection.

  • Design: Beige Small Crossbody Bag with Button Closure
  • Material Used: Synthetic Leather
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a clean and dry cloth to remove any dust.

4. Baggit Leather Hobo Bags:


If you love unique and new day bags, this Baggit leather hobo bag can be the perfect and apt choice for you. This tan-brown colour lovely hobo bag comes with a spacious compartment and is a versatile multipurpose pick. From your brunches and dinners to parties and outings, the bag can fit in all kinds of outfits and go with all types of colour statements. What do you think of this one?

  • Design: Brown Colour Leather Hobo Bag from Baggit
  • Material Used: Leather Synthetic
  • Care: Use an only a dry clean cloth to wipe out the dust.

5. Baggit Satchel Bags:


For all those working women or if you have lots of stuff to carry with you always, this baggit beige colour satchel bag is a must-have. With the perfect style statement, look, design and polished appearance, the bag comes with a push-lock system and detachable sling strap – ideal for a multipurpose look. The spacious compartments are always a great added advantage!

  • Design: Beige Colour Satchel Bag with Push-Lock System and Detachable Sling Strap
  • Material Used: Synthetic
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a clean cloth to remove dust.

6. Baggit Sling Bags:


The baggit sling bags are among the most loved variants in the women’s bags collection. This particular brown colour solid sling bag is one such lovely piece. It comes with one big main spacious compartment, two inner pockets, a nice long sling strap, and adjustable size. The plush and polished look from this women’s baggit handbag quite attracts us to the design.

  • Design: Brown Solid Color Sling Bag with Three Pockets
  • Material Used: Synthetic
  • Care: Wipe the bag only with a dry cloth to remove dust.

7. Baggit Duffle Travel Bag:


For many who think duffle bags get dull, this Baggit duffle bag can be ideal. This sleek and lovely duffle bag comes with a detachable bag, ideal for short trips and vacations. The bag is with a spacious compartment and an inner pocket too. It is waterproof and durable, with a comfortable and elegant look.

  • Design: Baggit Duffle Bag with Detachable Strap
  • Material Used: PVC
  • Care: Use a dry cloth to wipe out dust.

8. Baggit Laptop Bag:


This lovely and sleek navy blue colour laptop top handle bag for women is nothing less than a great utility. It easily fits in a sleek and thin lightweight laptop and accommodates space for other things with a good spacious compartment. It is a must-have for all working professionals and businesswomen.

  • Design: Navy Blue Top Handle Laptop Bag
  • Material Used: Synthetic
  • Care: Clean it with a dry cloth only.

9. Baggit Shoulder Bags:


We are in love with this pink and mauve coloured sleek and chic shoulder bag. This Baggit handbag for ladies is a perfect grand and elegant, classy bag for modern-day women across age groups. The bag comes with a spacious compartment and two inner pockets, along with two shoulder straps. This is ideal for women who love edgy and elegant elite looking accessories.

  • Design: Pink and Mauve Colored Shoulder Bag
  • Material Used: Synthetic
  • Care: To clean dust, only wipe with a dry cloth.

10. Baggit Tote Bags:


Gone are the days we whine about the boring tote bags. This Baggit’s lovely tote bag comes with a spacious inner and also a detachable sling strap. You can now use this bag as a handheld top handle bag or a sling comfortable bag, just as you wish.

  • Design: Tote Bag from Baggit with Detachable Sling Strap
  • Material Used: PVC
  • Care: Use a wipe cloth to clean dust.

11. Women’s Baggit Handbag in Khaki Color:

It is a synthetic material bag that is approximately 14inch height and 16 inches in length. It has various compartments with zipping closures. It is mostly used as casual as well as daily office wear. This kind of Synthetic material handbag is not water-resistant, but it serves to carry all items needed for daily use.

