Odisha is known for its attractive beaches. The long stretches of golden sands, the deep blue sea and the cool winds are what make this place so unique and marvellous. It has drawn and continues to draw the attention of many tourists. The sights here are captivating, and the lifestyle here is something you don’t want to miss. If you are looking for a laid-back and relaxed vacation, the Orissa beaches are your destination. Here we have listed some great beaches in Orissa just for your convenience.

Famous and Best Beaches In Orissa:

Here are our 10 must visit and beautiful beaches in Orissa. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Dagara Sea Beach:

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Dagara Beach is located in Dagara village of Balasore district. It is one of the cleanest and least crowded beaches in Odisha. This beach attracts tourists with its stunning views of sunset and sunrise and beautiful green forest. Another attraction here is the large number of red crabs on the beach, which is beautiful. Plan to visit this beach with your family and friends for a day picnic.

2. Aryapalli Beach:

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The Aryapalli beach of Odisha is one of the most prominent and beautiful beaches to be seen here. It allows its visitors to have a great time and enjoy Orissa’s cool and pleasant weather. You can always go swimming or bathe yourself under the sun. This place is great for an adventurous trip.

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3. Balaramgadi Beach:

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The Balaramgadi Beach of Odisha provides you with the opportunity to experience the beauty of the deep blue seas of the Bay of Bengal. It is about 2 kilometres away from the beach of Chandipur and is full of tourists almost all throughout the year. Talking about a walk on the cold sand is the best thing you can do here.

4. Balighai Beach:

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The Balighai Beach of Orissa is about eight kilometres from Puri’s famous beach. The beach here is exotic, and the waves of the sea look dynamic from a distance. The beach is very natural and lets its visitors take full opportunity of the great faculties provided here. Swimming here would be a great idea as it would refresh the mind, body and soul.

5. Chandipur Beach:

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The Chandipur Beach of Odisha is one of the most unique beaches ever to be seen. There are several interesting places here, such as the Jagannath temple, Shivalinga, Simlipal National Park, Shakti Shrine of Deoband and many others. It is also known for its casuarinas trees and beautiful sunlight, making the beach a beautiful and gorgeous place to visit.

6. Baliharachandi Beach:

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The Baliharachandi beach is about 27 kilometres away from Puri. It is a great spot to experience the natural beauty of Orissa and is also quite an adventurous spot. Temples are also here which are visited by devotees every year, and the great coastline here is what makes the beach a great spot for holiday destinations.

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7. Chandrabhaga Beach:

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When it comes to tourism, the Chandrabhaga Beach of Odisha is the biggest asset. This place is just splendid. It is known for the famous Sun temple and has architecture and monuments which will make you love this place all then more.

8. Gopalpur Beach:

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The Gopalpur beach of Orissa is a great place to enjoy and relax. It is virgin, unspoilt and very exotic. The atmosphere here is so good and natural that it refreshes the mind and souls of those who visit this place. Visiting this beach is sure to be a great experience.

9. Puri Beach:

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The Puri Beach of Odisha is a great destination for holidays and vacations. It is the land of golden sand, beautiful temples and architecture. It is very charming according to the tourists and brings thousand of them every year. It is also an ideal place for young married couples.

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10. Paradeep Beach:

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The Paradeep Beach of Orissa is very calm, serene and peaceful. It has famous temples and is a great place to grab some fresh air. The blue water and shining sand are what make this beach all the more attractive, beautiful and pleasant.


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