Bangles, also known as Kangan, are the most important decoration for women not only in India but across the world. The variety of bangles makes you go crazy while selecting for your outfit. They are made of metal, ceiling wax, gold, silver, emerald, etc. It is our culture to wear bangles since ancient time, whether the girl is married or still a spinster. According to the Indian Culture, the wrist of the newly married should not remain bare without bangles as it brings bad fortune to the family. The spinsters also have to carry bangles for good luck.

Different Types of Bangles Designs with Names:

Not only the women, but bangles are also a common gift to the newly welcomed infant as it brings prosperity, good luck and good health to him/her. Let’s have a look at the trendy top bangle jewellery.

1. Gold and Diamond Bangles Designs for Women:

Gold and diamond are two important alloys bangles are made from. This gold bangle give an amazing and simple look studded with four small diamonds making a floral design. They look elegant when worn in small functions giving a delicate look to your personality. This types of bangles are highly worn by the aged woman as it has a glance of the bangle history.

2. Latest Designer Diamond Bangles for Girls:

Such new bangles designs are very adorable among the girls. The wonderful work of the diamonds give a heart smashing curvy design held in gold. Such bangles are worn on designer dresses and sarees. This design can also be made with colourful diamonds according to your outfit but it gives its best attractive effect with white diamonds.

3. Classic Silver Bangles Designs for Bride:

Such bangles give a classic look to the wearer. These types of bangles for ladies are also available in various other designs and shapes. They are also known as chudlo in most parts of Gujarat. They are also the first choice of the brides for various functions of marriage to give her an enchanting look. Silver has been more in demand as it gives a variety of choices to select from.

4. Cute Homemade Bangles Collection:

This is a very trendy bangle collection. They are made out of colourful fabric strings. Such homemade trendy bangles give a elegant look on casuals such as jeans and skirts. This is the best way to recycle the unwanted bangles at home, wooden bangles, glass bangles etc. Also various shapes such as hearts, birds, flowers etc. can be hanged to give a different look.

5. Floral Design Bangles for Kids:

The colour of this bangle for girls gives a unique look. It is mostly worn by small girls on fairy dresses or by teens on casuals. The diamond and pearl combination with baby pink flowers give it a delicacy look. Flowers are the symbol of prosperity, sweetness and charm and so does this bangle look when worn by cute teens.

6. Attractive Pearl & Diamond Bangles Designs:

Pearls and diamonds are the major attraction in bangles. This wonderful design is made out of sea pearls and crystal white diamonds in the centre. They give a classy look on ethnic designer sarees and dresses. The sea pearls give a unique shine to the bangles. The diamonds can be of various colours too. Such a design van be said is inspired by the ethnic bangle jewellery.

7. Indian Stone Bangles Designs:

This magnificent bangle design is made out of Indian stones, rubies and American diamonds. Beautifully designed they give a marvellous look on saree with ancient designs. The different curvy design steals the heart of anyone. The benefit of this kind of bangle is that you can add the diamonds colour of your choice.

8. Claddagh Bangles Designs in Gold:

The Claddagh bangles are not the ordinary bangle one can wear. These type of bangles carry positive energy with them. This type of bangles symbolises love, friendship and loyalty. This is a true gift for best friend and your girl friend. These bangles are inspired by the Alex and Ani designs of bangles.

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9. Jaipuri Lac Bangles for Women:

Jaipur is very famous for its vast and unique bangles collection. This design is one of them. Such lac bangles are made from lac or ceiling wax and metal. It is decorated with traditionally or newly designs and studded with flat diamonds. While some give a wonderful glance of mirror work on the bangles with different shapes. They are easily breakable and hence should be worn with care.

10. Cut Stone Jewellery Bangles:

This is another pattern of lac bangles. This marvelous design is made out of cut stones to give out a unique pattern. This excellent silver design looks sophisticated on sarees and heavy dresses. Such designs can also be made on wood, metal, lac etc.

11. Gold Bridal Chuda Bangles Designs:

The brides are given the best jewellery of gold. And one of them is the gold chuda. This is an amazing gold designed chuda studded with diamonds and pearls. They give a glorious look on the bride and increase her feminine. The hanging bells made from pearls add to its beauty. Such chuda are said to be the blessings of the parents and family to the bride for her new life.

12. Rajasthani Suhag Chuda Bangles Designs for Bridal:

This is a very sensual shah chuda of the Rajasthani region. Such chuda are also famous in Gujarat and Delhi side. They are made of high quality fibre mixed with metal. Studded with lovely diamonds and pearls, it gives a glamorous look to the bride. They are available in red, green and White colours. They can also be made out of gold with red, green and White stones. It is said that the red colour in the chuda stands for love, white for peace and green for prosperity.

13. Peacock Designed Kada Bangles Gold and Diamonds:

The designs of Rajasthan have its own delicacy. This is one of them. The kada are given a peacock design studded with American diamonds. It is open from one side hence can fit to any hand shape. It is the symbol of purity, love and eternity and hence looks amazing on ethnic dresses. Such kada can also be found in various other decorative pieces such as the parrot, floral design, heart, etc.

