Batik sarees have an interesting past and making procedure. Traditionally, they are made in countries like Indonesia, the best-known country to make beautiful batik. Their designs are diverse, including a range of cultures and influenced by the local tradition. Their workmanship and hard work are reflected in the batik.

How Are They Made?

They use a technique of wax-resist dyeing to whole cloth. Sometimes, their patterns are made by drawing dots and lines along with the resist. This is achieved by using a pouted tool called canting. Sometimes, the resist is also patterned using copper stamps that are called caps. What then happens is that the wax that has been applied to the resist dyes. The artisan can now colour the cloth as per his choice by soaking the cloth in colour. He/she then removes the wax with the help of boiling water. In case a multi-coloured cloth is needed, the artisan further dips it and water and repeats the process all over.

Batik, wax-resist dyeing of fabric, is as old as the 4th century and was in Egypt’s existence. They were used to wrap the mummies. The Chinese, Indians and Japanese also used this technique. However, the entire development of Batik art is mostly in the Java island of Indonesia. Thus, Batik saree design’s main speciality is in the fine craftsmanship and effort that goes into its making.

Features of Batik Sarees:

Batik sarees are sure famous for a reason. Here are some of their unique features.

  • The well-known feature of batik saree is their use of wax resistance against the tie and dye technique. They are known to use wax to develop beautiful prints all over the saree fabric.
  • They also make use of floral motifs and an earthy palette. These sometimes come with an infuse of vibrant and warm colours.

Which Fabric To Use and Preferred Body Shape:

The batik can be applied to many kinds of fabric, including cotton, silk or natural fabrics of the kind. Cotton fabric is, however, most commonly used for batik prints and designs. Since sarees are always the way to look classy, we recommend women with body shapes to try this out. Your choice of colours, however, can be based on the body shape you have. Otherwise, batik is a good option for all the women out there.

So, why don’t we tell you about our top best choice of batik that we love?

Top 10 Amazing Designs and Prints of Batik Sarees:

Let we have to look at the new collection of batik sarees with pictures.

1. Batik Silk Saree:

There is always a good occasion to wear silk. Silks are not only comfortable on the body but also give the right grand look. As we said, most of the Batik designs that appear on the sarees are heavily influenced and inspired by the local culture and tradition. Here is a beautiful Murshidabad Hand Batik silk saree. This one is inspired by the local culture of Murshidabad that gives it uniqueness. Beauty is a reflection of the effort put down by the artisan and his/her ideas. The colour is a mix of warm and bright colours. The beautiful red colour adorns the border, while the warm pink takes up less space in the centre. The fabric used is pure silk, and this could be an ideal pick for a wedding or a bridal party.

  • Saree Design: Murshidabad Hand Batik Silk Saree
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Wedding and Bridal Party
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Women

2. Batik Cotton Saree:

There is possibly no reason to hate cotton! We love our cotton, and the biggest reason is the elegance it gives out. They are easy to wash, while maintaining them could slightly be challenging. But its elegance has no substitute. This Batik cotton saree is a beautiful and warm radiance of soothing colours. They look truly simple and can be worn on any casual day. Match them with the right accessories to get a rich look. One of the things that make cotton an easy choice is a way can handle it easily. The additional bonus is that they are the best choice for a hot summer day. So, pick up a batik cotton saree for any idea and look ramp ready.

  • Saree Design: Yellow Black Mulmul Cotton Batik Saree
  • Fabric: Mulmul Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Daily wear and Casual Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for All Women

3. Batik Print Saree:

Here are a beautiful black and white silk batik print saree. The fabric used here is silk, and the print runs all over the saree in length with the alternate of bright to light black and white. Thus, the saree has thoughtful prints, making it an ideal choice to get together and an official meet up. Batik print sarees are commonly available, and you get the choice to pick up from the umpteen designs and prints that come in many colours, designs and ideas.

  • Saree Design: Black and White Silk Batik Print Saree
  • Fabric: Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Get Together and Official Meet
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for All Women

4. Batik Wedding Saree:

Wedding sarees are meant to be grand, vibrant. They are almost always colourful with infusing heavy ornamental colours, true to the mood’s spirit. The rest of the beauty comes from the mild accessories that give the attire a whole new look. Buddhi batiks are our favourite here! The artisan’s hand paint in wax and also hand dye them. Their colours range from extremely bright ones to subtle choices, all of which can come in useful for any occasion. Their pastels and cream colours are the most common ones. Each of their work is entirely handmade and therefore is truly unique and is purely the effort of the many talented artisans they house. Browse through their many colours and notice the labour in each of them. They stand testimony to the beauty of the batik wedding saree. The fabric is used in silk and cotton.

  • Saree Design: Cream Colour Batik Saree with Gold Prints
  • Fabric: Silk and Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Wedding
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for All Women

5. Batik Kandyan Saree:

Kandyan sarees are known for their colours. The choice of colours makes them an interesting pick. They can be worn for a casual family day or a casual outing. This one saree has one colour predominantly all over the body with a black border, highlighting the colour more prominently. It is worn in a particular style and can be matched with beautiful ornaments of bright colours to complete the look. Kandyan sarees are regarded as the traditional batik saree that are modestly grand and comes in several colours, most of which are bright. The fabric used is not always one kind, but a mix of cotton and others, designed best by the designers.

