If you are longing for some relaxing time with nature but don’t want to compromise on luxury, Goa is the place for you! Goa is known for its scenic beauty and breathtaking beaches. The long stretches of sand and the beautiful deep blue Arabian Sea look exotic from a distance. Beaches in Goa have been a popular tourist spot for several years now. Goa is full of fun and parties either it is with your partner on honeymoon, friends to enjoy your college hood or family time. When you reach Goa, you will feel that you have entered a different world that I carefree and without worries, there is only fun and party to worry about. People all over come to this gorgeous place to enjoy themselves, explore its natural beauty; and of course to attend their best trance parties. Here we have listed some of the best Goa beaches among the multitudes just so that next time you visit Goa you will know exactly which place to go to.

Beautiful Goa Beaches to Visit at Night or Day:

Goa Beaches is the best place for weekend parties, sunsets, sea watersports, casinos, massages, seafood, bikini and nightlife etc..

List of Top Beaches in Goa South:

1. Agonda Beach:

Agonda beach is a long and isolated beach that is perfect for those who want to find some peace, calm and tranquillity. The scenes are beautiful, attractive and very simple. Those who are looking for a time of relaxation should try this one. Although this beach is hardly crowded, you will still find some tourists, restaurants, and stalls.

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  • If you want to enjoy versatile sunbathing, relaxing and swimming, then this beach is perfect for you.
  • Dabolim airport is nearest to agonda beach for about 90 minutes drive, so from the airport, you may take a taxi and reach the beach.
  • This beach is also the main region for endangered Ridley turtles.
  • There are many bars nearby that serve liquor all day long.
  • It is the best beach for honeymoon couples as it is a bit secluded and very few people are present.
  • There are some water sports to enjoy like paragliding, water surfing, swimming, etc
  • The best time to visit here is during winters or summer, Non-monsoon period.

2. Colva Beach:

Colva Beach is one of the busiest beaches in Goa. It is a favourite for all the Indian tourists and local people. It gets very busy in October because pilgrims come to visit the famous Colva Church. It is well developed and has a large range of hotels, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. The prices are quite affordable, and the food is something to look forward to.

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  • It is one of the oldest and most celebrated beaches in South Goa.
  • The coastline made up of white sand beach in Goa and ran about 25 kilometres long.
  • The massive coconut trees are filled in the region
  • A beautiful sculpture of Menino Jesus statue is famous here; the visit is never complete without visiting the statue.
  • It is situated to the west of Margoa, about 6 kilometres away.
  • The activities here are water skiing, paragliding, swimming in some regions
  • To avail, the best of the sandy shore of October to March is the best time.

3. Palolem Beach:

Palolem Beach is one of the unique beaches found in Goa. It is a semi-circle in shape filled with green palm trees and light brown sand. There are pretty looking coco huts where one can find accommodation. But if you are looking for something luxurious, then you can try the hotels which are not very far away. The nightlife here is good, although the bars and pubs are located in the southern end of the beach.

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  • It is about 40 minutes from Margao.
  • This beach is cleanest among all other beaches, with the un-spoilt seashore.
  • This beach is best for couples as it is less crowded in the shoreline, the couples may get privacy here.
  • This is one of the most popular beaches in India and not only Goa
  • If you are lucky enough you can indulge in fishing or spot dolphins.
  • October to February is the best time to visit this zone of Goa.

4. Varca Beach:

Varca beach is very famous among Goa people known for its sunsetting beauty and is on the top list of travellers. It makes one of the finest and attractive fishing beaches of Goa. The sand here is white and clean and is the best place for those who are looking for some water sports. The nightlife here is mostly located at resorts and is full of interesting activities like casinos.

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  • It is about 2 kilometres from Benaulim.
  • You can spend leisure time here as this beach is the cleanest and this allows you to relax without any dirtiness.
  • The place is very quiet, and you can witness pristine nature here.
  • Honeymoon couples can watch dolphins on the river Sal and can enjoy on the beach as well.
  • If you are found of different tastes, then this place can be a good option on the shores for Goan foods.
  • To avail, the best of the sandy shore of October to March is the best time.

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5. Benaulim Beach:

An arrow was shot by Lord Vishnu which landed here and so the name before was Banavli meaning arrow, but later Portuguese changed the name to the present one. Benaulim Beach is a long and beautiful beach which is mainly known for its fishing industry. It is a perfect place for people who love sunbathing. The beach gets busy mostly in December; however, it is pretty quiet and calm for the rest of the year.

