In Italian, the word ‘Baroque’ means ‘bizarre’ and ‘prone to success’, reflected in all the Baroque tattoo designs. Rich colours, dynamic and memorable compositions, luxury, stones and gold, are featured in Baroque tattoos that display the union of the most violent fantasies and reality. This tattoo style can penetrate the art of tattoos, making it an outstanding Renaissance style in addition to painting, architecture, music and fashion.

Let us go through this article to learn more about the Baroque tattoo designs with distinctive features.

15 Popular Baroque Tattoos with Images:

Baroque tattoo designs are growing in popularity because of their distinct patterns, whether it is a simple design with black lines or the addition of colours.

1. Beautiful Baroque Tattoo:

If you are looking for an extravagant tattoo engraved on the arm, this tattoo looks beautiful and exceptional. Using bold and thin lines with curvy designs looks straightforward yet stylish. The design seems like extensive leaf patterns interlinked with each other. You can add more greyish shading inside the ways, which might intensify the design.

2. Extensive Baroque Back Tattoo:

Backless designs are gaining popularity among women globally. This extensive baroque back tattoo looks sleek and adds beauty to the wearer’s back. This design covers the outer side of the back, forming a cute border which makes it even more special. The insides of the pattern have an effortless smoking effect, with bold black edges highlighting the design efficiently.

3. Baroque Tattoo On The Side Of The Face:

The side of the neck is one of the popular choices to get a tattoo if you want to show off your bold nature and love for style. The design is pretty simple and doesn’t have any complicated patterns. Instead, the outlines of the invention are engraved in bold lines, and the pattern looks like it is coming out of the ear. These types of designs look good on anyone, irrespective of gender.

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4. Simple Baroque Tattoo:

This tattoo near the bicep has a scout’s symbol with two leaf-like patterns on either side. The Scout’s mark represents their way of doing good and their duty while helping others. These types of tattoos are preferred by anyone irrespective of gender. The arm, leg, and calf can be the perfect places to get this tattoo engraved. You can add elements of your choice to make the tattoo more personal.

5. Cute Baroque Tattoo On The Leg:

If you want to add an extravagant tattoo to your body art, start with something simple yet elegant. This cute tattoo on the leg has curvy elements with grey and white shadings, making the design even more special. Although this pattern looks perfect, you can add some additional features if you want to make the design more extensive.

6. Baroque Tattoo With Octopus Leg:

This simple baroque design has an octopus that can symbolize magical knowledge. This tattoo might also symbolize overcoming one’s fears. The tattoo used sleek lines with additional elements, making the design look very realistic. The octopus is a mighty creature of the seas which can tap into danger with power. The perfect place to get the tattoo engraved is the leg, hand or calf.

7. Unique Baroque Filigree Tattoo:

If you want something unique, you can opt for this baroque tattoo. This design has proper use of filigree for ornamentation with the help of realistic features. The use of bold lines and black shades throughout the pattern can stand out wherever you get it engraved. Although this design is suitable for anyone, you can add elements to make it look more feminine.

8. Stylish Baroque Tattoo Design:

If you are looking for something stylish yet want to retain the style, then this tattoo can be an exceptional choice. The design is pretty simple and has a flower with beautiful leaf vines attached to it. The design looks simple yet very elegant, adding to its beauty. This tattoo seems perfect in medium size and engraved on the calf, arm or neck.

9. Sleek Tattoo Baroque:

Placement plays an important role when it comes to any tattoo. This tattoo design has sleek lines from top to bottom with thin lines across the patterns. Women usually prefer these types of plans, and the perfect places to get them done are on the thigh, neck or chest. However, if you want to act boldly, get this tattoo engraved in areas you can show off.

10. Attractive Baroque Filigree Tattoo:

This is a pure Baroque or filigree tattoo on a woman’s chest that looks similar to jewellery. However, the tattoo seems symmetrical, elegant and stylish, adding to the wearer’s beauty. The design is dense with creative lining skills. The use of bold lines and bold shading creates a beautiful finish. This is a perfect design option if you want an impeccable tattoo added to your body art.

11. Baroque Ornament Tattoo:

This is yet another ornamental tattoo design generally preferred by women, and its popularity has increased. Unlike the necklace, this tattoo is engraved between the chest area. This tattoo is an elegant representation of the wearer’s love for everything sleek and shiny. Of course, you can always add elements as you wish.

12. Baroque Sleeve Tattoo Design:

This attractive yet dense full-sleeve tattoo makes it look ornamental and beautiful. The sleeve is entirely filled-up without leaving an open space. This tattoo combines bold black with design patterns that look like flowing waves. Men usually prefer these types of patterns, but there is no restriction for women not to get them engraved. The sleeve is the perfect place to get them done efficiently.

13. Bold Baroque Tattoo:

This forearm tattoo is one of the most popular places to engrave a tattoo, irrespective of gender. This innovative tattoo combines bold and thin lines, making it more special. In addition, this tattoo looks perfect when engraved on the arm and leg, where you can show it off at your convenience.

14. Baroque-Style Tattoo On The Chest:

The baroque tattoo across the chest on each side on the peck of the wearer. The design is pretty elaborate on each side of the chest which looks similar to the waves of the sea. This tattoo uses bold ink with a little white and grey all across, making this pattern more realistic and natural. Men usually prefer this tattoo because it might make them look macho.

15. Baroque Skull Tattoo:

If you are looking for scary-looking tattoos with depth and a more profound sense to the wearer, this tattoo can be an excellent choice. The skull in the tattoo design symbolizes death, and the wearer isn’t afraid of death. The addition of beautiful and elegant patterns surrounding the skull makes the design look unique. Men usually prefer these tattoos, which look best when engraved on the shoulder.


Baroque or filigree tattoos might not require mad skills on the artist’s part, but that doesn’t mean there are no meticulous details involved in the designs. Whether it is jewellery or a floral pattern, the Baroque tattoos mentioned in this article give you a glimpse into the tattoo style, allowing you to choose one efficiently. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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