Looks like it’s the season of the Beard trend! With the “hipster” look making into Men’s mainstream fashion segment’s headlines, there is a huge demand for unique beard styles for men. Many guys, including a few celebrities and influencers, opine that the “No-shave” look is not disappearing anytime soon!

What surprises us is the amount of creativity that goes into grooming a beard. From a sober stubble to a traditional “full-beard”, men are experimenting with new designs to set themselves apart from the crowd. If you always wanted a beard but are unsure how to go about it, this article is just for you! Explore these 95 popular beard ideas to get inspired, to show off the stylish side of your masculinity.

90 Trending Beard Trimming and Shaving Styles Pictures:

Time to fall for this “hairy” scheme with these 95 different new Dadhi Cutting Shapes and models for men and young boys!

1. Beard Bun:

Did you ever come across a beard bun style? Well, if you did not, here is one such crazy and unique beard style trending to check out! If you have a full beard, this beard bun style is a good choice to have a distinct, classic and dapper style statement. This beard style is perfect for older men and is sure to catch the crowd’s attention. Isn’t it cool!

2. Dreads Hairstyle with Long Braided Beard:

How do you like this crazy combination of hairstyle with a beard? This new beard style is about the braided beard look matching with long dreadlocks hair. You can even try out without the hairstyle if you have a longer beard. It is perfect for men in older and middle age groups and those who love to experiment with a bold and unique appearance.

3. Dreadlocks Beard:

Just like a dreadlock hairstyle, we have the beard look too. How do you like these all-new best trending beard styles in town? It is perfect for those with a long beard and men in any age group. The style undoubtedly will make the heads turn around you and will not compromise in making a dapper statement.

4. Small Beard Styles:

You can even look all stylish and dashing with a small beard. Here is an example. This is among the easy and light beard styles in the fashion industry this season. This beard look can enhance your appearance and is ideal for bald men or those with thinning hair to give a stylish and dapper appearance. The look can have all the attention and is sure to make you stand out.

5. Royal Beard:

Well, in case you haven’t come across this famous facial hairstyle, we aren’t surprised given that it is lesser-known and among most top trendy in different facial hairstyles right now. This is called a royal facial hairstyle which is best suited to men who wants to have an elegant and professional look. Men who love to concentrate much on facial hair and have that edgy moustache can try this one out for better looks. Try this out, and you surely wouldn’t regret if you want sharp looks

  • Ideal Age Group: Men of 40s are best suited to try this facial style.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Wear this style for combination to normal skin type.
  • Best Hairstyle: Men can have a nice slick back hairstyle or trimmed hair to look good in this facial hairstyle.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men who have elongated face shape with sharp features of nose and ears can try this style for best looks.

6. Goatee Facial Hairstyle Look:

This goatee beard style is among the most known and best facial hairstyles right now. Many of us know about this look and are a common sight for several men to try out. This is a super stylish and classic look and will suit most of men quickly. And this is easy to do, maintain, and go on well for several looks and occasions. Try out this versatile look if you want something unique, trendy and stylish without a doubt.

  • Perfect Skin Type: Wear this style for any skin type as it suits all.
  • Ideal Age Group: Men in 30s to 50s, anyone can try this versatile look.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with oval and round face with narrow chin can try this style out.
  • Best Hairstyle: Those who want to maintain this goatee facial hair can best have a normal haircut with trimmed balanced hair to look good.

7. Van Dyke Dadhi:

If you are wondering what is new about this and goatee look, there is something to notice. Van Dyke is the modern variant and look of a goatee with a moustache as well, and may look similar however here the moustache does not need to connect here to each other with facial hair. There is a bit of trim and a sharp gap between both. These modern facial hairstyles are stylish and well-preferred by men in the young group to make them look handsome and hot.

  • Perfect Skin Type: Those with dry and normal skin are best suited to this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style if you are in your 30s and 40s to look handsome.
  • Best Hairstyle: Men can better have a slick back symmetric haircut to look great here.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Those with an oval and elongated face and any facial features can easily try this one out.

8. Anchor Facial Hair Look:

Anchor style is among the most popular facial hairstyles. In case you do not want to lift much of risk and want to yet also not look usual and common, this is a good and safe bet for you to style out. In anchor facial hair, the beard and moustache area will look like an anchor in a well-trimmed manner. This looks stylish and trendy and is among the most sought hairstyles for men who want to have a vintage look.

  • Ideal Age Group: Men of 40s are best suited to try this style out.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Wear this style for any skin type as suited and possible.
  • Best Hairstyle: Wear this style with a good lifted haircut with gel applied for the better-styled look.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with any face shape and broad chin can try this style out.

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9. Chevron Facial Style:

Here are other easy facial hairstyles to try out. This Chevron look isn’t very new but not very well known as well. If you are among someone who loves to have a light moustache in sleek format, this is a good thing to try easily. Here moustache is well maintained in the exact trim side and goes only as a similar line part. Try this out to have a unique and manly look without much of effort.

  • Perfect Skin Type: Wear this for any skin type quickly.
  • Ideal Age Group: Men of 30s can best suit this style well.
  • Best Hairstyle: Try this style with a lighter fade cut to look handsome and stylish.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with square and rectangle faces and broad chin and cheeks area can try this style out.

