Choosing the right tile is an art and a great way to change the way our bathrooms look, and there are different bathroom tile designs used for different sizes, and the right one can make your small bathroom look spacious. Bathrooms may be big or small, and tiles help create a dramatic effect when designed carefully. Scroll down to explore the 25 best bathroom tiles designs that are perfect for your space.

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Modern Bathroom Tiles Designs In India:

Here are our 25 simple and best tiles for the bathroom with images shown below. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Designer Bathroom Tiles Designs:

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Here we see a modern bathroom with beautifully patterned bathroom tiles in a combination of white and grey that can completely transform your bathroom’s overall look and make you feel relaxed and calm after a hard day at work. There is a free-standing tub with a sufficient recess area for all your toiletries. The gorgeous geometric patterns add additional interest by giving it a unique look with a subtle and elegant touch and giving the space all the character it needs.

2. 3D Bathroom Tiles:

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This beautiful bathroom in blue shows us how we can turn our bathroom interior into an amazing landscape and bring it to life. We see cool dolphin tiles for the bathroom with a stunning 3D effect that shows us dolphins jumping out of the walls and giving us the impression of being surrounded by water. If you are looking for bathroom décor inspiration, these tiles make excellent creative alternatives to the traditional 2D tiles commonly used.

3. Textured Bathroom Tiles Designs:

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Here we see popular bathroom tiles with a textured design that pops out of the walls, and what makes them an instant favourite is that these designs can be customized, and countless patterns are created. These light and dark shades of gorgeous greys are available in 3D tiles, and the wall is beautifully complemented by the dark floor and the white tub. This textured wall is a great way to give you a modern bathroom design loved by all.

4. Marble Tile Bathroom:

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This is a stunning marble-effect bath with contemporary bathroom tiles that is a universal choice and has timeless value as it looks elegant and classy. The veining on the marble floor is perfectly paired with the bathroom wall tiles and is just right for those who love contemporary design. These tiles are a great choice for small bathrooms with abundant natural light streaming, making the place look bright. The choice of colours gives this bathroom a clean look and has an interior that is never going out of style.

5. Wood Tile Bathroom:

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In this minimalist bathroom, we see trending bathroom tiles that are a combination of cool grey veined tiles paired with warm tones of wood, and this gives great depth to the interior. The tiles resemble wood and are either made of ceramic or porcelain. They are not only affordable but are also durable and water-resistant. This wood-themed shower with porcelain tiles makes a great combination of an ornately carved bathtub and double sinks.

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6. Bathroom Ceramic Tiles:

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Here we see beige bathroom tiles with a walk-in shower and a huge soaking tub that makes the whole décor look classy and elegant. Beautiful artwork is displayed on the walls, a floating shelf, sinks with stylish faucets and light fittings that make a stunning combo and is sure to make this bathroom a hit by creating a modern design that is loved by all.

7. Stone Bathroom Tiles Designs:

This design is liked mostly by all for its simplicity and subdued colours. Stonewall décor is liked for its exquisite design style, which is a blend of modern, as well as contemporary styles. The grey shades suit this décor perfectly and make a stunning statement with its floating shelves and rug that match each other well, and the only pop of colour here is the greenery present. These cool bathroom tiles with a grittier and edgier design show a timeless allure and are perfect to be used in small spaces.

8. Fancy Bathroom Tiles:

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Here we see a monochromatic white bathroom that is sure to offer a relaxed and calm experience with its sheer elegance. There is a whole lot of white colour in the décor inspired by spa-styled luxury, and the only break in this colour scheme is the greenery and beautiful dark grey-patterned floor tiles. The whole bathroom has a chic look to it with stylish black faucets. The elegant symmetry in the grid-patterned bathroom wall tiles with abundant fresh air and natural light gives the space a refreshing look.

9. Decorative Bathroom Tiles Designs:

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Step into this charming porcelain tile bathroom with a glamorous interior, which is a great way to spice your bathroom and a perfect place to relax. These black and gold-hued combination tiles are just the kind that one would wish to have. The gold sink faucets and the decorative bath accessories add to the beauty of this bathroom, giving it a personal touch and a luxurious look. What makes this design more special is the natural light streaming in through the glass window, creating an exquisite design style.

10. Traditional Bathroom Tiles:

Image Source: cherishedbliss

Here we see a traditional farmhouse-style bathroom with a modern twist that is simple and practical with a double sink and twin mirrors. The decorative flooring with simple bathroom tiles, which have small patterns, ideally complements the minimalistic-styled bathroom. The décor is simple and the minute you step in, you feel invigorated as all the elements beautifully blend.

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11. Printed Tiles for Bathroom:

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Here, we see beautiful printed pictorial mosaic bathroom tiles on one side of the bathroom wall with eye-catching intricate patterns. The white sink and bathtub in this beige-coloured bathroom add to the beauty of this two-toned colour bathroom. The floating black and the beige countertop provides sufficient storage space. What makes these digitally printed tiles popular is their high-resolution impression, and there is a wide variety to choose from for everybody.

12. Grey Bathroom Tiles Designs:

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These cool bathroom tiles in grey are a sure winner with a minimalistic colour scheme with hues of grey from light to dark. These neutral grey-coloured tiles show that this is one colour that goes with everything and helps us relax. This classic shade creates a sense of tranquillity and is a popular colour for sprucing up a bathroom. This is a shade that provides a nice focal point in this bathroom with natural light streaming in and gives your bath an extra visual punch.

