When you are strolling around on a beach, enjoying your time, you need to have a comfortable outfit. To make your beach side enjoyment comfortable, the most suitable outfit can be a Beach Sarong. A beach sarong is a type of a long scarf. There are several types of sarong on the bases of sizes, materials and designs. For instance, men wear longer sarongs made of silk or cotton, while women wear a medium or small sized sarongs made of chiffon or silk for an elegant look. Designs for variety in beach sarongs include various types of prints, beads, embroidery, colour combinations, etc.

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Following are Top 9 types of Beach Sarongs,

1. Wrap Style Beach Sarong:

A beach sarong wrap is a normal style of sarong, wrapped up around the waist. It is worn by both men and women. There are various styles of wrapping this dress. The above image is a wrap styled black beach sarong.

2. Printed Sarong:

A beach dress is printed with many different designs like animal prints, geometry designs, natural designs, etc. These designs give a more stylish and attractive look to the beach sarong wear. Mostly beach sarongs have a natural design so that it can go well with the surrounding beach atmosphere. For instance, the above image is a natural design printed sarong.

3. Chiffon Sarong:

A sarong made of soft silky chiffon material is called as a chiffon sarong. It is essentially a Ladies sarong. Chiffon makes the sarong a very smooth and comfortable feel while it also enhances the looks as compared to cotton.

4. Dress Style Sarong:

A sarong in the style of a dress can be called as a beach sarong dress. This type of sarong is exclusively a womens beach sarong. It gives you a modern look, and it is very trendy yet comfortable. Nowadays, many women wear a dress style of sarong.

5. Beach Sarong Saree:

If you want a beach sarong which can also help you to maintain your dignity along with giving you a stylish look, you can try a sarong saree. This too, like dress style sarong, is ladies sarongs beachwear. This concept of a beach side Saree is now growing slowly among women, and is trending in fashion.

6. Men’s Beach Sarong:

Not only women, but men also commonly wear beach sarongs whilst enjoying along the beach side. As it gives them a stylish look and is also comfortable at the same time. Men mostly wear cotton made beach sarongs because it is durable and long lasting unlike other material types. The above sarong beach wear is the best men’s white beach sarong.

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7. Swimming Cover-Up Sarong:

These beach sarongs are exclusively tailor made to be suitable for swimming purpose. These beach sarongs can thus be worn by women to enter the beach waters without hesitation. The shape and size of such sarongs are devised in such a manner that you can easily move in the water, even swim. Being long and wide, these Sarongs can be termed as large beach sarong.

8. Lace Bordered Sarong:

To spice up your beach side look, and elevate your attractive quotient, you can select lace bordered beach sarongs as an option. The lace border is also one of the modern trends in beach sarongs.

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9. Embroidered Beach Sarong:

These Beach sarongs are embroidered in a stylish way for a better look. The thread or yarn is woven in a creative and innovative manner to differentiate it from other beach sarongs.

You might have seen that a beach sarong is very stylish and elegant in looks and at the same time is extremely smooth and comfortable in its feel. If you want to dress up in a dignified manner and also enjoy on the beach side at the same time, then a sarong saree can be the appropriate choice, while if you want a modern funky look, then you can choose an embroidered sarong.

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