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  • This place is 41 kilometres from Panaji.
  • It is surrounded with greenery as well as Arabian sea
  • You can adorn many beautiful churches and homes made by nearby artisans
  • Royal Goan Beach club, Rafael beach shack, Johncy bar, and restaurant and Lotus resort Benaulim are some of the hotels in Goa near the beach, famous places to eat, drink and enjoy the scenic beauty.
  • Parasailing, jet skiing, bestrides, and windsurfing is some of the adventures in Goa that you can enjoy on this beach.
  • Witness the magic of this place in November to April

6. Cavelossim Beach:

The Beaches in Goa here are very special to make you vacation super fun. Paddy fields of Cavelossim shoreline lies between the Arabian Sea and River Sal. This beach is fantastic and gives you a romantic and picturesque view for a photo due to its black lava rocks and white sand lying beside.

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  • There are few shacks alongside the shore, and on the other hand, there is the main road which has shopping stalls lined up and is known holy church the cream and the yellow church
  • It is the best to place for kayaking and sailboat cruising.
  • This is approx 12 kilometres from Benaulim.
  • In India, this is one of the hypnotizing shorelines
  • The nightlife on this shore is also amazing and is not the one to miss out.
  • It is the best place for adventure seekers, couples and beach lovers.

7. Mobor Beach:

Mobor beach is fun-filled and is full of tourists and adventure; it is one of the best beaches in south Goa to be visited. This area is also known as a national park, as it protects the beauty of nature.

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  • Mobor beach is situated at the delta of River Sal for about 30 kilometres away.
  • While walking on the shore you will come across some blossomed lilies, coconut palms, dunes which grow on the sides.
  • You can even enjoy some of the activities like catching oysters, underwater fishing, sighting the dolphins and so on.
  • You can even enjoy delicacies at the beach café served by the localities and enjoy the view.
  • It is best to visit from October to March.

8. Bogmalo Beach:

It is situated near a small fishing village. If you wish to spend quality time with peace and tranquillity this is the best beach in Goa for you. This region is flat, open and broad; so it is very appealing in sight.

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  • It is located about four kilometers away from Dabolim beach.
  • You can spot many shipwrecks in the vicinity and on the other side there are fringed coconut grooves.
  • For experts and novice, there is diving classes school situated on the Lumbago beach of the house.
  • Do not miss on the amazing and authentic Goan cuisine; you will find numerous beach shacks for that alongside.
  • There is a well-known pub nearby where people flick into to enjoy the nightlife, known as Joel’s.
  • One of the best resort in Goa is situated in this area, known as Bogmallo beach resort
  • The main activity at this beach pulls hundreds of visitors for windsurfing every day.
  • The best time to visit here is from months November to March.

9. Batelbatim Beach:

Batelbatim beach is also known as the sunset beach, as the view of the sunset from this beach is truly breathtaking from other beaches in Goa. This one is known as the least crowded beach in Goa, and you will find foreigners in here. This place is also renowned for St Thomas church in Goa.

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  • This beach is also famous for dolphin spotting among other beaches in south Goa.
  • On this beach, you can chill on the Monsoon bar at Greenland, fisherman’s shack, Batelbatim A’s holiday beach resort.
  • The sun rises early in this part of the world and so the temperature here during summers is 33 degrees which are still manageable.
  • The best time to visit here is October to February.

10. Majorda Beach:

When you reach Majorda beach, you will flow in the beauty of the sandy shore of this beach. Palm groves and soft sand compliments the greenery of this place. Lord Rama was kidnapped and brought on this beach when he was you, as said in Hindu mythology. This beach is also famous for tapping business and is known for this in South Goa.

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  • If you are fond of seafood, you cannot miss the delicacies served here, Goa as we all know for the beach but it also serves tasty food without fail.
  • Baked products are also one of the great things on this beach.
  • There are many front beach hotels nearby; there is an option for everyone, whether you are an economy traveller or on budget travel.
  • You can enjoy water sports here like water skiing, jet skiing, etc
  • The best months to visit Goa beaches are from October to January.
  • The places to visit here are raj’s pentagon restaurant and garden pub, sam Goan beach shack and Majorda beach resort.

To make your visit a pleasant one beaches of South Goa posses all the characteristics. Less-crowded and beautiful, enough resorts to enjoy an impressive nightlife and check-in.

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List of Top Beaches in Goa North:

1. Anjuna Beach:

Anjuna Beach in Goa is the right spot for all the party people and hippies. It has a flea market every Wednesday which is so popular that the crowd gets bigger every week. Many tourists have also visited its infamous Paradise Disco. It is located in North Goa and is about 18 kilometres from Panaji.

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  • The local tourists, and foreigners from all over the world visit here to listen to psychedelic music.
  • Anjuna beach has one best shack known as Anjuna beach; it is known for its nightlife.
  • Trance music is played on the beach during the sunset every day.
  • You can also enjoy the flea market here and buy some quirky stuff from here.
  • Some activities done on the beach are paragliding, windsurfing and the most popular one is parasailing.
  • Some of the other popular bars at Anjuna beach are sea rock bar, cabin disco, and the primrose bar.
  • The best time to visit is from October to April.

