Can you imagine an Indian wedding without the bride wearing her bangles? Irrespective of the scale of event and budget, every woman adorns her hands with ‘Chudis’ to symbolise the holy matrimony. Depending on the individual’s customs and traditions, the Wedding Bangles designs may change, but the essence and purpose remain the same. In this article, we shall discuss the importance of bangles to a married Indian woman, along with the colour symbolism. That’s not all! You get to explore a list of best and latest designs to suit the tastes of contemporary brides.

Role of Bangles In a Traditional Indian Wedding:

In India, a married woman is identified by a number of symbols like the Vermillion on her forehead, the Mangalsutra, toerings and bangles. The bangles, in particular, reveal a lot about the status of her wedding. Glass bangles in colours like maroon, mustard, green indicate that her husband is hale and hearty. If she attains a widow status, these bangles must be removed from the hands permanently.

In short, bangles indicate a happy and prosperous married life of a woman. Should any glass bangle break by accident, fears of unwanted harm to the husband cloud the mind of the lady.

Bangle Rituals and Color Coding Of Different Indian States:

As mentioned earlier, each state and region of the country has its own set of guidelines set for a married woman. Read along to learn these interesting bangle traditions from some of the renowned states of India:

  • Gujarat: A Gujarati Bride must wear a combination of green, gold and red coloured bangles, gifted by her mother. This is a symbolism of the unchanging bond between the daughter and the mom.
  • Kerala: Most Malayali brides stick to gold bangles on their wedding day to show off their financial status. They do not wear glass or other materials, as it can dent their reputation in society.
  • Punjab: The brides from Sikh and other Punjabi communities wear a combination of red and white bangles called the Chuda. This is believed to bring in good luck to the newlywed couple.
  • Maharastra: Green bangles are mandatory for Marathi brides to indicate prosperity. They are often paired with gold bangles called the Tode.
  • Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana: The brides from these states wear any dark coloured bangles like green, red, bright yellow or blue, along with gold Kada or bangles.
  • Rajasthan: They follow the Chuda tradition too. But instead of just red and white, multi-coloured bangles called Bangdi made of lac are worn on the wedding day.
  • Kolkata: Bengali brides wear bangles typical to their state. These are made up of shell and coral called the Paula and the Shakha. Wearing them is mandatory for the bride to lead a happy life ahead!

For How Long Should The Wedding Bangles Be Worn?

Typically, the wedding bangles must be worn for at least 40 days to a maximum of 15 months. During this period, the bride is not supposed to remove them from her body. To prevent accidental breakages or cracks, one size bigger bangles are chosen. Many people believe that doing so can bring in marital bliss and eternalise the “Suhagan” of the woman!

Indian Traditional Bridal wear Jewellery Bangles:

Let’s have a look at top 20 traditional designs of bridal bangles in various metals and styles.

1. Bridal Bangles With Names:

Rahul weds Saloni, Seetha weds Shyam, whatever the name is, your bangles tell them all! Get your bangles personalized with the names of you and your main man! This is such a quirky idea to remember this day all through your life. Just let the designer know a week before to create your very own Chura.

  • Bangle Design: Bridal Chura With Names
  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day and Rituals following it

2. Bridal Chura With Kalire:

No Punjabi wedding is complete with the Kalire ceremony. Kalire is an umbrella-shaped ornament which is worn on the hands of the bride. It is made in gold or silver to symbolize wealth and fortune in her new home. Seen here is one such traditional Mango leaf design that marks the new journey of her life!

  • Bangle Design: Gold Kalire with Punjabi Chuda
  • Material: Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Kalire Ceremony on the wedding day

3. Bengali Wedding Bangles:

The Sankha and Pola bangles symbolise that a woman is newly married. They are a must in a Bengali wedding and traditionally made with expensive Conch shells (white) and Coral (Red). You can find cheaper alternatives to these designs, which are made with premium plastic or acrylic material. To make the bangles more relevant to a bride, gold metalwork is added on top.