14. Simple Metal Bangles Designs for Girls:

Metal bangle designs have always been the favourite any time. They are worn mixed with patla, chuda or bracelet. They also look cute when worn alone. They come in plain colour, dotted print, lines, etc. They are worn for regular use and also for special occasions. It is said that the more the bangles jingle in a house, the more prosperous the house becomes. They are also available with stones of various colours.

15. Designer Bridal Kangan Set:

These latest bangles are trendy on designer saree and dresses. They are made for wedding occasions and other religious occasions. The Kangan are made of metal and studded with lovely stones and diamonds of various shapes. These enchanting designs are also available in various colours and designs. The clumsy design is also carried by many brides for attending small functions prior weddings.

16. Silver Oxidised Bangles for Festivals:

The oxidised bangles have become popular because of the metal used in making it. Such bangles are of grey and black colour combination. Such bangles for girls are highly worn on casuals and for regular use. Also they are seen in Navratri festival. The above is one of the several lovely designs surrounded with jingles to give enchanting music when they ring. However, the latest design in this kind of bangles is seen on silver and gold plated. The main benefit of oxidised bangles is that they are never out of fashion. Also simple oxidised bangles are available without any design.

17. Gold dotted Kada Bangles Designs:

The bangle with dotted designs gives a heart smashing look. The edge of the kada is made with a unique design. The whole gold kada is given embossed dotted design on it which makes it more elegant. Such kada suit on dresses for small occasions as well as sometimes worn for regular use. Also floral design can be carried out with such embossing technique.

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18. Latest Fancy Gold Bangles Designs:

Fancy gold bangles have always attracted young as well as aged ladies. Here is one such fancy bangle for women. The bangle is made of gold and studded with diamonds. The curvy design on the bangle gives it a different look which is quite suitable on ethnic and casuals. There is a vast variety of such designs in this category. Their charm forces the girls to carry them on daily basis.

19. Royal Sword Design Bangles for Rajput:

This is a unique bangles design. The design seems to be made of swords with diamonds studded on the holding part. Such bangles give a different look in parties and small occasions. Such bangles are worn by mostly the women of Rajput. However, also the fashion conscious women would love to have such design on her wrist.

20. Ganga Jamuna Bangles Jewellery:

These type of bangles are a mixture of gold and silver. It is also known as the golden silver bangle jewellery designs. It is also studded with flat stone of green colour to give a curvy peacock face look. Such bangles have become trendy as ladies bangles. The American diamonds studded in the bangle are eye catchy. These type of designs can also be made plain without any diamonds or pearl decoration.

21. Spiral Golden Dots Bangles for Ladies:

Gold bangles have always been giving new designs. These bangles for women have an attractive look with spiral curvy turns and dotted designs. The spiral designs are also known as piping designs. They are worn for day to day use and also for special festivals to enrich the beauty of the saree and dresses worn. The diamonds add a different look to the bangles designs.

22. Artistic Heart Kada Bangle in Gold:

The heart designs have always been special for any women in jewellery. This is a symbol of love, care and purity. This type of gold heart kada with cute white diamonds give a simple but soffesticated look to the wearer. As it is simple, it is also worn on casuals. This can be a heart winning gift for your better half. This type of designs is also gifted to the toddlers as gifts, or also on baby shower to the mother by the father expressing his love.

23. Silver Floral Bangles Designs for ladies:

Silver Bangles are generally worn on designer saree or dresses with silver decoration. This silver bangle is given a different look with floral designs embossed in it. The bangle is best gifted to newly wedded brides as it brings good luck and prosperity to the wearer. Such bangles can also be gifted to the newly born baby girl as bangles and the baby boy as kadha or kadli.

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24. White Gold Floral Design Bangles:

White gold is considered to be the precious one among all the other metals. Having a bangle with white gold studded with crystal white diamonds would catch anyone’s eye at any party, wedding or function. It adds to your glamorous look when worn on ethnic or casual wear. For a change, the colour of the diamonds can also vary according to the outfit you would be putting along with it.

25. Platinum Diamond Bangles:

The latest bangles designs includes a delicate yet simple design. There are no other shapes or designs given to these bangles. Just simple diamonds tagged in platinum bangle. Although simple, it gives your outfit a wonderful look and you gorgeous. Such bangles cannot be worn on regular basis as the diamonds are likely to be damaged and hence are kept with utmost care.

The bangles are given highly importance according to the Indian Culture. No matter what ever the age of the women or girl is, bangles always attract them and also suit them. The cupboard of the girls would always have a drawer full of bangles of various designs and colours. The bangle jewellery is always attractive whether it’s of gold or simply glass. Bangles are the symbol of love, harmony, inspiration, prosperity, care and wealth. So select the latest design and fill your bangle box with the best bangles collection a girl can have.

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