Beach towels are soft fluffy towels which are a little thicker than our normal towels. They have a lot of soaking capacity for their primary purpose is drying out oneself after a swim in the sea. More importantly they are multi utility products which are equally used for lying down on the beach or for post swim drying out. A lighter and softer variety of beach towels can be used for wrapping yourself on the beach.

Cute & Cool Beach Towels in Latest Styles:

1. Round Beach Towel:

Round towels have gained popularity in the last few years. They are not just circular in shape but are super useful for females in general. While opting for a beach towel the first thing that we need is coverage. Round or circle beach towel provide best coverage.

2. Mens Beach Towels:

Like everything else, even towels have been segregated by us based on gender. We can see this everywhere. Here too it is apparent. Mens towels are not just large but are generally sober and in solid colours.

3. Oversized Beach Towel:

Oversized beach towel is perfect for people who are on the chubbier side. They are provide excellent coverage and are generally available at select stores making it unique as well as different from the regular lot. These also have an option of wearing in various styles thanks to their size.

4. Personalized Beach Towel:

Personalized Beach towels are very much in vogue. Gone are the days when beach towels were monogrammed only for the hotels. Customization’s are so much in trend that nothing has been left untouched.

5. Cute Beach Towels:

Cuteness is never overstated. Extremely popular with girls, these cute beach towels are not just unique but extraordinary. They have pretty pictures or cartoons all over them. Teenage girls of almost all age groups find them really appealing.

6. Kids Beach Towels:

Kids are always super excited for the beach. Their excitement is infectious. Just like their enthusiasm for everything new, beach towels meant for them are also kiddish. They have cartoon characters like Frozen’s Ella and Anna, or Sponge bob square pants or anything that fits the bill. These appeal to kids like nothing else.

7. Large Beach Towels:

Large beach towel is comfortable for everyone who uses them. True smaller versions are easier to carry but the large beach towel have their own advantages. They spread out really well and make it easier to lie while sun bathing.

8. Printed Beach Towel:

Printed beach towels are a safe bet for everyone if you are buying them as a gift, you don’t need to think twice about whom to give. They go well for everyone. Same is the case if you have them at home as spares for guests. With other types of beach towels you may have to think which one to give who. For example if your teen-aged daughter’s friend is staying over and requires a beach towel, you sure can’t give her a kids beach towel. Similarly if your little one’s friends are over you won’t handover an oversized beach towel to them. But with the printed varieties, you can always rest assured that they will go well with every age group.

9. Striped Beach Towel:

Perhaps the most classic type of beach towels is striped ones. Handed down since time immemorial, striped towels are equally popular with both genders. They are generally in neutral colors like light blue, yellow, red, grey along with white and can be used by all.

Beach towels have a lot of utility and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can also by them in bulk at wholesale prices if you live by the sea or travel to a sea side venue quite often.