2. Calangute Beach:

Calangute beach is the queen of all beaches in Goa. It gives a holistic beach experience to all the visitors present here or willing to come.

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  • It takes about 15-kilometer drive from Panjim to reach here.
  • Here you can purchase handmade items from the market or visit the kekar art complex to see the art exhibits.
  • Want to experience some water sports, here we have many amazing options for you like surfing, water skiing, parasailing.
  • And here you can hire a bike on rent and explore the nearby’s.
  • There are many beach shacks for you here to visit; it is so lively that you won’t be able to see even one shack empty.
  • The best period to visit in October
  • It is a very safe beach, but if you have kids to stay with them.

3. Candolim Beach:

The Candolim Beach is a long one and is filled with bars, shacks and dunes. It is a very lively and bright beach which also has the Aguada Fort located near it. Despite so much traffic, the beach is still very clean and pleasant to visit.

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  • It is about 13 kilometers away from Panaji.
  • You can even find your spot in the area as there are some empty spots in the area.
  • There are some exhilarating water activities to do catamaran sailing, parasailing, banana rides, jet skiing, etc.
  • You will find versatile people here as you will witness monks, artists, tourists, researchers and youngsters all at one place.
  • There is a fort name Aguada fort as mentioned earlier, which was built by Portuguese to hide from Maratha and Dutch warriors.
  • Club Cabana is the most happening place in this area even while the critical conditions, you will experience a good nightlife here if you wish to.

4. Arambol Beach:

Arambol Beach is the best place for those who are looking for therapies such as yoga, meditation and tai chi. Water sports and dolphins are what makes it popular, and the nightlife is pretty relaxed and exciting.

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  • You will see more of bohemian people or culture here.
  • It is located 50 kilometres from Panjim.
  • Arambol beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa.
  • There is a large banyan tree in the jungle valley.
  • There is a freshwater lake at a stone’s throw away distance.
  • There are many open bands around playing in the open air ambience; you will thrive music scene like no other.
  • There is good nightlife here for you to enjoy.

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5. Mandrem Beach:

The Mandrem Beach is perfect for those who wish to see marine creatures up close. A wide variety of water animals ranging from dolphins, fish eagles, and Olive Ridley turtles can be seen on this beach. It is away from all the crazy nightlife and is the perfect place for relaxation and meditation. There is a Mandrem village nearby which offers good accommodation and quality food. Mandrem beach is also close to Panaji.

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  • Because of the wide variety of marine animals that one can find here,
  • Mandrem beach is one of the best beaches in Goa.
  • It is famous for stone crafting and Goan feni.
  • It lies between two shorelines ashwem and arambol
  • Here you will find people meditating and enjoying the peace and no partying around.
  • The best period to visit here is October to march.

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6. Baga Beach:

This beach is very famous among the party crowd and also among the tourists who primarily go to Goa to have the best trance parties in their lives. It is particularly famous among Indian tourists visiting Goa. The Baga beach is hands down the most happening place in all of Goa. Good food, music, all-night parties, karaoke, and shacks are some of the best things that Baga beach has to offer to all who visit. Baga beach is easily among the famous beaches in Goa. Near the beach is a Baga creek which also attracts millions of tourists annually.

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  • Baga beach is the end of Calangute beach and starts from there.
  • It is 16 kilometres away from Panjim.
  • The beach is generally noisy and full of parties and nightlife, but if you don’t wish to attend those loud parties, then you may stroll on the shore.
  • The shacks are closed from June to August that is during the monsoon period.
  • There are some famous rides like a speed boat, bumpy ride, etc

7. Querim Beach:

Querim Beach, also known as the Keri Beach, is located in North Goa. Among all the beaches of Goa, it is one of the least explored beaches. Set against the backdrop of an Old Portuguese fort and an old Church, Querim Beach is not only the perfect manifestation of serenity in the lap of nature but also boasts of loads of natural beauty. It has a lot of pine trees and some really old Portuguese buildings. This beach also boasts of a river inlet. The Old Portuguese fort has recently been converted into a hotel, and one can enjoy their stay here by indulging in fishing, and for the brave hearts, this beach also offers paragliding as a great pastime.

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  • It is a must visit the beach in Goa and nothing to miss it, as it is all on one beach.
  • You may go for swimming and refresh yourself with a splash of water.
  • The sea water is warm at night, and you can relax as the warm water touches your feet.
  • The best time to visit here in October as most of the Goa is.

