Did you know a simple colour choice can transform your interiors’ entire look, especially a bathroom Yes! Finding the perfect bathroom paint color for your bathroom is crucial regardless of your aesthetic. If you plan for a wash area packed with a personality or a spa-like environment, the right paint choice will go a long way. Read on to get inspired by the best bathroom colour designs suitable for any bathroom type in this article.

Modern Bathroom Paint Colors 2023:

Here are our 15 simple and latest bathroom colour design ideas with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Trending Bathroom Colour Design:

The subtle choice of colours has been a people favourite, thereby trending bathroom colours. The subtle hint of purple has been gaining popularity for the wash area. Incorporating black elements into the décor of the room gives the space a contrasting look. The bathroom toiletries are all-white, which go hand in hand with space’s whole colour palette. Add elegance and soothing romance to your bathroom with trending color themes

2. Farmhouse Bathroom Paint Colors:

Warm white without the undertones of yellow is the perfect colour that depicts a farmhouse bathroom paint colors. The super-glossy doors, cabinets, and bathtub add to the décor making the room look stylish and beautiful. The simple décor around the space maintains a perfect balance between modern flair and the neutral colours’ warmth. The sliding glass window gives the area enough lighting and fresh air to the bathroom.

3. Rustic Bathroom Paint Colors:

If you are a person with a taste of weathered metal and reclaimed wood, then the rustic bathroom colour designs are the perfect choice for you. The sleek shower area separator adds a modern touch to space and a country character with the wooden pairings. The stone walls, wooden flooring make your new washbasin pop out. This is the way to enhance the basic structure of your bathroom naturally.

4. Victorian Bathroom Colour Designs:

Impress yourselves as well as your guests with the beautiful Victorian bathroom colour designs. The color theme in this wash area is a combination of dark grey and white with a tint of pink on the bathtub. The vertical stripes on the grey background from the bottom to the half of the wall look in contrast with space’s white walls. The flooring has a unique pattern on it, making it a feast for your eyes.

5. Modern Bathroom Colour Design:

The minimal décor is one of the prominent features of a modern washroom. The wall has a combination of dark grey in alternation with light copper stripes. One side of the wall is thoroughly designed with lines, whereas the white bathtub background has a charcoal grey background with a striped border in the centre. The décor, to the lighting in this modern bathroom, works well with space’s color palette effectively.

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6. Country Bathroom Paint Colors:

Choosing a colour with a similar undertone is the key to beautify the bath area of your house. The key features of country bathroom colors are warm and simple ones that offer you comfort. The simple white bathtub and windows look beautiful against the darker hue of blue on the striped walls. The blue wall’s outer surface is covered in white, which is in sync with the bathroom’s beauty.

7. Tranquil Bathroom Colour Design:

The tranquil color bathroom offers you a sense of serenity, transforming it into a spa-worthy sanctuary. The association with sea and sky makes blue one of the standard colors making your space versatile. The deep blue hue elevates the simple white windows and toiletries, visually expanding the area. The sleek finish of the room, along with the silver taps, adds to the look.

8. Kids Bathroom Paint Colors:

Fun is what comes to mind when you want to paint your kid’s bathroom. You can pick any subtle colour for the wash area walls topped with the print of cartoon characters of your kid’s choice. The fun doesn’t have to end here. The inclusion of colorful bathtubs and washbasins, in contrast with other bathroom elements, make bath time a fun time for kids.

9. Aqua Color Bathroom:

If you want a contemporary feel to your bathroom, then the aqua or the ocean’s color is a perfect choice exuding positivity. It is an ideal choice for your wash area’s interiors, offering you an appealing, elegant, attractive, and modern feel. The aqua painted wall soothes and relaxes your eyes with a mixture of white toiletries and very subtle elements around the space.

10. Black and White Bathroom Paint Colors:

If you wanted a bathroom with opposite colors, then black and white bathroom paint colours are ideal. You can create a contrast by taking advantage of these contrasting colours. In white, the cabinets and toiletries make a classic touch, with the black texture on the walls creating a significant contrast. The beautiful designer floor tiles add to the visual beauty of the space.

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11. Grey Bathroom Paint Colors:

Grey has been one of the popular choices of colors for interiors. The bathroom’s grey tint has a crip way of tying up the whole space together by keeping it neutral and calm. The white cabinets and toiletries go in sync with the versatility of grey. It gives your simple bathroom the much-needed elegance but with an attitude.

12. Pink Bathroom Colour Design:

If you think pink is a girly color, it is far from the truth. Pink is a colour that not only makes your bathroom pretty but adds a touch of glam and playfulness. The subtlety of this beautiful tint elevates the bright wall décor extensively. The storage and toiletries in the white present in this bath space go hand in hand with the subtle pink.

13. Blue and Grey Bathroom Paint Colors:

Grey has been one of the popular colour choices for bathrooms for many years. The versatility and ability to pair with many other colours make grey a perfect choice for interiors. The Blue coordinates perfectly with the shade of grey, giving you a sense of calm. The combination of grey and Blue is a practical and stylish bathroom color option you can implement.

14. Green Bathroom Colour Design:

If you are looking to add a new edge to your bathroom, then green is your colour. It creates a serene ambience spreading calmness around. Creating an accent wall can be beneficial if you are testing colours. The green-tiled walls across the room are in contrast with the white toiletries elevating the color even more!

15. Yellow Bathroom Paint Color:

Nurseries or beach houses are not the only places you can find the color yellow anymore. This fresh and sunny backdrop elevates the white cabinetry, expanding your wash area’s look to the next level. Make your bathroom bright and visible with this perfect shade of yellow. The subtle décor of the room goes hand in hand, beautifying the space efficiently.

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Vaastu Colours for Bathroom:

  • Balanced bathroom in the North-East: Any light shade of blue.
  • Cut or low bathroom in the North East: A light tint of silver grey, metallic, and white.
  • Extended North East bathroom: Green and any shade of brown.
  • Balanced bathroom in the East: A light shade of brown or green.
  • Cut or low bathroom in the East: Light shades of blue.
  • Extended bathroom in the East: Lilac, purple, violet, pink, orange, any light shade of red.
  • Balanced bathroom in the South or South East: Any light shade of red, pink, orange, lilac, purple, or violet.
  • Cut or low bathroom in the South or South East: Any light shade of brown or green colour.
  • Extended bathroom in the South or South East: Any light shade of yellow or beige.
  • Balanced bathroom in the South West: Any light shade of yellow or beige.
  • Cut or low bathroom in the South West: Light shade of red, pink, violet, orange, lilac, or purple.
  • Extended bathroom in the South West: Sliver, white or metallic color.
  • Balanced bathroom in the West or Northwest: Sliver, white or metallic colour.
  • Cut or low bathroom in the West or Northwest: Any light shade of yellow or beige.
  • Extended bathroom in the West or Northwest: Any light shade of Blue.
  • Balanced bathroom in the North: Any light shade of Blue.
  • Cut or low bathroom in the North: Sliver, white or metallic colour.
  • Extended bathroom in the North: Any light shade of green or brown colour.
  • Cream or off-white is considered as a Vastu-neutral color and can be the right choice.

Start your day on a positive note with fresh and vibrant bathroom colour designs. With the best options we provided you in this article, I hope you can redo your bath space effectively according to your taste. Don’t forget to let us know if the choices we provided you are helpful.


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