Did you know bathroom wall tiles play an essential role in the aesthetic of your bath space? Previously wall tiles were installed for many functional benefits they offer, but not anymore! With an array of options available in the market, making a perfect choice for your bathroom can be overwhelming. This article gives you detailed information about the luxury bathroom wall tiles designs you need to keep an eye on.

Best Tiles For Bathroom Walls In India:

Here are our 15 simple and latest bathroom wall tiles designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Designer Tiles for Bathroom Walls:

With great patterns and styles, designer tiles are some of the best bathroom wall tiles you can install. Despite the elaborate designs, these designer tiles are pocket-friendly, making its way into every household. The subtle colour combination creates a beautiful ambience. You can transform your bathroom’s look by adding these complementing tiles adding pizzazz to the area.

2. 3d Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs:

Adding a 3D depth to the interiors has become a style statement in every household. The 3D bathroom wall tiles transform a simple area into a fantastic landscape making it one of the popular decorating trends. These tiles’ unique design brings a visual depth to the wall, enhancing the space with minimal effort.

3. Textured Wall Tiles Bathroom:

The porcelain and ceramic tiles with a wooden look are the best and durable alternatives suitable for modern and traditional bathrooms. To create a warm and rustic appearance, use these textured bathroom wall tiles. It gives your wall a smooth and feels of real wood grain, creating visual interest for people.

4. Vinyl Wall Tiles for Bathroom:

Enhance the décor of the area with the vinyl wall tiles for your bathroom. The flexibility, sheen, and hardness of these tiles make it one of the best option to use in any wash area. The mineral particles of these tiles and the precise characteristic of colour creates a beautiful impression. The all-white theme of this area blends in with each other creating a serene look.

5. Decorative Wall Tiles Bathroom:

If you are looking for a way to add a personalized look to your wash area, decorative wall tiles for your bathroom are the perfect option. A simple backsplash at the back area of a wall-mounted washbasin or a complete covering of your bathroom wall can give you a personalized and unique look to your simple bathroom area.

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6. Bathroom Stone Wall Tiles:

Stonewall tiles in the bathroom have been a popular choice because of the durability and the aesthetics they add to the area. The massive and porous tiles add to the beauty of the house and create a raw feel. Some of the materials used in manufacturing stone tiles are granite, marble, slate, and travertine. It helps retain most of the natural features of the space that can withstand wear and tear.

7. Dolphin Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs:

If you are going for an ocean themed bathroom, dolphin bathroom wall tiles designs are a perfect choice. The dolphins represent a playful nature, which gives your bathroom a sense of humour and a joyous vibe. Two shades of blue on the floor and walls contrast with each other creating a beautiful blend. The bathroom’s complete theme goes in sync with each other, making it one of the best tiles for bathroom walls.

8. Vintage Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs:

Vintage bathroom wall tiles help you add freshness to any wash area giving it a retro look. The bright colours with intricate patterns make your wall pop out against the soothing accents creating a relaxing environment. This is one of the cool options that help you create a cool ambience with its minimalist design. The detailed flooring elevates the vintage tiles to a great extent.

9. Striped Bathroom Wall Tiles:

The striped bathroom wall tiles designs give your bathroom an over the top look without using too many colours. The use of white and black create a beautiful blend standing in contrast with the all-white pattern floor tiles creating a stunning synchronization. The floating washstand and toilets go hand in hand with the entire décor of the space.

10. Moroccan Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs:

If you are looking to add exotic elements to your bathroom, Moroccon bathroom wall tiles are the perfect option. The tiles’ intricate geometric patterns create an ambience that looks classic and something out of a magazine. The Moorish artform represents the Moroccan culture creating a modern take on tradition.

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11. Rustic Bathroom Wall Tiles:

Kajaria produces some of the best bathroom wall tiles that represent your inkling towards rustic taste. By introducing rustic bathroom wall tiles designs, you can give your interiors a cosy and comfortable finish. These tiles impart hidden cultural, historical connotations taking the top place for the mainstream tiles designs for many bathrooms.

12. Contemporary Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs:

Personalizing your wash area to the maximum is one of the features of contemporary bathroom wall tiles. This porcelain wall tile has a unique design that matches the floor pattern tying up the décor of the whole place. The light and elegant colour combination of white and grey give your bathroom a neutral finish. It is suitable for any bathroom creating a sense of style.

13. PVC Wall Tiles for Bathrooms:

PVC is one of the standards and cost-effective materials used in many products. The mosaic PVC wall tiles for bathroom are a waterproof option when you want to add style to space without putting a hole through your pocket. The combination of grey on these panels works well with the theme of the entire wash area. This is a perfect solution if you are looking for a low maintenance option to add a modern look.

14. Blue Bathroom Wall Tiles Designs:

Decorating any space in your home with bright and vibrant colours is the key to evolve with time. Blue bathroom wall tiles give the area an artistic and modern finish. Add a sense of glamour and charm using these tiles either by creating an accented wall or completely covering the wall. It gives your bathroom a relaxed and energetic look.

15. White Bathroom Wall Tiles:

White is a colour that never goes out of style, especially when it comes to the bathroom. The white bathroom wall tiles, in combination with golden glaze around, create a visually appealing space. The all-white theme of the toilet elevates the stylish tiles giving the room a crisp and clean finish. It warms up your bathroom significantly, giving it an elegant look.

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With so many choices thrown your way, making a perfect bathroom wall tile choice may be daunting. With the help of the information we provided in this article, we hope making a choice may have become much more comfortable. Choose the bathroom wall tiles designs depending upon your taste, finish, and type of material. Don’t forget to let us know if this article was helpful!

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