Does your bathroom still have that old-age design 30×36 bathroom mirror that includes merely old tiles and nothing more? Gone are the days when the bathrooms were not considered to be an important area of the house. With the help of the best bathroom mirror designs collection, people are now looking forward to designing their bathrooms for a refreshing look and experience. Priory the bath mirrors used to be much simpler with a particular old frame. However, now the bathroom face mirror has got a good or says stylish replacement with an architect touch. So, are you also looking for some latest bathroom mirror ideas? You are on the right page.

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What To Consider When Buying a Bathroom Mirror?

Are you planning to purchase the bathroom mirror? Here are some things you need to consider before owning one mirror bathroom design.

  • Prepare a budget according to the bathroom mirror ideas you are having.
  • Take the measurements of the area where you would be placing the mirror.
  • Know the right size and shape that would suit your bathroom.
  • Select between framed and frameless mirrors.
  • Select from either a single or multiple bathroom mirror ideas.
  • Make sure the design you select goes with the bathroom décor.
  • Compare the prices and look for other purchasing options before finalizing any simple bathroom mirror.

How To Decorate a Bathroom Mirror?

How to decorate a bathroom mirror is the highest searched question on the search engines these days. From small to the large bathroom mirror, people are looking for different techniques to design the mirrors. Here are some tips that would help you out in getting the 30 x 30 bathroom mirror.

  • Look for double small bathroom mirrors.
  • Go with choosing unconventional shapes that are decorative.
  • Mix and match the small bathroom mirror with other ideas like hanging, complementing, etc.
  • Look for illuminated bathroom mirror 24×30.
  • Choose big and long bathroom mirror designs for a complete mirror look.
  • Look for starburst or sunburst bathroom glass mirror designs for your bathroom.

Latest Bathroom Mirror Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 10 simple and best bathroom mirror designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Oval Frameless Bathroom Mirror Designs:

Looking for some simple yet beautiful bathroom mirrors? The collection of oval bathroom mirrors is sure to make you go crazy. The mirror comes with edges that are manually bevelled with the help of sheer craftsmanship. The mirror comes with increased durability with 5 mm Saint Gobain mirror that is much more sturdy on the walls giving the mirror a perfect and easy fit.

  • Brand: SDG Frameless Oval Bathroom Mirror.
  • Mirror Type: Oval.
  • Material: Cerium Oxide polish.
  • Colour: silver.
  • Dimensions: 18×24 bathroom mirror.
  • Weight: 9kgs.
  • Pack Content: Installation manual and hardware.

2. Round Bathroom Mirrors:

Image Source: Solis

Want to add a designer touch to the cool bathroom mirrors? This amazing round bathroom mirror collection is sure to capture your eyes. Made from clear glass, the mirror is given a mounted wooden frame with an overlock design. To add to the design of this kind of circular bathroom mirrors, small balls are stuck in the centre giving the best look when hung on the wall.

  • Brand: Solis wall mirror.
  • Mirror Type: Round.
  • Material: Metal & Glass.
  • Colour: Dark brown.
  • Dimensions: 785*785 mm.
  • Weight: 9 kgs.
  • Pack Content: 1 wall mirror.

3. Square Bathroom Mirror:

Want a different design than the 16-inch wide bathroom mirror design? This square bathroom mirror is an ideal match for your choice. For people looking for elegant bathroom mirrors, this mirror is the perfect selection with some crafted designs on it. Framed completely in a wooden frame, the large mirror in the bathroom wood is given shabby finishing with increased durability. With proper handcrafted designs, the mirror is given an antique look.

  • Brand: The Urban Store.
  • Mirror Type: Square.
  • Material: Wooden.
  • Colour: Brown.
  • Dimensions: 18 inches.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Pack Content: Frame with mirror.

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4. Rectangular Bathroom Mirror:

Want to place a led bathroom mirror in your bathroom? The rectangular bathroom mirror with bronze appearance is a great idea. The mirror design is an amazing combination of bathroom lights and mirrors for a decorative touch. With a contemporary design, it is sure to suit any kind of small or big bathroom. The royal design of huge bathroom mirror is completely hand made which would give a luxurious look to the bathroom.

  • Brand: Mirror wall.
  • Mirror Type: Rectangle.
  • Material: Modiguard ultra glass and iron.
  • Colour: Bronze.
  • Dimensions: 24×30 bathroom mirror.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Pack Content: 1 Bronze mirror.