  • Saree Design: Pink Colour Batik Cotton Saree
  • Fabric: Mix of Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Casual Outings
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Women

6. Designer Batik Silk Saree:

Designer batiks are another thing to love. They come in a fusion of design supplied by the intricate embroidery work on the fabric, making sure the design is the latest. The designer wear usually comes with many beautiful shades and ideas alternatively pressed on the fabric. This one comes with an off-white shade paired against the black colour. The upper part of the saree comes in white with beautiful designs embroidered on them using several shades. The fabric used for the purpose is pure silk. The saree needs little to no accessories to go with them. Wear this for a bridal party or a wedding reception, and it looks absolutely stunning with no effort.

  • Saree Design: Off-white and Black Batik Printed Saree
  • Fabric: Pure Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Parties and Receptions
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for All Women

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7. Casual Batik Saree:

Most of the time, we need sarees that can be used on any casual day. Be it an office day or a visit to your friend’s house, what we all need is a casual saree that does not look too grand or colourful. We would want to settle for something that comes in the warmest of the colour, in the comfortable fabric’s deepest. This lightweight fabric is easy to carry and can be easily paired with a blouse or even a tank top. They are best suited for a beach or a resort wedding. They can also be your best pick for a hot summer day. The fabric used is mixed cotton, and the two-tone orange fabric is pleasing to the eyes. The other best part about this saree is that it is reversible. This means you can use one for two different occasions! Isn’t that a good deal?

  • Saree Design: Beige and Orange Casual Batik Saree
  • Fabric: Mixed Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Office Wear and Casual Meetings
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for All Women

8. Batik Georgette Saree:

Georgette sarees are sure the best way to impress a crowd. They come in beautiful bright colours and are best regarded as party and bridal wear sarees. The choice of colours is interesting, and their blouses are often simply because the saree in itself is grand. The fabric sometimes used chiffon for its smooth texture and will not stick to the body. The fabric georgette is lustrous and is also grand. This one comes in a beautiful brown and flows smoothly over the body. It requires minimal to no jewellery and probably only a beautiful blouse to go with it. Coupled with batik print, this saree is pure beauty. Try this out, and we are sure you will love it!

  • Saree Design: Batik Printed Georgette Saree in Brown
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasion: Party and bridal wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all women

9. Tussar Silk with Batik Print:

Another beautiful silk of India comes from Assam and is known as Tussar. Tussar is known for its fine texture and comes in warm to subtle colours. This Tussar silk comes with a nice twist of Batik prints, and the combination of the colour with the prints makes it a suitable match. The borders are elaborate, and the designs are often big with beautiful flower prints. You have various options to choose from, and even the simplest of them can give you the right look. The attire requires very minimal jewellery and its sheer presence is enough to make you look vibrant and beautiful. This could be your ideal choice for weddings and other grand parties.

  • Saree Design: Tussar Silk Batik Print Saree
  • Fabric: Tussar Silk
  • Preferred Occasion: Wedding and Other Grand Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Women

10. Batik Chanderi Saree:

Chanderi is a popular handloom type saree and is best known for its weaving procedure. They are famous for producing very fine-textured fabrics in silk and cotton. Some of them come with zari work. Did you know that these sarees are patronized by royalty? Chanderi sarees are beautiful, and this fabric is usually extremely lightweight and gives a comfortable feel for the body. This particular batik Chanderi saree comes in beautiful prints, mainly in shades of darker colours. The other colours of print add vibrancy to the saree, thus making it look extremely luxurious. Pair it up with a sleeveless blouse, and this then could be your ideal outing wear or bridal party wear.

  • Saree Design: Batik Chanderi Silk Saree with Zari Work
  • Fabric: Silk and Cotton
  • Preferred Occasion: Bridal Party Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for All Women

Suitable Blouses for Batik Sarees:

Batik sarees come with many options for your blouse selection. They usually go very well with your regular simple blouse, one that is plain. You can also try out a sleeveless or a boat neck blouse to go with this. Most of these sarees are grand in themselves, and thus you only need to pick one that is simple. Could you not give it much thought? Just go with the mix and match motto.

How to Style a Batik Saree:

Batik sarees are elegant and simple. They offer minimalistic beauty without much ado. IF you are planning to wear a Batik saree, here’s how to slay it:

  • Batik sarees are ideal for work wear. Be sure to opt for bolder prints in subtle colours.
  • Accessories can elevate the look of your saree. Opt for nice jhumkas or terracotta jewellery for a match made in heaven.
  • Your hairstyle can be varied based on where you are planning to wear the saree. If it is for office, you can opt for a neat bun or half braid. For simpler events, let your hair down.
  • Don’t forget to wear your Bindi, for they can get the best out of you. Opting for simple round bindis can make you look no less than a Diva!
  • Last but not least, choose nice ethnic footwear and a handmade clutch to complete your look.

We only have to tell you one more thing. Wear them in style, and don’t forget to walk in confidence. The sheer beauty of the saree will do its trick. The best part about these sarees is that they can be worn on any casual day or sometimes for a grand occasion. This really is the best way to flaunt your choice of sarees and walk ramp ready!

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