A lot of people often start with the yoga practice, only when they are suffering from any kind of chronic disorders or health complications. But if your disease complications have progressed, don’t you feel that after a certain limit even it becomes a little difficult for yoga to do miracles? That’s why it is often suggested that yoga or asana should be performed from a very young age as it provides you with multiple health benefits.

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Want to learn an asana which is not only better but also simple? Bakasana is one such asana which may look very difficult, but it’s the simplest asana. Bakasana is a Sanskrit word and is commonly known as the crane pose. This yoga pose is most appreciated, as it provides you relief from fear.

How To Do Bakasana (Crow Pose)?

If you plan to learn Bakasana, just follow the simple instructions given below.


  •  Place yourself on the mat in the standing position. This is one pose which needs to start with a different asana. Start this asana by first being in the posture of the mountain pose with your feet composed.
  • Now slowly bend downward, placing your arms in the middle of the knees.
  •  Carefully, put your palms on the mat and just spread your fingers apart. Your shoulders should not be touching your body and left apart from each other.
  • Now, just start lifting your hips upward. Lift it as high as you can. After lifting, just start bending your elbows out to the side in such a way that the back of the arms shelves rests on your knees.
  •  After attaining this pose just look down and focus on a point to increase your concentration level. Breathe in, and try to put the weight of your body on your toes to make the asana more exciting for you.
  • Slowly exhale, and hold yourself in this posture to say about 3-4 minutes. Now lower your feet and carefully get back to your original position.

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If you’re a beginner to this pose, it might be a little painful to your wrists. So just be a little careful. Try avoiding this posture if you’re suffering from wrists injury or arm injuries. Pregnant ladies should also avoid this asana. People suffering from Carpal tunnel Syndrome should totally avoid this asana. This pose should be done preferably during the early morning hours.

This pose provides its practitioner with a lot of strength and flexibility. A lot of people say this asana perfectly heals your body. This pose helps in providing your body with perfect balance. Immense health benefits are associated with this asana. Read further to know about its health benefits.

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Bakasana Benefits:

Bakasana is beneficial for our body in tremendous ways:

  • It really helps in toning your body and provides high-end support to your core muscles.
  • It gives elasticity to your spine due to excessive stretching of your upper back.
  • It really helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system, thus reducing your acid formation tendency and also helps in recovering from the pain of heartburn.
  • This posture helps in the overall development of your body. It not only helps in coordination and concentration but also provides balancing of your body.
  • It helps in the stimulation of your organs, especially the groin and abdomen.

While doing this asana you may feel like a bird and air plays a very important role in grasping you up. So, start this pose today. It will really help in keeping you physically fit and healthy. So start learning and happy practising. In case of any kind of pain please consult an expert practitioner.

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