10. Stubble Beard:

These stubble facial hairstyles are well known and popular handsome look to all of us. We often see this look on many men and wonder if such a simple look can make us look super handsome like this. These easy facial hairstyles are quite nice and simple yet very stylish and trendy. Just grow facial hair and moustache in bit light and rough way and trim it well balanced. That is it, and you are good to go. Try it out if you want a formal yet stylish fashionable look

  • Ideal Age Group: Men in 20s and 30s are best suited here.
  • Best Hairstyle: Try this style with messy curly hair for best appearance.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Wear this look if you have oily and combination skin.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with any face and facial features can easily try this one out.

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11. Horseshoe Mustache Style:

This is quite popular men’s facial hairstyles, and we don’t see much of the following. This horseshoe moustache facial hairstyle is nothing but trimming and the string of moustache coming down to the chin. It is super convenient and unique, and best for those guys who want to try out something new that is away from routine and casual. This is super easy to maintain, as well. However, it requires regular trimming for maintaining this look.

  • Ideal Age Group: Men in 50s are best suited to try this one.
  • Best Hairstyle: Fade cut or most trimmed hair is best suited to this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Those with any nature of skin type can try this look.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with an oval and elongated face and an aged person can try this style out.

12. Mutton Chops Beard:

This types of facial hairs styles are unique, which most of us do not know. This is mutton chops facial hair and moustache style here which goes in this manner. The moustache goes growing from back mixing to facial hair, but the immediate chin area is roughly shaved. This is quite a unique and stylish way and is among most trending modern looks. Try this kind of style if you want something new and variety.

  • Best Hairstyle: Wear this with nice wavy hair only.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Wear this style if you have any skin type.
  • Ideal Age Group: Men in 30s and 40s are best fit to try this unique style out.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with round and oval face with narrow chin can try this style.

13. Chin Strap Beard:

Ever heard of chinstrap facial hair? This grooming facial hairstyles aren’t new in trend and is here to stay. Here the facial hair goes in the form of strap equally all across the chin and looks like a layer of curtain around. That is why hence the name comes. Try this style if you want a smart and intellectual look. This gives a nice vibe and style around which is best to try out if you want a handsome yet quick look

  • Ideal Age Group: Men of 50s are best to try this handsome look.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Try this style if you have dry and normal skin type.
  • Best Hairstyle: one can easily try this facial hairstyle with any versatile hairstyles around.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with any face shape and facial features can try this out quickly.

14. Klingon Beard:

Ever heard of Klingon facial hair? Well, you heard it right. This kind of modern facial hairstyles is new in the market now. Here we don’t see the moustache at all but facial hair growing right from the chin area and going along as strap towards all over the chin. This is unique and new in the market, which is trending all over right now. Try it out if you want something new and energetic style than an everyday routine.

  • Best Hairstyle: Men can try right plush hairstyle with it to look great.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Any skin type can quickly try out this facial hairstyle.
  • Ideal Age Group: If you are in the 30s, this is the best style to try out easily.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Those with round and square face with the chubby face can try this style out.

15. Balbo Dadhi Style:

Balbo facial hairstyle is new in trend right now. This is a variant where there is facial hair which is sharply trimmed. This is among new different facial hairstyles right now. Try it out if you like to have the manly and handsome look without much of experiment going around on facial styles. You can quickly achieve this look and maintain it effortlessly and without much time as well

  • Best Hairstyle: Wear this facial hairstyle with good messy style only.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Those men with dry to normal skin can try this style out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style for men in their late 20s to look super handsome and hot.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Try this style for any face shape and with elongated features.

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16. Lumberjack Beard Style:

This lumberjack facial hairstyle is not new in trend and fashion, and it is existent for a long time ago. The term is coined after the look which looks like hipsters. The major characteristic of this facial hair is long and luxurious facial hair which is burly and flowy. Men who love to experiment and love facial hairstyle and moustache styles much can try this variant of facial hairstyles. This is unique and is best for men who are strongly built and muscular.

  • Perfect Skin Type: Any skin type men can try this style out.
  • Best Hairstyle: Try this style with good flowy hair style and messy look.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those men in 50s plus age group are suitable for this style.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Those with an oval face only are good to try out with broad facial features.

17. Crusader Beard:

If you do not like much of fuller facial hair, then crusader facial hairstyle is the younger version of the same. Full facial hair isn’t easy to pull for every single man out here; hence here is an alternative variant. Here there is the limited facial hair on cheeks, upper lip and chin. Try this style if you are ready to have regular trimming and maintenance excellently. This is quite a stylish and unique look to try out.

  • Perfect Skin Type: Men with dry and normal skin are best to try this style.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style for the younger men age group who are less than 40 years.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Those with a round face and broad chubby features are best to try.
  • Best Hairstyle: Wear simple normal haircut to this style to look good. Alternatively, you can even try out nice pompadour or slick back style.

18. Tight Facial Hair Style:

The tight facial hairstyle isn’t new in fashion but is existent for a long time. However, it is back to fashion trend now. Here as the name tells, the facial hair is a bit more involved and requires oneself to grow good facial hair all around and above the chin. Tight facial hair must be maintained in the same amount and shouldn’t be grown too long; hence, regular trimming and maintaining are necessary for this style.

  • Best Hairstyle: Try this style with the fade cut to look great.
  • Ideal Age Group: Those who are in age 30 years are best suited for this look.
  • Perfect Skin Type: Wear this style if you have normal and combination skin type.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with any face type and v shape face can try this one out.

