Bajuband or Armlet mehndi designs are very popular among every generation as it gives a woman a vibrant and stylish look. The bajuband is worn on both upper and lower arms depending on one’s choice. In ancient times queens used to wear them in jewellery form, but now it has been recreated by applying them with mehendi. These designs look extravagant and, if carefully designed, give a “wow” effect to others.

Simple and Latest Bajuband Mehndi Designs:

Let’s have a look at the top 10 designs of bajuband mehndi in trend.

1. Mango Leaves Wide Bajuband Mehndi Design:

The design is quite broad in size, and it covers the full arms, thus lending a sizzling and spectacular look. The design is divided into two parts: the mango leaves along with curves and small lines overlapping each other make it appear contemporary in style and is one of the most popular designs.

2. Ganesha Bajubandh Designs:

This type of armlet is perfect for those who have a religious bend or want something different and heavenly looking on their arms. A small Ganesha is designed on the arms as motifs, thus giving the arms a sizzling and spectacular appearance. This will be the best design for Indian festivals.

3. Beautiful Peacock Style Baju Band Mehandi Design:

Peacock-style bajuband mehndi designs are very common as it is well known for their beauty and elegance. The design on the arms looks very impressive, and the peacock feathers are filled with small curves and lines, thus giving a mesmerizing appearance to one’s personality. This is the best bajuband design for any occasion.

4. Jewellery Pattern Baju Mehndi Design:

This type of bajuband appears very simple but gives the look of jewellery. In ancient times queens used to wear a similar kind of bajuband made of real gold and stones with strings attached. So, now you can easily apply Mehndi and get those royal and classy looks.

5. Floral Bajuband Mehndi Designs:

Floral designs have always been highly adorned by females. The flowers are widely spread on the arms having a thick outline and small thin lines and curves at the centre of the flower. The three motifs look great when designed by newly married ones, and the designs appear feminine and romantic as well.

6. Smiley with Floral Style Bajuband Design in Mehndi:

This type of design is an ideal choice for young ones on the arm. A small smiley is designed where, on the upper side and lower side, cute flowers are studded. This type of design looks absolutely sizzling and hot if it is designed properly on the arms; this is one of the best armlet mehndi designs for girls.

7. Geometric Shape Bajuband Mehndi Design:

This type of diamond shape bajuband lends a pleasing look to everyone; at both ends, strings are attached, which cover the arms, and the diamond is decorated with delicate lines and curves without making it too clumsy. The inside design has given a mild shading to highlight the mehendi design.

8. Delicate Lotus Style Bajuband Designs:

As the flower lotus signifies beauty, femininity and purity thus, the lotus is a good way of displaying the same. This type of bajuband design is loved by women who don’t like big-sized designs, this is one of the simple bujaband mehndi designs but it has a deeper meaning in it.

9. Flowers and Leaves Inspired Bajuband:

The design has a sleek application and has got inspired by nature. The bajuband absolutely looks very different, and each line of flowers and leaves is designed with finesse and is perfect in shape. The above and below the line with leaves have been made think just to show the design more beautiful.

10. Hanging Chain Bajuband Design:

This hanging chain-style bajuband mehendi design looks great and depicts the earlier time designs as well. On the chain, some glitters are sprinkled, and the wave-like lines, small dotted flowers and leaf droplets are just highlighting the design and also the arms. This is one of the unique designs.


Armlet, designed in henna or mehndi, looks very remarkable and gives a person extraordinary and sensational looks. The bajuband are temporary but very pleasing to the eyes and carry a lot of cultural significance. Young girls generally appreciate and love to design the above easy bajuband mehendi designs as it gives them spectacular looks without any jewellery on the arms. There is also a huge demand for bridal bajuband mehndi designs in India.


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