8. Chapora Beach:

What sets this beach apart from all the others in the picturesque landscape of white sand contrasted by black rocks of lava that lie scattered all over the place, and the contrasting colours that seem to live in perfect harmony. The beach is a coastal village at the Chapora River estuary and also has an old Chapora fort close by.

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  • It is for about 10 kilometres from Mapusa.
  • It is one of the most isolated and quiet shorelines in Goa.
  • There you will find many traditional building, pubs, bars, luxury restaurants, and other stores.
  • The best time to visit here is any weather other than a monsoon.

9. Vagator Beach:

Vagator beach is the perfect place for those who seek to relax, meditate, indulge in soul searching and also want to connect with Nature away from the din and clamour and the rat race of the city. It is considered one of the famous beaches of Goa because of the serenity that it has to offer. Compared to the crowd of the Baga beach, the Vagator beach is pretty laid back. This beach is surrounded by cliffs and also has a fort nearby. This beach also boasts of red cliffs looking down dramatically on the shore.

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  • During the season time, you will find trance music playing and hilltop is also famous for rave parties.
  • You can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the club 9 bar in the evening while chilling with a great view.
  • There are many activities available here like banana boat, Ringo rides, bumpy rides, etc.
  • The best time to visit is from October to March.

10. Morjim Beach:

This is perhaps the most secluded of all beaches in Goa. Because this beach is home to many Russians, the Morjim Beach is known as mini-Russia. So in case, one would like to have a feel of Russia without burning a hole in their pockets, this is the perfect place for them. One will also find lots of Olive Ridley Turtles on this beach. Morjim Beach is the nesting and laying ground of Olive Ridley turtles. The turtles are allowed to roam around freely and are not caged by the authorities. Owing to its near perfect location and a secluded atmosphere, this beach can easily feature in the top best Goa beaches list.

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  • The best period to visit here is October to march.
  • There are many activities available here like banana boat, Ringo rides, bumpy rides, etc.
  • The nightlife is good here, and you can enjoy with your friends, partner or family on the shacks.

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Additional Top Things to do in Goa:

  • The beaches here are perfect for any water sports to be situated and this is the main reason that visitors and foreign tourists keep coming here again and again. Water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, angling, sailing, windsurfing, etc.
  • An excursion like never before that you would have done in the past is fun-filled moonlight kayaking through the mangrove Forest of Zuari River.
  • There is an opportunity for enjoying the beauty of Goa from above in the hot air balloon in the southern part.
  • They provide with some beautiful and amazing treks to todo waterfall, ocean trek in arambol, udaan dongor, etc.
  • They even provide with some adventurous activities like a silent party, Dudh Sagar waterfalls visit, casino, private party at the yacht, quad biking, flying elephant zip line, dolphin ride, houseboat dance and dine in; classically.

So, the next time you plan your visit to Goa be sure to check these beaches out. Bask in the sun, get tanned, relax and enjoy the beauty of these amazing beaches of Goa! It has been an attractive destination fora decade. Though being a small state, it has been rich in tourist all over India, due to its ‘Chota packet badadhamaka’ feel as in all in one package in all the terms like water sports, relaxing, partying, yoga, classic and traditional way, yacht party, etc. do not forget to share a beautiful feedback, and do come again with any queries or suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. What is the best time to visit Goa?

The best time to visit Goa is in October to March as the climate is moderate/normal. The weather in monsoon is bad as most of the shack will be closed due to high tides and the water sports will also not be in excess. You can visit goa in the off-season also, but there might be very few people around and less enjoyment. The weather in winter ranges in between 15 to 30 degree Celsius.

2. Where should one go for a party in Goa?

Believe me, if you are in Goa you are enjoying the nightlife at every place you are. But if you want those bars, pubs, party clubs, discotheques, or yacht, trance music and rave party, then you should go to North Goa to have the best out of it.

3. What about Seafood in Goa?

You have no problem with the food here, as you will find all the cuisines here like Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Mughlai, and of course our famous Goan food dishes. The most famous are seafood like fish, prawns, oyster, crabs, feni, gen and sea fruits, etc. it has good options for both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian lovers.

4. How to travel from south Goa to north or vice-versa?

Travelling from one part to another is very easy and cheap in Goa. You can either opt for the bus or taxi. The facility of the bus is very easy as you can take it from anywhere and at any time you want even the fares are very less. The taxies are also not an issue in availability but they are very costly, but if you are good at a bargain and know the prices that work for local people then you might win.

5. When can I book a beach hut?

You can book beach hut prior to one month before your trip if opting for peak season. But if you are lucky enough, you may get availability even before a week or so, and you will not need to freak out. The beach hut is a good option to stay in and not to kiss it. The beach huts are made in October so it will be available from last week of October to mid of March.


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