The new trend in this era is a destination wedding. Among the several destination weddings happening, beach weddings are always evergreen. What more than celebrating the D-day of your life at the place you love? The beautiful serene and calm nature of the beach waves and you take your wedding vows! Imagine how beautiful the moment can turn out to be?! Given the several beach wedding trends taking over the internet, this article we thought we would help you to get pretty and be picturesque on your important day through giving goals on hairstyles to choose from.

9 Cute and Casual Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Women:

Getting prepared for your wedding? Why don’t think the same way about your hair? For this lifetime event, your hair has to be in its best shape. You can choose beach wedding hairstyles as they display a romantic picture. There are numerous beach wedding hairstyles among which we have selected the best for you.

1. Neo-Romantic Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is a breezy one which looks amazing with the locks. It comes with a side ponytail which looks very adorable. For a wedding, this is the perfect companion, which is elegant and charming at the same time. If provided with a headband, it will look even more beautiful. This simple look is suitable for people with all face types.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: Suits on long, oval-shaped faces.
  • Preferable Hair Types: Suits on medium hair length.

2. Curly Voluminous Hairstyle:

Women with long hairstyle can style their hair using these Beach wedding hair ideas, in this fashion. This sophisticated hairstyle provides a feathery touch to the hair and makes it look fluffy. This type of beach wedding bride hairstyles, when curled, seems magnificent. In a wedding, you can simply attach a headband with flowers to your hair which will make this look even more amazing. You can rock this hairstyle with a decent wedding dress.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: This hairstyle suits on app face shapes.
  • Preferable Hair Types: It suits on long, thick black hair.

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3. A Messy Bun:

Being one of the most fashionable wedding messy bun hairstyles this season, the messy bun a comparatively more textured than the others. This messy look is rather ravishing and looks very sweet. Many celebrities have carried this look, and it has gained much popularity this season. Long hair with a messy bun on elongated faces, will the perfect package for a wedding occasion.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: This style is ideal for oval and diamond-shaped faces.
  • Preferable Hair Types: This style is best for thin, long and straight hair.

4. Edgy Wavy Beach Hairstyle:

These beach wedding hair ideas go with the beach wedding theme. The hair is set in a wavy way with a thick braid holding it from the side. Hair looks elegant and can be styled according to your preference as well. By applying your imagination, you can style this sort of hair in numerous ways. It displays a messy look and can tailor without much hassle.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: Suits on all shapes of face.
  • Preferable Hair Types: Suits on short, wavy hair.

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5. Anything Braided:

This braided hairstyle protects the hair from damage and makes it look glossy. Braids can be set up anywhere, allowing the rest of the hair to swing on both sides of the forehead. This look will go with long as well as medium length hair.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: It suits on small, round faces.
  • Preferable Hair Types: It suits on long, straight hair.

6. Beach Waves:

Long hair with the perfect proportion of waves always looks good. This style is one of the best beach wedding hairstyles for medium hair ideas, and this look is an effortless one. Maintaining the hair is the key to attaining a good look from this hairstyle. Here magnificent waves hang from the sides as the hair is parted in the middle. This look is perfect for women with long faces and medium length hair.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: Suits on small, oval and round shaped faces.
  • Preferable Hair Types: Suits on short hair with hair length above shoulders.

7. Short Hair with Headband:

It doesn’t matter if you have short hair, you can still style it for a beach wedding. A simple short hair will look great if provided with a suitable headband that will go with the dress and skin tone. Choosing the right beach wedding bride hairstyles is the challenge. It provides women with a sophisticated and feminine look.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: This hairstyles Ideal for oval-shaped faces.
  • Preferable Hair Types: This hairstyle is suitable for only short hair.

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8. Long and Loose:

Being ideal for long hair, the long and loose hairstyle comes with unique quality curls which are visible on the tail of the hair. Anyone can wear this look at a beach wedding as it is suitable for all faces and hair types.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: This bridal hairstyle is best for all face shapes.
  • Preferable Hair Types: This style is perfect for only long hair.

9. Simple Yet Stunning:

Last but not least the list of beach hairstyles for the wedding cannot complete without this hairstyle. This style is one of the best beach wedding bride hairstyles which is a simple one and can be styled using your hands only. No stylist is necessary. The hair is locked on the sides so that it will swing on the sides naturally.

  • Suitable Face Shapes: It suits on oval and diamond-shaped faces.
  • Preferable Hair Types: It suits on long, thin, wavy and curly hair.

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Additional Tips for Better Hair Maintenance:

  1. Make sure you shampoo your hair for the best results.
  2. Use a good quality hairspray to set your hair.
  3. If using hair straighteners must use pre-applied cream to avoid damaging heat effects.
  4. Use conditioner to smoothen your hair.
  5. For highlighting use the best experts and products to prevent your hair from damage.
  6. Oil your hair once a week
  7. Use organic products like curd and egg to make your hair dandruff free.
  8. Comb your hair regularly.
  9. Cover your hair from stole when it is exposed outside in dust.
  10. Regularly use Shampoo.
  11. Conditioner don’t use on your scalp.
  12. Always hold your curling iron horizontally.
  13. Use the right hair brushes.
  14. Untangle your hair with your hands rather than using hair brushes.

These casual beach wedding hairstyles would help you in setting new hair goals this wedding season. It would bang on with every outfit, especially saree. These are the most natural hairstyles without the help of professionals. You can add some accessories or flower to glorify it. It is best used in summer to help you from sweat and give your face an elegant look.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How much time generally does it take to do this design?

Ans: It takes half an hour if done by a professional. However, if you are self-practice, it can be done within minutes. Some designs are, but some are easy going and can be done by itself. You should try to smoothen your hairs and comb nicely for the best results.

Q2. What should be the hair length for it?

Ans: It should be maximum till shoulders so that it could be perfectly rolled up without using many clips. However more the length more it would be easy to carry out these designs, short hair set with the help of spray and funky clips.

Q3. How to pick a best bridal hairstyle as per your face shape?

Ans: For a bride, the important factor while picking a hairstyle for the day, is if it brings out her best features, and not only just the current trends. Here are some tips. In case you have a round face, the key is to pick a bridal hairstyle that makes a face look elongated. If long faced, don’t make the most common and generic mistake with this type of look is opting for a bridal hairstyle with high up-do’s, which tend to lengthen the front more. In case you have an oval face, you are lucky then. You have a wide range of hairstyles, as most of them suit you anyway. If the bride has a squared face, avoid geometric shapes and very structured hairstyles as it won’t adopt them as well.


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