Beach time is considered relaxed and carefree. To be hip while on the beach, you need to have a perfect pair of shoes meant for the beach. Beach shoes are vibrant, colourful shoes that are great for walking on the beach and keeping the sand off. Flip-flops and sandals are the most common types of shoes to wear since they are easy slip-on shoes.

Best Beach Shoes For Men and Women in Latest Designs:

Most of these beach shoes come in bright colours and bold designs. Here look at our 10 best Beach Shoes in trend.

1. Flip Flops:

These are the most common type of beach shoes for men and women. They have an open toe style and a Y-shaped strapped fit snugly between your first and second toe. They are great for the warmer weather and perfect for the beach. Keep in mind that these shoes are not very friendly for running purposes.

2. Sandals for Men and Women:

Sandals are another type of beach shoes with a thick strap that wraps around your feet. These are sturdier than the flip flops and have more balance. Sandals are made like men’s beach shoes and women’s beach shoes. They come in darker colours most of the time.

3. Surfing Slippers:

Surf slippers are also the best shoes for the beach as they provide comfort. They come in vibrant colours and designs and go well with your beachwear. Most beachwear has tropical designs; these surf slippers too project the same theme.

4. Boat Beach Shoes for Women and Men:

Boat shoes were made for men and women to frequent the beach and use boats. The wet deck of the boat was where these boat shoes came in handy. It provides a lot of traction, making it a very versatile shoe for the beach.

5. Cork Sole Shoes:

Another great alternative is extra lightweight and easy cork sole shoes. These versatile shoes are made with rubber padding on the bottom and cork sole on top. These make the shoes very light and comfortable. The straps on the top give you a good grip too.

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6. Clogs:

Beach shoes that have a thick sole and open heel are clogs. These come in different styles, but most of them are easy to slip on without straps or fasteners. The shoes are very impressive looking and keep your feet ventilated.

7. Scuba Shoes:

Boots for water is what you need when going scuba diving. These scuba shoes come up to your ankle and give complete protection to your feet. It is durable and keeps all the bacteria out. The material used to make these shoes makes them very breathable and long-lasting.

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8. Roman Sandals:

Get a good grip on the beach with these classic roman sandals that offer style and comfort at the same time. These beach shoes have straps crisscrossing your feet to give you a firm grip and balance on the wet sand. The open toe style helps to keep the water and sand away from the feet.

9. Barefoot Sandals:

Perfect beachwear for ladies, these barefoot sandals are making a fashion statement on beaches all across the world. These beach shoes, ladies, are great to complement your honeymoon look. The lace work on some of these shoes is very delicate.

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10. Water Shoes:

Are you someone who is mostly in and out of the water? Then these water shoes are what is needed. These have soles that give a lot of support, and they are great for keeping the water out of the shoes. Drainage is very easy in these shoes.

Beach shoes make your day on the beach fun and safe. They are made from material that is waterproof and breathable. These shoes for the beach are mostly slip-on style. Try out styles for just beach and sand wear or surf and water activities. Most of them are vibrant in colour and blend well with the surroundings.

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