5. White Bathroom Mirror:

Want something with dual usage for your bathroom? Have you tried this white bathroom mirror? Just have a look. The 30-inch bathroom mirror comes in white colour along with a cabinet design that can be used for storing various other belongings of the bathroom. With classy finishing, the mirror is best for small houses where a single thing is used for multiple purposes.

  • Brand: Riya bathroom mirror cabinet.
  • Mirror Type: rectangular cabinet mirror.
  • Material: Acrylic.
  • Colour: White.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 40 bathroom mirror.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Pack Content: 1 bathroom cabinet mirror.

6. Bathroom Vanity Mirrors:

Whether you go for a small mirror in the bathroom or a big one, this bathroom mirror adds brightness to your bathroom. One of the best bathroom mirror images, this mirror is given a border of various LED lamps that brighten up your image. The bathroom mirror with lights is capable of providing the exact look while applying makeup which adds to its features.

  • Brand: Gener Makeup Large Vanity Mirror.
  • Mirror Type: Bathroom vanity mirrors.
  • Material: sturdy material.
  • Colour: Black bathroom mirror.
  • Dimensions: 12×16 inches.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Pack Content: 1 mirror and USB adapter.

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7. Framed Bathroom Mirrors:

The decorative bathroom mirrors contain a category of printed mirrors in various sizes. And this framed long bathroom mirror is one of the various pieces. With a combination of Indian and modern art, the mirror is given a royal touch in multiple colours. The hardness of the frame reveals its durability too.

  • Brand: 999Store Printed mirrors.
  • Mirror Type: Rectangular framed bathroom mirrors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Multicolor.
  • Dimensions:20-inch bathroom mirror, 48-inch bathroom mirror and 14 inches.
  • Weight: 4 kgs.
  • Pack Content: Printed mirror 1 pc.

8. Flat Bathroom Mirror:

For those looking for wide bathroom mirror designs, this kind of illuminated bathroom mirrors would give the required designs. This kind of bathroom mirrors contemporary designs are the best carried out for large bathrooms or for the ones looking for bathroom mirror with shelf designs. The mirror is also given an LED light feature added to the mirror and can be used both vertically and horizontally.

  • Brand: Infinite Reflections.
  • Mirror Type: Queen.
  • Material: PVC.
  • Colour: Silver.
  • Dimensions:60-inch bathroom mirror.
  • Weight: N/A.
  • Pack Content: Mounting hardware and mirror.

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9. Classic Bathroom Mirror:

Having a 20 x 30 bathroom mirror in the bathroom is such an old-fashioned talk. Today the frameless bathroom mirror designs are much popular for giving the bathroom a luxurious touch. This standing bathroom mirror comes with a frameless design and can be hung vertically too. This corner bathroom mirror is liked by the youth on a priority basis who are looking to give their bathroom a classic look.

  • Brand: Cooper Classics.
  • Mirror Type: Irregular.
  • Material: NA.
  • Colour: Frameless.
  • Dimensions:24 x 32 bathroom mirror.
  • Weight: 6.8 kgs.
  • Pack Content: 1 mirror.

10. Master Bathroom Mirrors:

This 36-inch bathroom mirror is the prime choice for the people looking for a set of custom bathroom mirrors. These vertical luxury bathroom mirrors set is given a silver finishing with floral patterned crafted designs on it. The 36 x 36 bathroom mirror is given 3 coatings to make it firm with wooden crates on it to give your bathroom a ravishing look.

  • Brand: Quality glass.
  • Mirror Type: double mirror bathroom.
  • Material: glass.
  • Colour: silver antique finish.
  • Dimensions: 36×60 inches.
  • Weight: 20 kgs.
  • Pack Content: glass mirror set.

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Apart from all these other designs in the list include big bathroom mirror, bathroom mirror and shelf, bath mirror with lights, and many more with different sizes. Merely by looking at the pictures of bathroom mirror designs they take a hold of your sight and confuse your while selecting one for your bathroom. Not only small sizes, but the 50-inch bathroom mirror designs are also popular for their uniqueness and huge designs they come with. With the increase in the bathroom area, the large bath mirror ideas are trending with a size of around 36×36 bathroom mirror or even bigger than that.


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