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15 Indian Wedding Bangles Designs for Bride

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The bangles have been considered the most important accessories worn by Indian women’s. But its bride then the bangles becomes more exclusive and different as it even varies region wise as well according to culture. For brides the bangles hold a special meaning for them as it symbolizes the well being of their married life.

The wedding is very special things in a women’s life as she get transform from a girl to a wife and henceforth a new era starts for her. So bridal bangles are the ones which make her feel special and heavenly on her day. The bridal bangles are available in many metals like gold, silver, diamond, glass so you can get the one according to your outfit and culture.

Indian Traditional Bridal wear Jewellery Bangles:

Let’s have a look at top 15 traditional designs of bridal bangles in various metals and styles:

1. Indian Glass Bangles for Bridal:

bridal bangles

Glass bangles have been used since ages in the wedding and it enhances the look of bride by many folds. The golden bangles along with glass ones and with stone works on it make these bangles appear remarkable. A perfect bangle for brides to make her day special.

2. Rajasthani Bridal Bangles:

Rajasthani Bridal Bangles

These Rajasthani bangles as known as chooda and it made from special metal called “lac”. The bangles appear marvellous and its special design makes the bride feel special and different from others, and lends her are that ethnic and traditional looks for that special moment for her life.

3. Designer Bridal Bangles in Gold:

Gold Bridal Bangles

As is being said women’s cannot go wrong with gold bangles. The yellow metal known as gold, the bangles looks amazing when worn by brides The intricate and artistic work on it enhance the look of bangles and the bride by many folds and make her appear fabulous on her wedding day.

4. Metal Bridal Bangles:

Metal Bridal Bangles

The brides want to appear gorgeous and stunning on her special day, these red auspicious bangles gives her those unique appearances. On the bangles all over small colourful stones are studded and in between the golden bangles adds more beauty to the wearer. Thus an appropriate bangle for the bride to get those traditional looks.

5. Wedding Diamond Bangles Set:

Diamond Wedding Bangles Set

No words are enough to describe the sparkling look of these diamonds bridal bangles. The beautiful and awesome looking diamond when worn by brides makes her appear as an angle and the white diamonds and gold beads combination appears to be the most happening bangle of the wedding.

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6. South Indian Bridal Ruby Bangles:

South Indian Bridal Ruby Bangles

In southern part if India it’s mandatory to wear bangles made in gold as it’s considered to be auspicious. As the colour red resembles married life the red ruby studded on the bangles would be perfect choice for any brides to wear on her wedding.

7. Fancy Bridal Bangles:

Fancy Bridal Bangles

Some brides wants to wear something unique than the traditional ones. This kind of yellow and purple fancy bangles lends are those mind blowing looks. In between the set the broad pearl studded bangles makes the entire concept very attractive and lends a beautiful look to the bride and her wrists also.

8. Full of Shades Bridal Bangles:

Full of Shades Bridal Bangles

In modern time the brides even wants to wear bangle which consist of the entire colour imagining that their married life would also be colourful and happy.  The small meenakari work done of the bangle enhances the look of bride and gives her an appealing look.

9. Bridal Diamond Bangles:

Bridal diamond Bangles

As the passage of time many brides adore to wear something different on her special day. These diamonds bangles are the ones which could make them appear different and give them a royal and classy look and give a dazzling appearance on that particular day.

10. Kundan Bridal Bangles Set:

Kundan Bridal Bangles

This type of bridal kundan bangles is very popular since ages as it is the modified form of gold and gives very lucrative and attractive looks when worn. The bangle has great artistic meenakari work on the gold bangle and the kundan are studded in a particular pattern lending an exclusive look to the bride and loading her with compliments.

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11. Polki Bridal Bangles:

Polki Bridal Bangles

Polki are termed as uncut diamonds which gives the bride a classy and marvellous look on her special day. The polka when studded on glorious yellow metal “gold” the beauty of the bangle increases by way miles .The bangles looks awesome when worn by brides and gives them a special shinning look.

12. Pearl Bridal Bangles:

Pearl Bridal Bangles

Some brides believe in simplicity and want to appear classy on the wedding day. These types of pearl and diamonds bangles are a perfect match for them. The bangle looks very simple but appears very unique and extraordinary when worn.  The big dazzling pearl studded in the centre lends a royal and marvellous look to the bride’s hands.

13. Punjabi Wedding Bridal Chura:

Punjabi Wedding Bridal Chura

These bangles are made of Ivory and are termed as “chura”. These types of bangles are worn by Punjabi brides. The ivory bangles are white and red decorated with stones thus giving them a traditional and exclusive look and make her appear special on that particular day.

14. Silk Thread Bridal Bangles:

Silk Thread Bridal Bangles

The bangles are made of soft silk thread and in between the small stone works enhances the look the bridal bangles. The truly awesome red and green colour combination with green strip on the red bangles gives a fabulous look to the bangle and bride also. It makes her appear different and very beautiful.

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15. Silver Shine Bridal Bangles:

Silver Shine Bridal Bangles

This type of shinning silver bangles also gives a sizzling and dazzling looks to the bride and her appear special on her wedding day. The combination of silver with sea green bangles looks awesome and the small white stones studded on the bangles appears very appealing to eyes. The bride’s wrist is   nearly covered by the bangles thus giving her a heavenly and attractive looks.

Buying bangles for the wedding is a big thing. The bangles chosen for a bride gives her an exclusive and awesome looks and draw the attention of every eye. The bangle is available in wide range and you should pick the one which gives you a perfect look in the wedding.

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