Curtains are an integral part of the interiors in everyone’s home. Available in a wide range of materials and styles, giving your house an alluring look. Unlike the conventional curtains available in the market, the bamboo curtain designs are unique and fancy and blend in with any house’s interiors. We all look for new things to deck up our homes, read on to learn more about bamboo curtain designs and how they give your house a distinctive look.

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Latest Bamboo Curtain Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern bamboo curtain designs with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Custom Bamboo Curtains:

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When you have a home with long glass windows, custom bamboo curtain designs are the perfect option. These beautifully cover the windows and can be customized according to your needs. Unlike the other simple bamboo curtains, These have a design at the top, making them stand out. These bamboo curtains slide from top to bottom, giving you an option to use them according to your convenience.

2. PVC Bamboo Curtain Designs:

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Using PVC bamboo curtains is one of the best ways to incorporate décor into your house that is natural and sturdy. It helps block sunlight, partially giving your home a relaxed yet stylish finish. When used internally, these blinds provide insulation to your windows minimizing the intensity of the wind. You can place them either in the windows of any room.

3. Bamboo Curtains for Balcony:

The balcony’s bamboo curtain designs are wide horizontally, which is the only difference between them and window curtains. These curtains come in single or multi-panel forms that can be placed on your balcony. There are threads available on these curtains that give you control to slide the curtain upward and downward. These give you a sense of privacy without completely blocking out the light.

4. Bamboo Kitchen Curtains:

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Who said your kitchen doesn’t need curtains? Add a bit of style with lots of functionality with these bamboo kitchen curtains. These curtains come in two parts, one covering the upper area of the window and another covering the lower area of the window, leaving some open space in between. These curtains smoothly glide through the rods making the process of moving the curtains easier.

5. Bamboo Patio Curtains:

If you are looking to cover the outdoor space used for recreational purposes, then bamboo patio curtains are a perfect choice. It acts as an ideal extension for roof structures, making it look like part of the ensemble. It provides you protection from sun, heavy winds, and rain making your dining experience on the patio a pleasant one.

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6. Bamboo Beaded Curtains:

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The bamboo beaded curtain is similar to any other curtain that provides utility by covering up the doors. These are made up of thin bamboo stripes with black beads in between, making them look unique yet functional. These curtains’ unique feature is that they are attached yet separate, giving a stylish finish to your simple home.

7. Outdoor Bamboo Curtain Designs:

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Are you in search of something to cover up your outdoors with a unique charm? These outdoor bamboo curtain designs are the right choice. These wooden bamboo curtains come in foldable panels that can spread and retract quickly, depending on your needs. The rings placed on the top of these curtains make the sliding process pretty manageable.

8. Bamboo Print Curtains:

You can enhance the simple bamboo curtain designs with creative designs that uniquely beautify them. Bamboo print curtains are a perfect addition that adds natural beauty to any space in your house. These prints are suitable only when the curtains are plain and may not suit the beaded or woven bamboo curtains.

9. Bamboo Mat Curtains:

Bamboo mat curtains are a perfect way to use something simple to create a sense of beautiful finish in any space. The horizontal lines of bamboo are stitched with vertical lines that not only hold the mat together but create a unique look for your door. These curtains are available in several colours which can be used according to your personal preference.

10. Bamboo String Curtains:

Not every curtain is used to cover up sunlight; these bamboo string curtains are a beautiful addition to any door in your house, creating a sense of segregation between two rooms. The white and brown colour combination of the strings forms beautiful patterns when you place them together. These can be placed in the entrance or the connecting doors of any room in your house.

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11. Bamboo Rolling Curtains:

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Bamboo rolling curtains are the perfect option for expansive windows and help you control the amount of sunlight you get into your house. They come in panels with a choice of rolling up in the centre with the help of threads. You will be able to roll up the curtains completely or halfway according to your needs, creating a sense of beauty.

12. Bamboo Blackout Curtains:

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The beautiful print of bamboo on these curtains adds a different style to your room when you want to block out sunlight completely. These curtains give you enough closure and can slide easily when you want to have light through to your room. The bamboo design curtains stand out when compared to the simple colour palette of the room all around.

13. Bamboo Curtains for Summer:

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Summers are unbearable because of the constant heat and exhaustion we face. The bamboo curtains for summer are thin and have a roll-up mechanism in place. These blinds almost block the sunlight by letting in enough to brighten any room. These curtains keep your room cool on a hot summer day without making it dark.

14. Woven Bamboo Curtain Designs:

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If you are looking to add a sense of style and flair to your house, then woven bamboo curtains are a perfect choice. Unlike conventional curtains, these woven bamboo curtains are made up of a combination of materials such as real bamboo, jute fibres, and grasses. These come in various colour combinations, and the texture varies because of the use of multiple materials.

15. Waterproof Bamboo Curtains:

Waterproof bamboo curtain designs play an essential role in protecting your windows and balconies from excess water flow. These not only block sunlight but add a beautiful texture to the doors and windows. These curtains’ roll-up mechanism is the best feature that lets you roll the curtains up and down according to your needs.

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Curtains always have an essential role to play in the interiors of your house look. Why not use bamboo curtain designs, which give your home a stylish and distinct finish? With the information we provided in this article about the types and designs, choose the one that suits your interiors and personal choice. Do not forget to let us know how this article has helped you.


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