Curtains come in various styles and shapes. Some curtains are made with plain cotton fabric as well as silk. You can also try curtains with net, lace, voile, etc. Among the trending styles for curtains are the beaded curtains that are used as a space divider. These curtains are made with strings of beads. There is no fabric used in these curtains and this makes them look light and airy. Try out these beaded curtains for your home to give it a bohemian look.

Best Beaded Curtains in Different Patterns:

Try out different bead curtain designs that go well with the décor in your room.

1. Raindrop Beaded Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a gorgeous beaded curtain that is like a raindrop. The beads used for this curtain are in the shape of raindrops. The colours of these beads are selected in the colours of the rainbow. This gives a nice look to the curtain.

2. Wooden Beaded Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

Another great Indian-style beaded curtain is this wooden bead curtain. These beaded door curtains are perfect for the Indian-style home. Each of the beads is made from round wood. The colour is perfect and looks very rustic. The strings are placed close to each other so that you can divide a room.

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3. Arched Doorway Bead Curtain:

Here is a nice way to decorate your arched doorway. These crystal-beaded curtains are made from round crystals spaced out evenly. The ends of the curtain are fitted with larger-sized crystals to give it a complete look. The shape of the curtain is such that it gives a curved edge that matches the arched doorway.

4. Two Size Beaded Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is an example of a two-size beaded curtain. The curtain is made from small and big beads of the same colour. The curtain set may include various colours to give a colourful effect. This makes a nice bead curtain design.

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5. Glass Bead Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

This gypsy-style curtain is made with pomegranate and gold beads that are tiny in size. This makes the curtain look like the fabric itself. The string curtains with beads are great for windows as they give a nice view of the outside. You can choose colours that you like as well.

6. Metal Bead Curtains:

Here is a nice gold metal finish beaded curtain that you can hang in your doorway. The metal finish to these curtains makes them very trendy. You can also check out videos on the net to find out how to make beaded curtains for yourself. These are easy and do not take up much time.

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7. Random Beaded Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a great bohemian-style home décor item that you can add to your home. This is a beaded curtain that is made entirely random. There is no colour scheme or single choice of bead shape. You can use any colour and shape for each bead in the curtain.

8. Dream Catcher Beaded Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

This is one of the latest trending items in the design world. These are beaded curtains that are made from dream catchers. The top of the curtains is fitted with lovely dream catchers. The strings from the dream catchers are then fitted with beads that bring colour to the rooms.

9. Abstract art Beaded Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

You can make these abstract art beaded curtains as a great DIY project. They are made from colourful beads in any form or design you choose. Select the style you like and then add the beads to long strings. You can then join the strings together to form the curtain.

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10. Acrylic Beaded Curtains:

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Acrylic beaded curtains come in various colours like red, purple, blue, etc. You can choose to have the curtains in a single colour tone or you can mix and match them according to your liking. These curtains look great in long hallways as well. You can make these acrylic curtains yourself or buy them at affordable prices.

11. Wood Shape Beaded Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a nice example of wooden beaded curtains. The curtain is made from beads that are made from wood chips. The beads are in the shape of diamonds and rings. They are grouped together and then strung on wire to form the curtains. You can select any shape you like as well.

12. Hand Painted Bamboo Beaded Curtains:

Here is a cool bamboo beaded curtain that is hand-painted with a lovely image. You can have these bamboo curtains on your door so that the image is seen perfectly. The images that are hand-painted can be symbolic or just floral. The painting makes the curtain look special.

13. Designer Beaded Curtain:

Choose these designer beaded curtains for your home to give it a chic look. These designer beads are strung together in a great style. The colours of the beads are white and gold. The gold beaded curtains give your home a rich look as well. You can opt for any shape of the beads that you like.

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14. Glass Flower Beaded Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

Here is a unique style of beaded curtain that will look great in any home. The beads used here are made of glass and are in the shape of a flower, a ball and a leaf. The combination of these shapes makes the curtain have a 3D effect. The colours of the flowers also give it a nice look.

15. Sea Shells Beaded Curtain:

Image Source: pinterest

A nice tropical curtain style is the beaded curtain with sea shells in between. These curtains have colourful beads as well as sea shells in between them. You can choose the colours you like and give your home a nice cool beach effect.

Beaded curtains bring about a great feeling of lightness in a home. These beads can be plastic, crystal, bamboo or wood. The colours you choose can be by the décor of your home. Beaded curtains are made from beads that are strung together without the use of any fabric. These beads can be of one colour or several colours together. They are very bohemian in style.


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