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Banana Benefits For Skin And Hair And Health

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Going bananas aren’t we? Well, a banana a day would actually keep the body healthy and fine all the way. This is why we would want to tell you more about the benefits of having bananas, hence please read on and be well-informed for the same.

Subsequent to understanding the banana health benefits in this article, your belief system about banana may change as this article will let you know some obscure medical benefits of banana. Bananas are the fortune of various fundamental supplements that can recuperate different well being issue.

Delightfully sweet with firm and rich substance, bananas are reaped consistently and are the most loved by everybody, from a little child to a senior. These pre jacketed natural products have a considerable measure of constructive outcomes on the health that different organic products may don’t have. How about we observe the medical advantages of a banana.

Banana Benefits


You could have bananas in many forms;

  • Fruit.
  • Smoothies.
  • Drinks.
  • Energy bars.
  • Electrolyte gels and more.

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Health Benefits Of Banana:

Following are the amazing banana benefits and uses for health, skin and hair.

1. Instant Energy:

For energy, a banana would be good and you would find many athletes and players snacking on one before workout sessions and in the middle of it too. They say most professional players and workout specialists, have a banana for more energy and the day goes just fine for them.

2. Good For Bowel Movements:

Bananas have plenty of soluble fibres in them, hence it gives not only stable energy to the body but would also help with the digestive system and in keeping the colon free from cancers too. Bananas wouldn’t give you irritable bowel movements in the morning, rather it acts as a laxative for easy flow of faeces as well

3. Sugar Controller:

Blood sugar levels too would be in control, since the glycemic index would be taken care of by the bananas. The fruit is loaded with carbs, which are low and healthy. It all depends on the ripeness of the fruit, so if you want to lose the spikes in the blood sugar consuming bananas, speak to a specialist and get a customised plan for the same.

4. For Weight Loss:

Yes, the banana wouldn’t be the ideal fruit to think off if you want to lose weight, but when you have sugar cravings and would want to satiate the body, a banana would help in a healthy way. So no more snacking on sugary candy bars or junk, not when you have a natural source to end all sweet cravings and pangs, say experts. Apart from that, the foods would digest well and the fibre in bananas would help keep the body full for a long time too

5. Constipation:

As a laxative, a banana would be useful for treating constipation issues. The fruit is a powerhouse of FOR, which is prebiotic that feeds healthy bacteria in the body, say experts. This process helps the nutrients in the fruit to be absorbed better and sooner.

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6. For Acidity:

Bananas also help bring down the causes of heartburn and provides relief from acidity too. So no more running for antacids which would have chemicals in it, have a banana when you feel the burn within, and in no time you would gain relief too, say experts

7. Battles Stomach Ulcers:

Certain supplements in banana battle the inconveniences of stomach ulcers by fortifying the cells, which shapes the stomach lining. Stomach ulcers can be harrowing, which is why the banana should be eaten. There are compounds in the fruit which act as barriers and defeat the ill effects of hydrochloric acids found in the stomach. Bananas also work against the ill effects of bad bacteria in the stomach lining, hence keeping the stomach walls safe and healthy. Banana delivers a strong safeguard shield of bodily fluid, which lessens the stomach acids. Protease in banana likewise helps in disposing of microscopic organisms in the stomach, which shields the stomach from ulcers.

8. Strong Immunity System:

There is high amount of B6 in the fruit, and we all know how important this vitamin is for the development of blood and haemoglobin, don’t we? B6 would help the blood sugar levels maintain itself, it breaks amino acids down and produces antibodies which would help with stronger immunity too. Better than having vitamin pills, the humble banana does more wonders

9. Full Of Nutrients:

Bananas are a power house of minerals and vitamins as well. Right from potassium to vitamin, manganese to magnesium, the fruit also has zinc, selenium, iodine and iron in it, all of which are important for the development of the body.

10. Vitality Booster:

Banana fruit benefits are numerous and are incredible vitality sponsors, which must be incorporated into breakfast regimen as they give essential vitality all as the day progressed. Bananas are additionally athletes most loved fruits due to their instant transformation of sugar into energy.

11. Controls Blood Pressure:

Banana fruit benefits incorporates controlling of blood pressure. Bananas are stacked with calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and accordingly, it is a solidness and healthy option for holding circulatory strain under control. Research considers have demonstrated that potassium utilization is useful for those, who experience the ill effects of hypertension. The blend of calcium, potassium, and magnesium is incredible in controlling the pulse inconveniences.