12. Yellow Baggit Handbags for Ladies:

This kind of bag is mostly carried by hand. It is made from Synthetic material with two parallel handles attached at the centre. A long sling attachment is also provided at the side, which can be removable. It is not a water-resistant bag, and exposure to the sun has to be limited. Due to its bright colour, it is recommended for carrying it at a party.

13. Baggit Women’s Handbag in Wine Color:

It is commonly used for professional wear due to its elegant and subtle colour. It is made up of synthetic wine-coloured material with only one compartment and with an envelope closing facility. The handles are attached to the centre of the bag and can be carried by hand.

14. Baggit Black Tote Handbag:

It is quite a large bag in the length of this type of bag is long, which helps load a laptop and other daily use. It has two long parallel handles, which help in carrying it on the shoulder. This kind of bag can be used as casual or for professional use.

15. Ting Tong Black Bag from Baggit for Laptop:

It is a sling bag used by men’s which brings a smart look. It is a spacious bag that is box-shaped with a flip on the cover. The slings are attached on the side, adjusting according to the person’s height and weight. This bag is used as an office going bag by youngsters or a travel bag to hold all the important documents.

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16. Dual Toned Bag of Baggit:

It is a leather dual-coloured bag. It can be any two contrasting colours. The most dual toned bag in trend is Orange and olive green coloured bags. This type of bag brings out the rich look of leather. The design of the bag is peculiar. The base of the bag is broad and tapers at the top with zip closure.

17. Jhuti Aqua Bag:

This is a variety of sling bags that college-goers are in love with. The design of the bag is different from the normal sling bag made from Jhuti material. It is a long bag that forms a curved shape at the top with a sling attached to the side.

18. Baggit Bowling Handbag for Girls:

It is the epitome of elegance and style. This type of bag is very spacious. The bag’s length is less, but the breadth is quite sufficient to keep in all possible items needed for women. It is a synthetic bag that is non-water resistant.

19. Jhuti Green Shoulder Bag:

This type of Bag can be called a Vegan Style handbag. This is an Eco-friendly bag. This type of bag forms a saddle shape at the bottom with two handles attached at the corners. This kind of design brings out the saddle shape and is easy to carry on the shoulder.

20. By Hand Handbag:

This is the most recent collection of baggit bags. In this type of handbag, the hands are designed along with the bag, making it easy to carry and the name By-Hand bags. But in addition to the inbuilt handle, there is also the profession of a sling attachment attached on the side, which is removable.

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21. Baggit Black Hobo Handbag:

This spacious bag is needed for women still searching for a bag to keep all the immediate items needed and other documents. It is made up of synthetic material (Polyurethane) with zipping closure and a single handle attachment.

22. Hand Carry Bag from Baggit:

A simple, elegant bed has a flat base with a wide opening with a zipping closure facility. The handle is very small, which allows it to be carried only by hand. This bag brings out the style statement in a crowd due to its compact yet spacious bag.

23. Black Leather Tote Bag Baggit:

Black is also a favourite colour for both men and women. When it comes to women’s handbag, black leather is the most preferred colour because it is a rich look. The design of the bag speaks out its fashion. The height and width are equal in proportion with two parallel attached handle.

24. Baggit Brown Handbag:

It is a synthetic material handbag. Youngsters are most commonly used due to their vibrant colour and quite a spacious bag with two handles attached on either side at the centre.

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25. Designer Bucket Baggit Bag for Girls:

The spacious and stylish bag is used mostly by college-goers. Nowadays, the style of carrying a college back bag has washed away. Instead, handbags that are spacious and trendy are used in that list, commons the bucket bags. A single compartment with small pockets is seen inside. The locking system is by a single button attached at the centre. A rope system can also be used to lock the bag, seen like in jute bags.

Youngsters who are bored of using the plain bags trying out innovative and creative designs to your bags like glueing glittering stones or patchwork designs. Baggit is one of the most famous Indian companies which has flourished most tremendously and has gained international recognition. This appraisal is achieved only due to its fashionable bags designed and sold in the market, and its growth will bring out more designer collections.

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