19. Pencil Style Beard:

Well, this is another shaving style for facial hair style variant. Here the pencil style moustache comes after the name that the facial hair moustache hair variant is in the form of the thin line which goes on both sides of the chin in the form of a pencil. Well, we know this is unique, but it is also quite gorgeous, isn’t it? Try this style if you want to try out something new and stylish for everyday look easily. This further requires less maintenance too frequent trimming.

  • Perfect Skin Type: Wear this style for any skin type easily.
  • Best Hairstyle: Try this style with good taper fade or fancy fade.
  • Ideal Age Group: Men of late 20s and 30s are best to try this youthful look.
  • Suitable Face Shape and Facial Features: Men with oval and diamond face and elongated v shape chin can try this style out.

20. The Short Boxed Beard:

If you are not into voluminous hair on your face, but still want a Dhadi look, then the box style is the best! It can make you look sophisticated and very gentleman-like. This versatile beard is suitable for both work and play! You can use a trimmer to sculpt the hairline and give it a contoured look. This results in highlighting your cheekbones and the lower chin. The only problem is that this style requires regular grooming of at least 3-4 times a week.

  • Preferred Face Shape: This style suits a Diamond, Heart, Oblong and Oval face shapes very well.
  • Suitable Age Group: Anyone between 30-50 years of age can try this beard.
  • Outfit Ideas: Formal Shirts, Round Neck T-Shirts, Trenchcoats and Casual Blazers complement this beard style.
  • Ideal Seasons: Spring, Summer seasons to stay airy and comfortable.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Best for a neat, well-groomed haircut, preferably short and side-swept style.

21. The Low-Boxed Beard Style:

This Shory-boxed style beard is fast gaining popularity with young men. Unlike the high boxed beard, this style has the line curves below the cheekbones, running along the jawline. This finally meets on the top of the chin. Here, the neckline has a better coverage than the other styles and can camouflage your double chin! Using a trimmer, keep removing the extra growth to define the curves and achieve a perfect result.

  • Preferred Face Shape: This executive style suits oblong, square, heart face shapes.
  • Suitable Age Group: Suits men between 25-50 years.
  • Outfit Ideas: Slim fit shirts and Professional Wear go well with this style.
  • Ideal Seasons: Hot seasons of the year like Summer or Spring.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Keep the hair cut short and trimmed to complement the length of the facial hair.

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22. The Viking or Warrior Beard Style:

The Vikings were strong people who had enormous beards that matched their guts! It symbolizes unparalleled strength and courage, making it a perfect statement beard for men. If you are not into the blue-blooded warrior look, then you can choose a suitable length of hair. Also, these neckbeards take time to grow and need a lot of patience to maintain them. Keep them trimmed at least once a week and use beard softeners to look refined.

  • Preferred Face Shape: This suits men with a short chin. So, if you have a round, square or oval face, go for it!
  • Suitable Age Group: Looks good on men aged above 35 years, with well-built bodies.
  • Outfit Ideas: Casual T-Shirts, Denim Jackets and Leather outwear.
  • Ideal Seasons: Winter and Autumn to stay warm.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Short undercut, Temple Shave or Braided styles.

23. The Hipster Beard or the Biker’s Beard Style:

The Hipster or the Bandholz beard is one of the biggest trends to try this season! It is a long and full-volume facial hairstyle that can give you a lumberjack appearance. But for that, you need to wait patiently for a few weeks to grow your beard fully. Initially, it can be a little messy, but once it’s big and burly, you can use a gel or conditioner to geta soft and straight beard, just like Jason Momoa. Reminds us of the 80’s era, doesn’t it?

  • Preferred Face Shape: This Vintage style spartan beard suits Oval, Square and Diamond-shaped Faces.
  • Suitable Age Group: Real Men grow real beards. So, try this if you are above 30 years.
  • Outfit Ideas: Checks Shirts, Bomber Jackets and a Suspenders.
  • Ideal Seasons: Cold weathers like Winter or Monsoon.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Go for a clean shaved head or Undercut.

24. The Viking Style Braided Beard:

Before you have an eyeball popping moment, let us assure you that Braided beards do exist! It became popular after the famous television series “The Vikings”. Soon after that, many men followed this fancy trend to look like a Bearded Viking living in an urban landscape! While it may look difficult, the Cornrows style can be done using the same 3 partition technique of a regular braid.

  • Preferred Face Shape: The Viking beard focuses on the chin area. So, if you have a shorter chin then go for this style.
  • Suitable Age Group: Best for men above 30 years with a big face.
  • Outfit Ideas: Hoodies, Plain T-Shirts.
  • Ideal Seasons: You can try this style in cold weathers like Winter or Monsoon.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Shaved Head, Mohawk hairstyle or a Temple Fade.

25. The Pointed Beard:

Pointed beards belong to the “full length” beard family but without the grizzly appearance. As they point downwards, they are also called V-shaped beards or the Sloped beards. The upper part is carved as Sideburns, while the lower part develops into a thick, bushy hair. Men like Parmish Verma have created their own version of this beard. Other elegant styles in this segment include the Ducktails, Devil Beard and French Forks.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval shaped faces are ideal for this style, to create a perfect pointed look!
  • Suitable Age Group: This style is best for men above 30 and below 50 years of age.
  • Outfit Ideas: Casual T-Shirts, Jackets, and Tuxedo.
  • Ideal Seasons: This style is suitable for all seasons.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Undercuts, Neat Quiff and Messy Hair.