12. Lessens Cholesterol:

Banana contains a solvent fiber, called Pectin, which diminishes cholesterol in the body. Banana diminishes the LDL cholesterol without influencing the level of the HDL cholesterol.

13. Enhances Brain Power:

Potassium and vitamin B enhances the nerve capacities and intellectual competence. Banana keeps the mental capacity attentive and livens up the learning abilities.

14. Minimizes The Risk Of Stroke:

The powerhouse of potassium, banana, if incorporated into the day by day diet, likewise minimizes the danger of stroke and diminishes its event.

15. Lessens The Risk Of Cancer:

Banana is fortunate in cell reinforcements and dietary filaments, which is useful in treating the risk of different sorts of malignancies, especially entrail tumour.

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16. Makes Bone Healthy:

The probiotic microorganisms in banana assimilate the calcium. Calcium is useful for bones and teeth, and consequently, banana is an awesome treatment for your calcium requiring parts. It gives assurance against joint and muscle issues. To increase the benefits of eating bananas on bone health it should be taken with a glass of milk.

17. Upgrades Digestion:

One of the main uses of banana fruit is in the treatment of ulcer issues. Banana is abundant in the beneficial microorganisms, known as fructooligosaccharides, which goes about as a stimulant for probiotics in the colon and produces compounds, which encourage the digestion of supplements. Along these lines, banana is likewise useful for absorption and controlling the development of threatening microbes in the body.

18. Cures Piles:

Since reducing episodes of constipation and manage normal functioning of bowel movement are one of the important uses of banana so it is also useful in treating the symptoms of piles .

19. Directs Anemia:

Bananas are rich in iron too, and subsequently, they are useful for individuals experiencing anaemia. It additionally directs the haemoglobin level in the body.

20. Banana For Skin:

There are various uses of banana for skin health which nourishes the skin. Take a ripe banana and pound the banana and prepare a banana face pack which when applied to dry skin glorifies the skin and nourishes it. Banana contains vitamin A that keeps saturates the skin.

21. Treatment Of Wrinkles With Banana:

Banana peel helps to remove the wrinkles which are a common problem among most teenage girls. Take the banana peel and rub the peel on the face in circular motion. This process makes to prevent the wrinkles on the face.

22. Banana For Hair:

If you want a natural condition than banana for hair health is the perfect choice for you.. Take the banana and coconut milk in the dish. Blend the fixings and apply to the hair. Wash your hair after 10 minutes.

23. Aids In Hangovers:

If there should be an occurrence of encountering unsavory physiological and mental emotions subsequent to expending a ton of liquor, banana with nectar and yogurt is excellent home remedy to treat episodes of hangover.

Banana Peel Benefits For Skin And Health:

It is not only the fruit pulp or the flesh of the fruit which is beneficial for the body, but even the skin also has varied uses and positive effects too. The skin of a banana for many centuries has been used to treat skin issues, such as acne and psoriasis. When the freshly peeled skin is rubbed over the acne affected zone on the skin, the residue helps moisten and medicate the area in a gentle way.

Warts too can be healed using banana skins, when a small piece of the skin is kept attached to the wart overnight. Do this for a week and start seeing how the results appear, say sources. There are many men and women from across the globe that swear by this method of treating warts on the skin, so why not try this?

Amino acids are plenty to be found in bananas, especially tryptophan, which the body now would convert into serotonin. Having a banana a day would also help bring down stress levels and lighten up the mood as well. So if you have hard a hard day at work, have a banana as a snack this evening and watch how your mood changes too. Moreover, a banana after dinner would also help you with good sleep too.

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So beat stress, keep your body safe from tumours and cancers, use the peel of banana for skin treatments or the pulp for hair treatments and also be blessed with easy bowel movements too, enjoy the bliss of everyday life with the consumption of a banana per day.

There are many recipes online involving bananas, should you choose not to have one as a fruit. It would be nice to read them and use them too, and if you have recipes of your own, we would like to hear from you on the same.

While bananas look flexible, they are very delicate and consideration ought to be taken in their storage. They ought to be left to age at room temperature and ought not be subjected to excessively hot or icy temperatures. Unripe bananas ought not be put in the icebox as this will interfere with the maturing procedure to such a degree, to the point that it won’t have the capacity to continue regardless of the fact that the bananas are come back to room temperature.

These were the important uses why most of the people intake bananas daily. you can adapt these and share your own experiences with us about banana benefits. We expose your thoughts and love sharing with you.