As now in metro cities and big towns people live in apartments, apart from decorating the sweet home, balcony are the ones which add more beauty to that house from outside as well from inside also.

Apart from other necessities the lovely and elegant appearing balcony chairs make the environment warmer and happening round the clock. The chairs can change the small balcony into relaxing retreat and make it feel cozier while you are seated.

Simple and Modern Balcony Chairs:

Let’s start the tour to explore top 9 chairs for balcony.
1. Rocking Hand Woven Balcony Chair:

Woven rattan handmade balcony chairs are termed as wickers and are gaining popularity as it makes the ambience very classy and adds elegance to the balcony. The chair has the rocking facility and armrest, backrest also thus you can enjoy the view and relax in that comfortable chair and spend great evening.

2. Swinging Balcony Chairs:

If you want to go back to your childhood and once again enjoy then these are the perfect swinging chairs which can be fixed in your balcony. These chairs are very common still looks very impressive as you can add stylish mats with cute cushions and lighten the looks of the balcony.

3. Wood Single Seated Balcony Chair:

Wood’s are precious and if any chair or article designed of it looks very welcoming. These types of chairs can be placed in any type of balcony as it can be folded and kept aside also and are also durable. You can add a folding table along with the chair and give a new and freshening look.

4. Metal Frame Balcony Chairs for Outdoors:

These are the colourful and vibrant looking outdoor balcony chairs made of aluminum metal and have a coating which protects them from corrosion thus making it ideal to be kept in outdoors. A small table and the plants around it add more life to the atmosphere.

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5. Comfortable Cushion Balcony Chairs:

A contemporary and gorgeous looking in the shades of brown are the perfect chairs for the big sized balcony.  As the chair is bigger in size than the usual ones and foam cushions is intact all it’s a pleasure to relax in these chairs. Small potted plants beside it make the place cheerful.

6. Balcony Armchairs of Disc Style:

Trendy and stylish are the correct words for these balcony chairs designed in the shape of a disk. The chairs are designed of fiberglass and have comfy seating area. It would be a pleasure to be seated on this disk chair and spent some quality time on it with your friends.

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7. Compact Dual Balcony Chair:

Here is the perfect compact balcony white dual chair and a table in green. The chairs can be folded placed on any corner of the balcony and looks vibrant chairs gives an extra look the small cute balconies.

8. Vibrant Plastic Balcony Chairs:

Affordable, easy to clean and maintains and light in weight are the lucrative features of placing plastic chairs in the balcony. These chairs are ideal for outdoor as well for indoors and are water resistant. The chair is available in many vibrant colours and designs and you can pick the one according to your balcony size.

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9. Modern Balcony Chairs:

Comfort is the only word and our focus to make a balcony in which you can relax and appears to be welcoming. This is the correct modern and latest balcony chairs crafted with aluminum metal. They are the right ones for people who want something different for their balconies.

Balcony chairs give a distinct look to that place and by adding some other essentials like plants and vibrant colour outdoors, you can design the balcony as the most happening and cheerful place . Balcony chairs are available in many designs, shapes and pattern and you can pick the one according to the balcony size and change the overall look of the place.

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