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9 Traditional Bandhani Salwar Suits for Womens

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Bandhani has gained popularity among women. Bandhani is also known as heritage of Indian textile industry. Bandhani is famous for its material providing comfort and easiness in wearing. Bandhani print is available in Sarees, salwar suit and chaniya choli. The most regular wear is salwar suit. Bandhani print salwar kameez are in demand among ladies mostly during summer. Bandhani salwar suits deprives the women from the hotness of summer. Among India, there is city wise different material of Bandhani like Rajasthani Bandhani, Jamnagari Bandhani, etc.

Latest and Classic Bandhej Salwar KHameez Designs for Girls in India.

Let we have to look top 9 designs of bandhani salwar kameez patterns for ladies.

1. Cotton Bandhani Salwar Suit:

bandhani salwar suits

This bandhani salwar suits is in cotton fabric. It is cosy and warm print providing physical ease to wearer. Salwar is churidar with nice color combination. Short sleeve kurta is looking nice with good piping work on neck. Even Dupatta has beautiful pattern.

2. Jamnagari Bandhani Salwar Suit:

Jamnagari Bandhani Salwar Suit

Bandhani print of Jamnagari is very famous in Gujarat. This is the one with different bandhani pattern. The dress is looking cool with lace work on neck and sleeve. The dress is well furnished and can be worn while doing work of home. It is casual and loose-fitting.

3. Rajsthani Bandhani Salwar Suit:

Rajsthani Bandhani Salwar Suit

Red is typical color in bandhani print. Almost each lady will have this color bandhani suit. It comes in crepe material. But it looks amazing after stitch. The material is soft and comfy. Women will look gracious in this.

4. Bandhani Silk Salwar Suit:

Bandhani Silk Salwar Suit

Bandhani Salwar Suits in Silk fabric looks awesome and it gives you lavish look. One can wear it on outing also. The fabric looks rich on wearer and it is not hard to touch. Silk feels like velvety material on body. Here the lady has given high-neck style with 3/4th sleeve which looks gorgeous on her.

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5. Bandhani Embroidery Salwar Suit:

Bandhani Embroidery Salwar Suit

When Bandhani print gets mixed with embroidery work, it becomes heavy salwar suit and can also be worn on any family functions. This salwar suit is really awesome with nice smooth Dupatta and fine work on Kurta. The lady is looking gorgeous in this salwar suit. It is superior quality material.

6. Designer Bandhani Salwar Suits:

Designer Bandhani Salwar Suit

Various innovations can be done with Bandhani Print. And this is the one done by a Designer to deliver unique pattern in Bandhani. The Dupatta and Salwar pattern is nicely crafted with plain bordered Kurta. This dress will make you look different from others wearing regular print salwar suit.

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7. Kutchi Bandhani Salwar Suit:

Kutchi Bandhani Salwar Suit

Kutchi bandhani salwar suit are popular in Gujarat State especially for its lavishing designs and extra-ordinary look. It is of high-class embroidery work done on kurta and dupatta. Ladies has always praised this pattern. Though some what expensive, it is able to deliver promising personality.

8. Mirror Work Bandhani Salwar Suit:

Mirror Work Bandhani Salwar Suit

In this Bandhani Salwar Suits, mirror work is done on neck, sleeves and bottom of kurta. It is also known as “Gamthi” work. It has simple design of regular type. This type of work is popular during Navratri festival. This dress will make the one highlight from the crowd.

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9. Satin Bandhani Salwar Suit:

Satin Bandhani Salwar Suit

Satin fabric is of high standard. When satin is blend with bandhani print, it will definitely provide dignity with convenience. The pattern is simple but satisfied on wearing. The lady is looking pretty and magnificent. This design will look outstanding and marvelous.

Bandhani print salwar Kameez is always in demand and all-time favorite print for ladies. Women keep Bandhani print in priority. They just love it. There are various types of work and pattern available in Bandhani salwar Kameez. Bandhani print is capable of making someone bewildered. The lady looks attractive in Bandhani salwar suit. Bandhani print is perfect for every occasion and regular wear too.

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