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26. The Sunnah Beard:

The Sunnah Neckbeard is a typical Muslim facial hairstyle. Islam Sunnah states that the beard is an essential element of masculinity and makes a person more attractive. Unlike the other beards, this facial hairstyle involves a trimmed beard without whiskers or fair on the upper lip. Depending on your comfort, you can choose the hair’s length, but not crossing the measurement of a fist. The Turkish beard which has a close shaved moustache is another version of this style.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Suits well for almost any face type, but complements oval and diamond shapes better.
  • Suitable Age Group: Ideal for men of all age groups. Grey-haired men usually colour the beard red using henna.
  • Outfit Ideas: Tuxedos, Kurta Pyjamas, Shirts.
  • Ideal Seasons: All season-friendly beard style.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Crew Cuts, Short and Trimmed Hair.

27. The Cheek Side Beard Line Ups:

The Side line ups play an important role in defining your jawline. They run all along the cheekbone and end at the bottom of the chin. Depending on the look you are planning to achieve, you can shave it closer or away from the jaw bone. The Chin strap beard style can also be adjusted based on the face shape. The only problem with going for a very “edgy” look is the amount of maintenance involved in it. You must shave it at least 3-4 times a week.

  • Preferred Face Shape: This particular style suits men with a pointed chin.
  • Suitable Age Group: Best for Young guys, as it is a very modern idea.
  • Outfit Ideas: This style is best for casual T-Shirts, Hoodies and Hippie clothing.
  • Ideal Seasons: Better for sultry summers!
  • Hairstyles to Try: This style is suitable for Side-Swept hair, Undercut and Crew Cuts.

28. The Ginger Beard Style:

Who says Blonde haired males cannot try beards? Most people with this hair type avoid growing a beard due to their light, unattractive hair colour! This is far from true! You can check out this Ginger beard of medium size, which covers up your face neatly, but also make you look “man-like”. With golden highlights in the center, the visibility increases, and so is your fanbase. Go for a boxy style beard for an infallible look!

  • Preferred Face Shape: A square, Diamond or Rectangle Shape of the face can carry off this style effortlessly.
  • Suitable Age Group: Ideal for men aged between 35-50 years.
  • Outfit Ideas: Plain Tees, Dark-colored Shirts or Jackets.
  • Ideal Seasons: Grow them in colder months of the year to look smashing!
  • Hairstyles to Try: This style is best for Man bun, Undercut and Side-Swept Hair.

29. The Soul Patch Beard:

If you are not into heavy beards and a hairy look, a soul patch is just for you! It is a small patch of hair grown between the centre of the lower lip and the chin. It is also called the Jazz Dab or the Mouche and is carefully shaven to make you look cool and classy. The best part of growing this clean beard is its extremely low-maintenance design. To keep it in shape, all you need to do is to shave the rest of your face and use a trimmer to shorten the hair length of the patch.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Suits boxy kind of face like Square and Rectangle.
  • Suitable Age Group: It is a popular style among the youth.
  • Outfit Ideas: Slim fit shirts, Semi-formal blazers, and Hoodies are suits.
  • Ideal Seasons: Best for all-seasons, particularly summers!
  • Hairstyles to Try: Long asymmetrical cuts or short groomed hairstyles are suits.

30. The Ducktail Beard:

The Ducktail beard is unarguably one of the most famous beard styles in modern times. It is an eclectic mix of professional and fun look, to make you look attractive. Despite its goofy title, the ducktail style is a very stylized version embraced by many Hollywoodian celebrities like Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson. For this, you must grow your beard long and trim the sides to achieve a downward pointing hair.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Ideal for diamond, round, rectangular face shapes.
  • Suitable Age Group: Best for older men who are above 50’s to match up with the current generation.
  • Outfit Ideas: Tuxedos, Formalwear and Crisp shirts are best.
  • Ideal Seasons: At present, it looks like a year-long trend!
  • Hairstyles to Try: This style is best for short haircuts like crew, ivy league etc.

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31. The Salt and Pepper Beard:

Getting older is now a reason to celebrate! This Medieval Dadi style is specially created for older men who can age gracefully. The combination of dark and greyish hair can make you look uber-cool even after your 60’s. However, to achieve the perfect “salt” look, a dye must be used, else your grey hair can turn into an ugly yellow shade. So, maintenance is a must, even in this style!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Suits all face types, as it is more related to specific hair colour.
  • Suitable Age Group: If you already have grey hair popping out, then try it to flaunt it!
  • Outfit Ideas: Formal Wear, Casual slim fit shirts, Indian Kurtas are best.
  • Ideal Seasons: No specific season for this idea. Can be tried all year long.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Keep your hairstyle short and sweet to highlight the beard.

32. The Verdi Beard:

The Verdi Beard is regarded as a sexy and royal beard style for men. It is a medium to long length hairstyle that is often combined with a handlebar or imperial moustache. As it is a fully grown beard, it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, except for an occasional trim or two to keep it in shape! Just invest in some good quality beard creams to smoothen the hair and comb it out for a clean look!