  • Bangle Design: Bengali Sankha and Pola Bangles
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day and Important Religious Events

4. Gujarati Wedding Bangles:

Gujarati Bangles are all about bringing in the spirit of celebrations. Traditionally, white, green, red and gold are used to adorn the hands of the ladies. You can also choose to keep in a single tone, like this beautiful set. The combination of embellished stonework with plain red glass bangles keeps it sober and stunning!

  • Bangle Design: Gujarati Wedding Chura
  • Material: Glass and Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: The day of the wedding

5. Marathi Wedding Bangles:

The brides of Maharastra wear green bangles interspersed with gold Paatli bangles. Although glass bangles are traditionally used, metal bangles have replaced them in modern times. Typically, these gold bangles are flat structured and have detailed carving on them. They represent the life-long commitment in a holy matrimony.

  • Bangle Design: Marathi Wedding Chooda Bangles
  • Material: Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Worn on the wedding day

6. Bridal Glass Bangles Sets:

Glass bangles are very important for an Indian bride. It is believed that the clinging sound of these ornaments brings good fortune to the female who wears it. Seen here is one such set of bangles, which comes in a bright red colour. They are adorned with shiny stones for an attractive look. To suit the contemporary taste, trendy metal bangles are added in between.

  • Bangle Design: Red Glass Bangle Set with Stone Work
  • Material: Glass, Metal and Stones
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day, Bridal ceremony

7. Traditional Rajasthani Bridal Bangles:

Rajput brides wear a combination of Red and Ivory’s bangles made of Lac material. These are called the Chooda, which are very important in a traditional Rajasthani wedding. Here is one modern Chooda set which is heavily decorated with stone and gold foil work. They are specially designed for the new generation Dulhan, who love to follow their customs, but don’t want to lose out on their modern ideas.

  • Bangle Design: Designer Rajasthani Chooda Bangles
  • Material: Lac
  • Suitable Occasions: They are worn on the day of the wedding

8. Bridal Bangle Set in Pure Gold:

In South Indian states like Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, Gold bangles have a lot of importance. Seen here is one such pure gold set, which is a mix of thick Kangans and thin sized bangles. These highly detailed and intricate ornaments are adorned with Kempu stones to make them more auspicious for the wedding.

  • Bangle Design: Pure Gold Bridal Bangle Set With Kempu Stones
  • Material: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Ceremony, Reception and Bridal Shower

9. Bridal Metal Bangle Set:

If you feel that glass is too delicate for you to handle, then go for these metal bangles. They are specially crafted for the wedding ceremony in maroon, green and yellow colours. The eclectic blend of various designs in this set can make your hands look pretty and very “bride-like”. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about any accidental breaking or cracking of these bangles!

  • Bangle Design: Maroon and Gold Metal Bangle Set for Weddings
  • Material: Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding day, Bridal Ceremony and Other Rituals

10. Contemporary Stonework Bangles Set:

No words are enough to describe the sparkling look of these stonework bridal bangles. Unlike the conventional bangle sets, these ornaments are designed for special events like reception or engagement parties. You can break the stereotypes by choosing a dramatically different Chudi set to look radiant!

  • Bangle Design: Off-White Designer Stone Bangle Set
  • Material: Glass
  • Suitable Occasions: Reception, Pre-wedding Rituals, Evening Dinner Parties

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11. South Indian Style Bridal Ruby Bangles:

These lovely Kempu or Ruby bangles are quite versatile for styling. You can use them along with gold or green contrast coloured bangles or wear them on their own. They are simple yet attractive. Also, many South Indians consider it auspicious to wear Rubies on the wedding day. So, it’s a great idea to invest in these beauties.

  • Bangle Design: Ruby Kada Style Bridal Bangles
  • Material: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings, Traditional Ceremonies like Pujas or even as everyday wear

12. Fancy Bridal Bangles:

If you fancy to wear bangles that match your outfit, check out this style! The dual coloured set can be customized with the shades in your saree for a co-ordinated look. Even rare colour combinations like this yellow and purple are readily available in the market. With such a level of detailing, you are sure to steal the show!

