It all started back in the tribal days when needles and pins would perforate the skin creating a permanent form of art on the canvas called the body. Back in those days, it would be painful but worth it, and we are blessed that generations have refined the art of tattoo-making into a more complex yet flexible form of body art. Through guns and colours, these days, we portray our love for something by needling it permanently to our skin and among the various exploited designs, every molecule of nature, be it a beating heart or an inanimate object, has found its way to be an inspiration. Today’s body art is centred around the love for basketballs and the eminent ways of portraying them.

Best Basketball Tattoo Designs And Pictures:

Below are the 8 best basketball tattoo designs for men and women.

1. Portrayal Of Love Basketball Tattoos:

When basketball is your everything, you have no better way to portray the love than tattooing the words family around a shaded basketball tattoo. This right here speaks of their overwhelming and personal passion for him. Here is the perfect ink for all the times he had chosen basketball as his family.

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2. Religion At Game Point:

This tattoo speaks of a tree in a dawn sky, the sky being the upper hemisphere, shining light much like the sun himself. Here the basketball has been religiously linked where the tattoo owner speaks of how he was religiously motivated to follow his passion for the game he worships.

3. Crowned Game:

Here we have a basketball tattoo readily made out in a display showing the ball honours by a mighty crown suited for a worthy king. The game, to him, is a ruling parcel of his life, guided by the spiked studded crown. Soft swishes are made throughout the art, shaded to complexity, adding zeal to the look of the ink.

4. Crown Variation Basketball Tattoos:

Here we have another variation to the crown tattoo where the basketball has been put on a king’s pedestal with a richly gemmed crown honouring the game. However, amongst the interpretation here, we can see the passion burning through the ball, rising high, inextinguishable and mighty. It is one of the best basketball tattoo designs for men.

5. Passion Through The Skin:

Imitating one of the Spiderman tattoos that created the hype, here is a basketball tattoo that would help you relate to the firm boundaries of how much you are willing to give for the game. Basketball is in your blood and your flesh, and how better can you portray that other than through this tattoo.

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6. Cool Quotient Basketball Tattoo:

The tattoo is eminent of how cool a basketball tattoo can be made. The game itself is pretty refreshing, if not right out exciting. Thereby, pairing the mighty ball with a simple headphone was an idea standing out from the rest. This tattoo has a deeper meaning, portraying the game as a refreshment but a passion worthy of ink. This is one of the favourite basketball tattoo designs for women.

7. Above All Basketball:

This comical representation of passion is based on the very underlying layers of how vital basketball is. At the same time, the comical presentation speaks of the explosion with the city at the back and adds a hint of humour to it. The basketball here has words of encouragement etched on it as well. This is the famous basketball tattoo design for guys.

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8. Etched In The Words Basketball Tattoos:

A thoughtful way to portray your love for basketball would be to etch it in the very words of the letter love. A slight sense of humour, matched with the passion and love for this game, makes this tattoo unique. It is one of the best basketball tattoo designs for girls.

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