  • Preferred Face Shape: It offers definition to round face shape and also suits rectangular and squared faced men!
  • Suitable Age Group: Try it if you are above 30 years.
  • Outfit Ideas: Button-down shirts, suits and Jackets are good.
  • Ideal Seasons: This attractive style is best reserved for winters and colder months.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Medium slicked back hair cut, nan bun etc.,

33. The Jawstrap Beard:

If you want a simple beard style, that doesn’t include a lot of facial hair, then try the Jawline beard! It runs along the jawline as a narrow strip of hair and can be combined with or without a moustache. The idea is to make you look younger by removing the excess of hair while retaining your male appearance at the same time. This chinstrap style is most popular with American rock band performers and many celebs like Mariano Di Vaio (with a more visible moustache) and Zayn Malik!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Suits Oval, Diamond and Inverted Triangular shapes.
  • Suitable Age Group: Youngsters below 40 years can carry this style better than the other age groups.
  • Outfit Ideas: T-Shirts, Caps and Baggy Clothing.
  • Ideal Seasons: You don’t have to wait for a specific season.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Any style of Buzzcut can go well with this beard.

34. The Vintage Long Beard:

This is a classic Victorian beard style for those who love their facial hair! It takes time to grow this full beard, but once you achieve, maintenance is a piece of cake! Keep trimming down the edges or leave it irregular if you are ok to have a messy, wavy look! A moustache must accompany this beard, so make sure to grow one. This style takes us back to the good old rustic life of the 1800s!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Anyone can try this hairstyle, but looks great on Oval, Square and heart-shaped faces.
  • Suitable Age Group: Ideal for elder-aged gents above 50 years.
  • Outfit Ideas: Casual clothing, Checks, shirts and Denim are good.
  • Ideal Seasons: Keep it for winters, to protect your face from the chills!
  • Hairstyles to Try: Undercuts, Medium length hair or Clean Shave.

35. The Cowboy Beard:

Look like a real Roughneck with this cowboy beard. The Ranch style features messy medium length facial hair that can be on any desired length. Typically, cowboys grow mustaches, so must have one too! If the handlebar is not your type, then blend it with the beard as shown. You can even add highlights to look flattering.

  • Preferred Face Shape: This style looks amazing on the square, rectangle, and oval faces.
  • Suitable Age Group: Suits men above 40 years of age.
  • Outfit Ideas: This style is best for Denim Jackets, Rugged style clothing.
  • Ideal Seasons: You can try this all year long.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Medium length, Slicked back haircuts.

36. The Afro Beard Style:

For those who belong to the African community, growing beards can be a difficult task. So, shorter styles suit these men, who have a thick, curly beard like Drake. Depending on the look you plan to achieve, you can go for a “barely there” patchy beard or this mid-range style. Even if you have a half-inch length of hair, it’s possible to try this tapered look. Celebs like Chris Brown have gone a little too far and retained only the chin hair, keeping the rest clean shaven!

  • Preferred Face Shape: This look is better for inverted triangle, rectangular, oval and square face shapes.
  • Suitable Age Group: Suits men above 30 years of age with a dark complexion.
  • Outfit Ideas: Light colored t-shirts, shirts and breezy jackets are best.
  • Ideal Seasons: Suitable to try them throughout all four seasons!
  • Hairstyles to Try: Clean Shaved heads, Crew Cut and Undercuts.

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37. The Steampunk Beard Style:

This wild beard style is a total off-beat design, that is not very easy to pull off! It was popularized after celebs like Eric Bandholdz made public appearances in this look! To get this, you need to go for a full-length beard that is barely trimmed at the ends. The side of the cheeks should be kept clean or shaved close to the skin to evoke a rebellious essence.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Ideal for slim faces like Inverted Triangle, diamond and oval shapes.
  • Suitable Age Group: Suits men in their late 20’s to early 50’s.
  • Outfit Ideas: Plaid Shirts, Plain Tees and Retro wear.
  • Ideal Seasons: Try them in cold weathers to feel cosy.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Stallion cut, Spike, Undercut are best.

38. The Funky Beard Style:

Why should beards be a serious affair? You can add a dose of fun by trying these creative styles! If you have the attitude to pull off this hairy extravaganza, then try this one! The super-long crazy beard is plaited neatly with rubber rubs instead of the regular braid. These are strictly anti-professional, so if you are looking for workwear, then you might have to double think your decision!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Diamond, Oval and Heart Shaped. If you have a round face, the beard might be a great idea to achieve a sculpted look!
  • Suitable Age Group: Experiment with these styles if you are below 50 years of age.
  • Outfit Ideas: Light shirts, Quirky T-shirts and Boho Chic clothing are good.
  • Ideal Seasons: Winters might be the best time to try out these styles.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Experiment with a savage haircut that matches your beard.

39. The Pirate Beard:

Also called the Jack Sparrow beard, this style is expressive, creative and everything you want to look like a good old Pirate. If you want to wear it as Johnny Depp did, then just shave your neck and the cheeks. Keep the moustache length just beyond the corners of your lips. Grow a long beard of about 4-5 inches and care a soul patch pointing downward. Now, split it into two sections and braid them with Celtic beard rings or beads. Simple. Isn’t it?!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Looks better on oval and rectangular faces.
  • Suitable Age Group: If you are a free-spirited person, then age doesn’t really matter!
  • Outfit Ideas: This look is best for Jackets, Vintage dressing and Bohemian outfits.
  • Ideal Seasons: Try it during Spring and Summer for some adventurous fun!
  • Hairstyles to Try: Keep your hair super long to look smashing!

