Have you ever thought about the impact a toilet has on your day? Yes! Although we may not always give them enough credit they deserve, toilets help eliminate waste from your body, giving your day a healthy start. This article presents you with the toilet designs you can try incorporating into your bathrooms efficiently. Read on to know more details about the type of toilets and choose one that meets all your requirements.

Best Toilet Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern toilet designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. 3d Toilet Design:

This 3d toilet design is one of the best representations of a modern and creative way of placing utilities. You can optimize the space efficiently using a wall-built flush tank combined with a wall-hung toilet. The all-white toiletries of the bathroom stand in contrast with the grey wall and floor tiles. The rounded toiletries make the cleaning of the space much more manageable.

2. Western Toilet Design:

If you are looking for a toilet that is best suited for sizable bathrooms, this western toilet design is the best choice. Instead of the flush tank connected with a pipe’s help, this one-piece toilet has a flush tank attached to the base. The sleek finish of this toilet gives your bathroom a unique look.

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3. Office Toilet Design:

Every office needs proper washroom facilities that create a professional finish for the area. The simple wall-built flush tank and the toilet hung on the wall are a perfect option to optimize the limited space effectively. The thick wooden divider creates beautiful segregation between the toilet and washbasin. The simple vanity in the area helps store toiletries efficiently.

4. English Toilet Design:

This is one of the best examples of English toilet design where the flush tank is fixed on the toilet itself. The round bowl makes sitting on it much more comfortable. This toilet stands out against the wall’s unique blue patterns, creating a beautiful look even in the bathroom.

5. Arabic Toilet Design:

The interiors of the bathroom play an essential role in creating a stylish-looking space. This Arabic toilet design brings a new aspect to the room’s décor, representing the culture beautifully. The round bowl toilet holds ample water fixed onto the beautiful Moroccan wall tiles with a wall-built flush tank.

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6. Japanese Toilet Design:

Comfort is one of the key benefits of using a Japanese toilet design in your bathroom. The sleek and straightforward design creates a comfortable and sanitary cleaning experience. The heated toilet, air drying, and personal wash jets are some of the additional benefits incorporated into these toilets, giving you a pleasant experience.

7. European Toilet Design:

This is an all-time classic oval-shaped toilet suitable for any bathroom setting. Although this is an older European toilet design model, it is commonly used in many places. The simple colour finish of this toilet is a perfect addition to the rustic flooring of the area. Depending on the amount of wastage, many additional designs are made that give varying water pressure.

8. Scandinavian Toilet Design:

If you are in search of elongated toilet bowls, then this is a perfect choice. It acts as an area that is quite helpful, especially for a household with elders and kids. The Scandanavian toilet has neutral colours all around the space and has vanities that store supplies effectively, creating a beautiful environment.

9. Contemporary Toilet Design:

If simplicity yet sophisticated look is what you are going for, contemporary toilet design is the perfect option. The wall-mounted toilet with an attached flush tank blends in perfectly with the entire interior. The texture, and clean lines create a contemporary and modern finish showcasing the beauty of the space efficiently. Since the toilet is wall-mounted, it makes the cleaning process much more manageable.

10. Classic Toilet Design:

This is a perfect home toilet design that represents traditional classic details elevating every element of the area. The floor-mounted classic toilet design is paired with sumptuous furnishings that add to the beauty of the space. The toilet’s white material stands out against the grey-black combination of wall colours and the all-black cabinets around the area.

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11. American Toilet Design:

This is a perfect representation of an American toilet design built on the floor and has a round-shaped finish. Although many additions are being made to the typical system that adds additional functionality with comfort, this is a standard and straightforward design. This toilet blends in very well with the colour palette of the interiors.

12. Rustic Toilet Design:

The simple oval-shaped toilet with an attached flush tank is one of the familiar sights in many places. This is a rustic toilet design where the interiors elevate the white latrine to a great extent. The wooden wall tile on one side and grey tiles on two other walls create a perfect combination of a raw feel to the area. This is one of the best toilet designs if you can incorporate it in your homes or find it in restaurants.

13. Unique Toilet Designs:

If you want to create a distinctive look for your bathroom, you need to try unique toilet designs. This design’s speciality is that there is no need for a separate flush tank, making it a particular format. Unlike the conventional toilets available in the market, this design is small, making it a perfect choice for installing in remote places.

14. Creative Toilet Design:

Living in small places has become a necessity these days, especially in metropolitan cities. This is where creative toilet designs can help you out. This toilet’s practical and straightforward system doesn’t occupy much space but gives you full functionality. The white toiletries around the area stand out against the grey wall and floor tiles of the bathroom.

15. Mediterranean Toilet Design:

The simple Mediterranean toilet design stands out against the light and warm colour tones of the bathroom’s surroundings. The use of natural materials extensively makes it one of the best options to represent natural style. The circular toilet with the triangular flush tank combination makes it unique, giving you convenience with functionality.

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With many choices present in the market, it is always safe to research before choosing a toilet design for your bathroom. Take the material’s quality, and style into consideration, and how it all matches the whole bathroom’s design. These toilets make a cost-effective choice to maintain the aesthetics of your bathroom. Don’t forget to let us know how this article has helped you!


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