13. Blue Bathroom Tiles:

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In this bathroom, we see small blue-squared bathroom wall tiles that are soothing to look at. This bath with an all-blue mosaic tile gives a calm and serene look and reminds you of the beach and ocean. It stylishly adds depth with its simplicity. There is a recess area to keep the toiletries, and the potted green plant provides the only pop in colour. This is one colour that will continue to look classy for several years to come.

14. White Bathroom Tiles Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Here we step into a bath with a standard all-white colour scheme in the home bathroom tiles that we often find in small bathrooms. This is a minimalist modern-style bath with a large stand-in tub. The walls and the floor are white, with the only contrast offered by grid-style windows in black, a potted plant, and a low wooden footstool. The decor uses straight lines and gives the impression of being crisp and clean.

15. Black Bathroom Tiles:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a dramatic-looking glass tile bathroom with eye-catching hexagonal-shaped patterns. Black has been a colour referred to as being elegant and classy. Here we see how this black-coloured bathroom oozes pure luxury with its interior design and though simple gives the impression of being a high-quality décor with a perfectly balanced design. The tiles have a sleek look and the geometric shape offers a modern look and is great, giving your bathroom a refreshing look.

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16. Green Bathroom Tiles Designs:

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No one can resist not liking this lovely green-tiled bathroom with gorgeous glossy bright-coloured backsplash tiles. This green-themed bathroom with big bathroom tiles is clean looking and gives one the impression of being in a tropical retreat and is sure to turn one green with envy over this bathroom!

17. Pink Bathroom Tiles:

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Everybody loves the sheer elegance of these beautiful luxury bathroom tiles in this minimalist modern pink bathroom with its rosy hues and feminine flair. One is sure to enjoy this simple design that expresses peace and tranquillity. It is one of the best choices for a minimalist look with a calming pink backdrop in a lovely setting with bathroom accessories and candles capable of astounding one with the simplicity of its elements.

18. Brown Tile Bathroom:

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Here we see classical and contemporary modern bathroom tiles with a unique design that brightens up space. These tiles have a show-stopping design in gorgeous brown and are a masterpiece that covers the wall with a characteristic shine. The white sink and tub are a contrast to the darkness of the tile colour. The breathtaking tile wall can fit into any stylistic trend and has a mirror cleverly placed to create an impression that the bathroom is larger than it is.

19. Dark Tile Bathroom:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a gorgeous bathroom with dark home bathroom tiles and a moody interior interspersed with dark colours. The dark texture is the most transformative element that gives the big squares tiles a sophisticated look paired with dark slate grey floor tiles. The white floating sink saves space and is a wonderful contrast in this bathroom design. The interior shows us how beautiful minimalism can be by showing us the great use of small space. This is a sleek and compact bathroom that gives us a stunning bath with its bold design.

20. Colorful Bathroom Tiles Designs:

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Here we see a rainbow-like super cool bathroom with fun mosaic tiles that make a lot of difference with splashy colours popping out. Styling these latest bathroom tiles can be extremely adventurous and is sure to pay off as you can say goodbye to boring bathrooms. The tiles are paired with a double sink and bath in white. Coloured tiles with eye-catching patterns give you inspiring baths that you would never want to leave.

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21. Ivory Bathroom Tiles:

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This backdrop of ivory tiles in this bathroom provides an offbeat colour scheme that borders between soft and bold. The neutral décor of these new bathroom tiles looks natural and sophisticated when paired with beautifully designed open shelves and delicate decorative hanging lights. The whole setting looks subtle and classy and is just perfect for this bathroom, giving it a timeless feel.

22. Gold Bathroom Tiles Designs:

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Here we see a bathroom worthy of royalty with a splash of shimmering gold tiles. The lantern-style light illumination on the gold-coloured tiles gives the whole setting a vintage feel. The dark-coloured countertop with sink and the pop of colour provided by the greenery further highlight the beauty of these modern bathroom tiles. The ornate mirror in gold adds focus to this epic bathroom and is sure to make a stunning statement.

23. Kajaria Bathroom Tiles:

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Here we see a bathroom with glazed vitrified tiles in different colour tones and patterns similar to Moroccan tiles bathroom from Kajaria, who are known for their work detailed with perfection. The trendy printed designs in different colours and patterns are eye-catching and complement the round mirror and the décor of the bathroom with a white vanity and a claw-foot bathtub. The bathroom tiles match the décor and are sure to make a stunning style statement.

24. Somany Bathroom Tiles:

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In this bathroom, we see floor-to-ceiling tiles, unlike the ones we usually see. These tiles that are up to the ceiling can make even a small bathroom look spacious. This impression of largeness occurs because of the continuity of the tiles. Lighting also plays a vital part in creating an illusion of space. The bathroom floor tiles are big squares similar to the ones on the wall. The floating vanity with a large white bathtub adds to the look of this décor, giving it a modern look loved by all.

25. Johnson Bathroom Tiles Designs:

Image Source:

These are ceramic tiles that are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and textures. These tiles suit both modern and traditional interiors. Here we see a simple two-tone tile design that adds to the simplicity of the décor. The white bathtub is paired with a three-legged stool to place your bath towels. The plain bathroom tiles are vitrified porcelain, germ-free and stain-free with an interior design that shows that a bathroom can be simple, stylish and practical.

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You can transform or design the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the tile budget as there are endless options available. Ensure that you choose a tile colour that will complement the paint of your walls and also keep in mind that it is something that you can enjoy long term, avoid impulsive choices. Check out stylish bathroom tiles designs available in different hues and patterns and get ready to make a stunning statement with your inspiring bathroom tiles that help you relax, and have a dramatic feel.


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