40. The Musketeer Beard:

The Musketeer beard is a short and the most unusual facial hairstyle of the 1920s. It is simple, clean and gives you a refined appearance. Invented by the French, the Van Dyke look is now the hottest trend with many celebs like David Beckham and Orlando Bloom! Just grow a patch of beard and shape it like an I shape goatee, along with thin, floating mustaches. Keep the rest of your face clean shaved. You can also try the Anchor beard, which is similar to this style!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Focus on this design if you have a round face, to get the impression of a longer chin line.
  • Suitable Age Group: This look suitable for men above 30 years.
  • Outfit Ideas: You can experiment with both casual and formal outfits.
  • Ideal Seasons: Summer and Spring are the best seasons to try and flaunt this style.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Go for a clean haircut and keep the length short.

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41. The Horse Shoe Beard:

The Horseshoe beard is a version of the Fu Manchu Asian style beard. Technically it is not a beard, but instead, is an elongated version of the mustache. A thick strip of hair is grown in the direction of the chin and stops at the jawline. This edgy half beard style is also difficult to create, as you need sharp trimmer skills to define the lineups. It is often confused with the cute Chinese version of The Fu Manchu, in which the pencil cut tendrils grow longer than the chin line.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Men with diamond, rectangle and square face shapes look good in this style.
  • Suitable Age Group: Try this if you are above 45 years of age.
  • Outfit Ideas: From funky shirts to crisp formals, this hairstyle goes well with any outfit.
  • Ideal Seasons: Try this in Summer to rock your beach vacation look.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Go for a short length haircut or if you have a clean shaved head, wear a Bandhana like Hulk Hogan.

42. The Rugged Indian Beard:

This picture of Shahid Kapoor set Instagram on fire, with his deadly looks! Featured here is this popular actor in a rugged beard. The style lies somewhere in between a clean stubble and a messy facial hairstyle. It is a low effort look that you can easily achieve with a little care. Wait for a couple of weeks for the hair to grow fully and trim it to the desired level. An unkempt hairstyle can transform you from a boy-next-door to a rough male! Doesn’t this remind us of Tom Hardy’s beard?

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round, Triangle and Oblong faces can carry this idea well!
  • Suitable Age Group: Works well if you are above 30 years of age.
  • Outfit Ideas: This style goes with anti fits, jackets and Hoodies.
  • Ideal Seasons: Best for the dull and dreamy monsoon season.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Medium length, Messy hairstyle or man bun.

43. The Short Stubble Beard:

If you want a hairstyle that you can confidently wear it to your workplace, this is the one! No wonder why the short stubble beard styles are so popular with many men. You need not wait for many weeks to grow this 1 mm or even shorter hair will do. Using a trimmer, take away the unwanted length and to transform yourself from a Scruffy man to Mr Groomed! Call it incomplete or messy, and this one is sure to earn you a fanbase, like Jassi Gill?

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oval, Oblong, Rectangular and Diamond faces can carry this trim beard.
  • Suitable Age Group: As it doesn’t demand excessive hair, even teenagers can try it out.
  • Outfit Ideas: Keep it chic with tees, shirts and casual blazers are best.
  • Ideal Seasons: Ideal for gloomy monsoons and autumn.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Medium Length messy cut or Neat Quiff.

44. The Sculpted Pompadour Beard:

The faded pomp of the 90’s is a cool version of the short beard which will continue to grow in popularity. It is one of the many styles in the hipster style and even features a curled moustache. To achieve the sculpted look, you must extend the “fade” to the temples and keep it edgy. Try a combed hairstyle or go for a Biker look with a headband!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oblong, Rectangular and Inverted Triangled faces are suitable for this.
  • Suitable Age Group: Men between 30-50 years of age can try this trend.
  • Outfit Ideas: A baggy shirt, white t-shirt and anti-fit trousers are good.
  • Ideal Seasons: Reserve it for spring and summers.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Medium to long length hair cuts.

45. The Tony Stark Beard:

Tony Stark, the iconic superhero of the Iron Man series, is probably more recognized for his beard than anything else! Played by Robert Downey Jr., this award-winning character has also set new beard standards for men. This distinct look is made up of a neat goatee, thin side flanks on either side of the chin. Make sure to draw an outline with an eyebrow pencil to get the right shape! Time to look like the boss himself?

  • Preferred Face Shape: Ideal for Round and Oval face shapes.
  • Suitable Age Group: For men above 30 years to get that matured look.
  • Outfit Ideas: Blazers, Tuxedos and Formal Wear.
  • Ideal Seasons: Best for hotter months of the year like Summer and Spring.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Medium length, messy hairstyles.

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46. The Wolverine Beard:

If you are a huge fan of Hugh Jackman, then you simply cannot miss out on this trend! This “X-men” look lies somewhere in Mutton Chops and a full-length beard. To get this badass look, you need to go for sideburns and keep the rest of your face clean-shaven. Keep the chin strap slightly low to for better definition. Unless you define the side straps, you will not be able to achieve the lumber sexual look!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Oblong and Oval face shapes can go for this look.
  • Suitable Age Group: Best for rebellious men above 35 years.
  • Outfit Ideas: This style is best for Rustic wear, loose clothing.
  • Ideal Seasons: Ideal for all seasons of the year.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Any Rumpled hairstyle suits.

47. The Punjabi Style Dadhi:

This is a typical Indian beard style popular in the Sikh communities. Usually, large beards are grown by these men as a sign of strength and manliness. Young men, however, can choose from a scruff to a stubble based on the age. Using a trimmer, sharpen the side lineups to contour the face and define the mustache and the 3mm chin strap.

