Bangles as an ornament are very popular among women since olden days. They are used to beautify hands with the various patterns, designs, shapes and sizes. One can mix, match and experiment with bangles without any fear of going wrong. Bangles have recently become a fashion statement and it is extremely popular. People are fast catching up on the latest trends and designs in bangles. They can be of metals, gold, silver, diamonds, alloys, copper, brass, glass, plastics etc. and can have many designs. Bangles are also used as sets in weddings; special occasions etc. We will have a look at the 15 best bangles set designs.

Beautiful Indian Bangles Set Designs:

Here are our top 15 most beautiful Indian bangles set designs as follows.

1. Indian Bridal Bangles Set:

An Indian Bride looks resplendent on her wedding day with the traditional outfits and jewellery. Let the bride be from any part of the country, bangles play an important role in weddings. Gold, white and red/maroon are exclusively used for the bridal bangles set. Red and gold are very auspicious colors for the traditional wedding and brides generally wear red/maroon and white metal/plastic bangles with gold bangles. This whole set fills the hands of the bride and with henna adoring the hands, the look of the bangles are just enhanced. It is one of the best Indian bangles set designs.

2. Kundan Bangles Set:

Kundan is very popular and preferred jewellery for weddings and other traditional occasions. Expensive stones in green, maroon and white with gold embellishments complete the look of Kundan bangles set. They give a rich and royal look and are more on the expensive side hence. Kundan bangles complete the bridal look with hand chains, ear rings, necklaces, toe rings, etc. They look grand and elegant in hands.

3. Gold Bangles Set:

Gold is an auspicious metal for functions and weddings. The safest bet and never to go out of fashion color is gold and golden. One can always be sure with any golden jewellery for the color, lustre and value. Set of bangles in gold for women look amazing with traditional clothes or otherwise too. Golden bangles can be teamed up with any outfit. One can never ever go wrong with gold for sure. This is one of the best gold bangles set designs.

4. Beaded Bangles Set:

The most elegant bangles for women can be beaded ones with pearls, corals or other colourful beads. They look beautiful in hands for the grace in them. The beads can be strung in silver or gold according to preferences. The beaded bangles have a lot of options to experiment, so let the imagination run and create magic.

5. Silver Bangles Set:

The next in line to be popular after the gold bangles are the silver bangles. Silver element is also very auspicious and they can also be a gifting option. Silver bangles set can be of oxidized, sterling or black. One can experiment with silver bangles for western outfits or for Indo western outfits. Silver is extremely popular with teenagers and youngsters.

6. Handmade Bangles Set:

DIY or handmade projects are very much in these days. One can customize and make bangles for ones use. Handmade bangles are for people who love to experiment with looks and fashion.

7. Diamond Bangles Set:

Diamonds, a women’s and girl’s best friend. Truly the best in jewellery too. Diamonds known for lustre, clarity, brilliance and cuts shine all through the jewellery. They are perfect for any occasions and for evening parties. You don’t need a specific outfit to team up diamond bangles set. Go flaunt that ethereal look!

8. Set of  Two Bangles:

Popularly known as “Kangan”, these are generally worn in set of two, one in each hand. These are normally not very thin, they are thick bangles made of gold with stones, diamonds, etc. They go very well Indian outfits and can be matched with thin bangles or can be worn standalone.

9. Crystal Bangles Set:

Crystal bangles look beautiful as they come in multi colors. They are bright and shiny and go well with all skin tones. The crystals can be beaded beautifully, embedded or inter twined to get the desired pattern for the bangles. These are best suited for evenings for they give that glitter and sparkle. It is most popular crystal wedding bangles set.

10. Glass Bangles Set:

Glass bangles are elegant and colorful when one wears and are not expensive at the same time. Glass bangles are very auspicious and must for special occasions like baby shower, weddings etc. in India. They can be used with any Indian outfits.

11. Designer Bangles Set:

They are beautiful set of bangles for everyday wear as well as for other functions. They are set of thick and thin bangles with the designer element feel. One can use it as per one’s wish to create a certain look.

12. Funky Bangles Set:

The best accessory for young women, college girls and teenagers; to create that unique look every day. Multi colored, fantastic designs, shapes, patterns, designs, latest fashion trends, name it and you can get it in these funky bangles sets. Almost you get these for very less price but the magic it creates after wearing is just superb. The hands look really lovely and the compliments coming your way are innumerable.

13. Colorful Metal Bangles Set:

Colorful bangles in metals can also be an instant look changer for any dress on women. They are easy to use and maintain, not costly, and go with almost anything. They can be used as junk jewellery like big one bangle in a hand or sets of 6, 8, 12 bangles.

14. Vintage Bangles Set:

Vintage as the name suggests are elegant and classy looking bangles for that subtle look. They have a shade of black in them, made of metal and are a set of 8 to 10 bangles usually.

15. Antique Bangles Set:

Passed down from over many generations, antique bangles are ones pride and heritage. They have a value attached to them monetarily as well as emotionally too. They have beautiful designs, carved on them, temple designs, goddesses designs, precious stones, precious metals etc. on them. One is truly blessed to be having antique bangles in jewellery trousseau. It is the popular antique gold bangles set.

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Bangles as an accessory can be of innumerable options, designs and patterns. They are a fashion house themselves accessorizing women since ages. Age is no bar for one having to use bangles. Since toddlers, we have been using them for all occasions. The ease of use and maintenance, elegance and charm that bangles give just keep women wanting them more.


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