If you practice yoga in the correct manner, you may achieve many health benefits which have long-lasting effects. Yoga has a dynamic vitality which makes the human body more efficient and capable. Yoga not only means warm-up exercises or meditation, but it also includes asana. Here we listed how to do Balasana and its benefits.

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One such asana is Balasana which is very common among people. It is also known as a child’s pose. Child pose is commonly known as beginner’s yoga pose and can be easily learned. Balasana is a type of stretching exercise good for your lower back and spine.

If you plan to learn this exercise, get started today by following the simple steps given below:

  • Put a clean mat on the floor and just kneel on the mat.
  • You must begin your session by kneeling. Make sure to bring both toes together and separate the heels. The knees should be set wide apart and the same goes for the hips. You should keep the same distance between your knees and your hips.
  • Keep your toes pointed and facing the ground.
  • Now slowly position yourself in vajrasana or thunderbolt position. Just make sure that your back and lower spine are totally straight.
  • Now just keep your body relaxed and loosen your body to the extent you can. Place your hands just beside your legs on the ground.
  • At the final stage just touch the ground with your forehead. While touching the ground with your forehead, just keep your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing. Just fix your attention on the flow of air in the nostrils and slowly inhale and exhale.
  • Try to keep the body in position for 3-4 minutes and then go back to vajrasana position. During this practice, you may feel half asleep. It makes your body feel more relaxed and fresh. After coming back to vajrasana position, slowly come off the asana. Just don’t be in a hurry.

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A lot of people use the Balasana posture while practising difficult postures also. Balasana not only keeps your body in relaxed mode but also tranquillizes your body and mind too. But make sure that while doing this asana you should deep breathe in and out. This will surely help in restoring and revitalizing your energy levels.

This asana should be practised if you’re suffering from joint or knee pain. Even if you’re pregnant, try and avoid this asana because it may cause strain on your stomach. One should do this only under their own limit and capacity. Don’t overdo this asana as it may cause stress on your body.

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Benefits of Balasana:

There are many health benefits if you plan to practice Balasana daily. It helps in stretching and strengthening your muscles. It also helps in the blood circulation of the body. This asana is very much beneficial for people who are very stressed in life and depressed. It, not you relieves stress, but also fatigue.

If you’re suffering from any kind of back pain or lower spine problems, then this asana should be practised on a daily basis. It not only helps in resolving the pain and ache, but it also helps in recovering your body posture in the long run. This pose can also help people who are suffering from Insomnia.

The pose in itself is very powerful. If you practice this pose for 2-3 minutes at a stretch, you may simply doze off. It is not necessary that this yoga is very much beneficial during morning hours. If you feel very tired, then try doing this pose, your body and mind may just be relaxed.

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