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round face, Oblong and Inverted Triangular faces can choose this style.
  • Suitable Age Group: Try this if you are below 35 years of age group.
  • Outfit Ideas: Indian clothing with a Turban fastened on the head are good.
  • Ideal Seasons: Best for hot and sultry summers.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Either a Turban or a short haircut are best.

48. The French Cut Beard:

Famous personalities like Amitabh Bachchan and Dwayne Johnson etc., have epitomized the French cut beard. Irrespective of your face shape, this style can give it an elongated and defined look. To achieve this, you need to keep the lines of the beard thinner than the center strip. Shave the rest of your face to highlight the circle. Don’t forget to align your sideburns with the beard and get the shadow out!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round, Oblong and Oval shapes suit the Bulgan beard quite well.
  • Suitable Age Group: Suits any age group, particularly on those who are 50+.
  • Outfit Ideas: For formal wear, Tuxedos, Jackets and Traditional Kurtas.
  • Ideal Seasons: You can try this style all throughout the year.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Best for a clean shave or short, groomed hairstyle.

49. The Square-Cut Beard:

The entire Tamil industry went Crazy after this hot thadi look of Simbu. He wears a classic 1960’s style to suit the character that demands him to look rebellious yet confident. If you are a man of purpose, then why not try this out? Just wait for a couple of weeks to grow a full-length facial hair and trim it down to 3-4 inches. Define the moustache and roll it up to show your South Indian swag!

  • Preferred Face Shape: Round, Rectangular, Heart face shapes are best.
  • Suitable Age Group: Try this if you are plus 30.
  • Outfit Ideas: Lungis, Shirts and Dapper Suits.
  • Ideal Seasons: This style is good for cold months of winter or autumn.
  • Hairstyles to Try: Side-swept hairstyle with the medium undercut.

50. Full Beard Style:

Discover this look which is perfect for the guys who need a manly look on their face with this rugged style of dadhi. It makes the look stubble instantly and is not too long to look scruffy. So keep your trendy style fulfilled with this new best beard style of medium-sized beard.

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51. Modern Beard Style:

Keep your eye on this short but neatly trimmed style for men with beards. This category of dadhi falls under the too short models which have become very popular among teenagers. Whoever wants to grow such kind of new style of beard, will have a new look on your facial tone giving you a stunning attitude.

52. Cool Beard Style:

This style has a traditional cum royal look which is also suitable for the men of young ages. They are the different dadhi styles which fall under the category of beards with the moustache. This particular moustache sums up good with the traditional and royal kind of attires, which is nowadays preferable by most of the stylish men.

53. Authentic Dadi Shape:

These styles of beard shapes are combined with looking best with one of the modish hairstyles that have a bun type upfront. They are well suitable for all kind of cultural-based and even modern outfits. Men with this kind of shaving style and hair make-up look very elegant and striking.

54. Teenagers Style Beard:

Now take a look into this new beard style, which is the incredibly best and smart type of beard for those looking for the new and modish vogue. They are very comfortable and easy to make it grow with the least effort and time. Men who need a very short beard but with a high stylish attitude can go for such kind of neatly shaved beard as shown in the link.

55. Sharp Beard Style:

Boys and men, who are indeed in search of the latest dadhi styles and the best fresh attitude, can try such types of beard models. They are not too short and not long. They neither need regular trimming nor a huge amount to be spent on maintenance costs. These styles can very well go with all manly attires and are of high style.

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56. Trendy Fashion Beard:

Boys who are fond of changing their dressing attitudes now and then, and who are interested in trying out a fresh style, can better choose these types of beards. It’s a brand new style and loved by all teenagers. They look very good with this hairstyle which is too authentic and trendy.

57. Designer Style Dadhi:

This beard style picture is a new look of the short type beard for men. They have a sharp pointed edge under the chin which makes it unique. They can be made grown very easily with the least care. The men mostly choose this kind of shape of beards in search of bold and stubborn attitude.

58. Circle Beard Style:

This type of beard can be called the French type beards or even named the circle type beards. They are most preferable for those who are fond of new styles that are very convenient to grow. They are simple and elegant but are very attractive towards the opposite sex, compared to all the different beard style pictures mentioned here.

59. Classic Beard Style:

These types of beard styles for men are meant for those who are looking for unique, bold style. They are so classy that the professional type of individuals can readily adopt them. These types of beard styles are so-called as Verdi types beards.

60. Bold Beard Style:

This type of beard is named as a full beard, which has an executive look. It has covered the chin and accompanies by the moustache. This has been the favourite of most of fashion lovers who prefer to have a chin curtain model beard. It is one unique style opted by those who have a square jawline.

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61. Cool Beard Style:

These new style of beards for men are of goatee model which has its stand in the fashion world. This is slightly different from the original goatee type, which is an extended one. It is also accomplished with the moustache that gives its look a complete outline.

62. Manly Beard Style:

This foremost style of beards for men comes under the category of a short full beard. This is maintained either by trimming or just making it grow randomly for a specific period. They are easy to maintain and gives a bold, manly look for obstinate men.

63. Mid Beard Style:

Men of middle ages can try such kind of short but not thick beards as shown in the picture link. They can also be grown with grey hairs that give an enhanced maturity to one’s attitude. They are easy to maintain because the cuts on the face are not too sharp and do not have pointing edges.