  • Bangle Design: Matching Fancy Bangles For Girls
  • Material: Metal and Glass
  • Suitable Occasions: Receptions, Sangeeth and Bridal Shower

13. Multicoloured Bridal Bangles:

If you have too many outfits to wear in a single event, then these colourful bangles can save you a lot of time. They match almost every Bridal saree, so you need not worry about changing them every time. Go for shiny, embellished sets to bring in a festive vibe and add one or two gold bangles for that Midas touch!

  • Bangle Design: Multicolored Embellished Bangles For Brides
  • Material: Glass
  • Suitable Occasions: Suitable for all occasions and sarees

14. Bridal Diamond Bangles:

The saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is so true! On a day like the Wedding, nothing can bring a smile on the bride’s face than these star-studded bangles. Made in pure gold, these bangles add a luxurious touch to your overall look. If you plan on wearing a diamond necklace set, then add these lovelies to your list!

  • Bangle Design: Diamond Bangles in Kada Model
  • Material: Gold
  • Suitable Occasions: Reception, Night Weddings

15. Kundan Bridal Bangles Set:

These antique gold-plated bangles are worth an investment! They are trendy, elegant and complement most of your sarees. This set of bangles are studded with Kundas, coloured stones and a hint of enamel work. You can pair this set with any type of bangles like plain gold, glass or even fancy metallic ones that suit the outfit!

  • Bangle Design: Gold-plated Kundan Bangles For Weddings
  • Material: Gold-Plated
  • Suitable Occasions: Prewedding rituals, Main wedding events

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16. Polki Bridal Bangles:

Whether for an ethnic saree or a designer piece, Polki Bandhano bangles offer an unparalleled beauty to your outfit. They are elegant but not-over-the-top. So, if you want a bangle that suits all your styling needs, then you add Polkis to your collection. These Kadas can also be paired along with other bangles to make a statement set!

  • Bangle Design: Polki Statement Kada for Women
  • Material: Gold-Plated
  • Suitable Occasions: Can be worn in multiple ways. So, suits almost every occasion.

17. Pearl Bridal Bangles:

Brides of certain communities like Christian, for example, believe in keeping it simple and sophisticated. This stylish crystal and pearl bangle is a match made in heaven for the iconic white wedding dress. You can also reuse it later with a cocktail dress or sassy lace sarees. It’s one time buy and many time use!

  • Bangle Design: Pearl and Crystal Bridal Bangle
  • Material: Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Christian Weddings, Evening Parties, Reception

18. Punjabi Wedding Bridal Chura Set:

The bride wears the traditional Punjabi Chudiyan from her wedding day to the specified period. They are dual-toned with just white and red with an odd number count like 11, 21 etc. Although the original Churi was made with ivory, the present ones come in plastic or metal to last long! Seen here is one such set with a dash of stonework for a rich look.

  • Bangle Design: Punjabi Chura Set For New Brides
  • Material: Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day and the period after it

19. Silk Thread Bridal Bangles:

Bangles made with silk thread are one of the most sought-after designs in the market. They are a perfect match to your heavy silk sarees. You can customize them as per the saree design, colour and even the pattern on it. Here is one such set which goes well with your Bridal Kaneejavaram. The soft-touch of the threads can keep you comfortable for long!

  • Bangle Design: Silk Thread Bangles For Weddings
  • Material: Metal base with Silk Thread
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings, Reception and Traditional events

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20. Radha Krishna Bridal Bangle Set:

This is an artistic version of the age-old Rajasthani Chura. Each bangle is handcrafted to perfection and painted with the brightest of colours. The central theme of this set is the eternal love of Radha Krishna, which is just what you need for a wedding. Wear it with almost any saree and watch as people compliment you for your sense of fashion.

  • Bangle Design: Radha Krishna Designer Rajasthani Chura
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings, Baarath, Reception

Those are some of the most famous Wedding Bangle designs of India. Depending on your own culture and traditions, you can take a suitable pick from these ideas. These creative designs also add a modern outlook to the age-old bangles to encourage the millennial generation into following the customs. So, if your wedding date is just around the corner, lose no time and stock up these beautiful pieces!


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