64. Grey Beard Style:

Here is a typical long model beard for men who have both a moustache and facial hair thick enough to give a fully-fledged look. By grooming up this beard, one can choose a way of opting a valiant and masculinity way of attracting people.

65. Thick Beard Look:

Now you could get your wise look with this thick and full long beard. It is preferred by men who are looking for a style which are not preferred by most of them. It is tough to maintain and continue this style. We should give separate attention to these types of beards to maintain.

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66. Unique Beard Style:

Watch this distinctive style of beard to make up your style a brand new. It is named as Balbo model and has a daring moustache. It is very easy to grow and also can easily be set up to go with any costume. This gives a dauntless personality to the one who goes for it.

67. Less Effort Beard Style:

Here comes the boy’s beard style type of beards which are so simple yet dashing. This is preferred by the adults of ages from 15 to 25 years. They are so-called as fewer effort beards that are also very comfortable to set and groom.

68. Sexy Beard:

Now comes the full beard type, which is again a unique and special one. They are opted by the men who need better attention among the opposite gender. It is a full band Holz type beard which is too thick and of medium length. For a hike, you can elongate it with some tattoos on your arms.

69. Cute Beard Style:

It is a short stubble type beard which is seen mostly on young men. They are opted mostly because of the less effort which is used to grow it. Neither has it needed special care nor any specific period to make it grow to complete its look. They are the ones with the moustache, and the shade can be chosen to match one’s natural hair colour.

70. Ultimate Beard Style:

Here comes the eccentric and isolated type of beard which is opted by sagacious personalities. You can just take a look into this kind of beard in the above image link. The highlight of this type of beard is that it also looks great and authentic in grey hair too. This indicates that it goes very well on the men of matured ages too.

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71. Premium Look Beard Style:

You can now find here the best of the best looks among the latest model beards. They are medium-sized goatee covering the entire cheeks and chin area. They are accompanied by a medium sized moustache too. This particular beard design readily gives you an idiosyncratic look.

72. Gentleman Beard Shape:

This is again a goatee type beard but with its full beard style in a gel back the hikes. It gives a nice and gentleman look with a maturity attitude. They are always groomed with a moustache as thick as the beard itself. Men with aggressive perspective opt for such kind of unique style.

73. Urban Style Beard:

This particular goatee type full beard opts for the men having long elongated face cuts. To get back with a new style, in spite of their facial structure, one can opt for this beard to change their personality. Nothing stops a man to have a chance by making grew such kind of full beards.

74. Street Style Beard:

Make your looks get a unique quality of attitude by giving a chance for yourself to groom up with such kind of beards. These types of street style beards can be chosen by anyone who may be in any Profession. This is a medium-sized stubble type beard which can give an extraordinary outlook on one’s attire.

75. Professional Beard:

Only a set of people chooses some beards, and the other set of personalities chooses some other models. One among such kind of beards, as shown in the image link, gives the individual a professional look. This professional beard style is a simple short goatee model with a moustache but unattached to the beard.

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76. Trendy Beard Style:

Here you get the unique type of beards kept by a unique kind of personalities. These short stubble beards are mostly preferred by celebrities who care much for their best appearance. But at the same time, you may be glad to know that these cool beards are too convenient to grow and groom as well.

77. Masculine Beard Style for Men:

Watch your steps to take a look onto this daring and bravery kind of beard with moustache. In common, beards fashion keep on changing from time to time. In that case, you can opt such kind of goatee as your vocational style. They are too easy to set, but a bit difficulty can be considered in making it grow.

78. Simple Beard Look:

No men can deny such best looking beard which is not too complicated in anyways. They are easy to grow, and also we need to put no effort into grooming it up. The moustache is made attached with the beard to give an enchanting young look. These kinds of beards are preferred by even the boys who have just started to groom them up with a beard.

79 Classic Look Dadhi Men:

Here come the short goatee type beards that do not have any sharp points in its edges. They are grown with the moustache and are preferred by the men who get fully thick and timeless concern to grow their beards. The boys of young ages do not keep these kinds of beards.

80. Superior Beard Shave:

Now you can have your gaze on this short stubbed model beards for men which is a different type of beard. They give a white-collar look when one wears the executive suits. These kinds of styles are mostly owned by young professionals interested in both their career and their outfits.

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81. Anchor Style Beard:

Even this is a type of Balbo style model beards but is again too short. It gives that uncomplicated look with the ease of both growing it and also grooming. Both the moustache and the beard are not made attached here and so its eccentricity.

82. Latest Style of Beard:

Here you can watch the new style of short thick goatee style beard but with short haircuts. The hair make-up and the attire, make the entire outfit look very modish and chic with this super simple beard style.

83. Dynamic Beard Design:

You can now have a look at this brand new model of beard that is attached to the moustache and the hairstyle as well. This is another kind of short and thick goatee type beard that most bold and rugged men prefer compared to other various beard styles.

84. Comfortable Beard Cutting Style:

Just have a look at these latter-day styles of beards for men. This is an extremely short stubble type beard that is very popular among guys of modern days. This beautiful beard style is straightforward to set and continue for the long ter

85. Black Men Beard Cutting Style:

Discover this new style beard which has the fullest of its density type. It possesses a flat cut in its edges that gives its ethical look. This beard can very well suit a traditional way of dressing which in all ways gives a royal and enchanting look.

86. Easy Beard Style:

Here comes the simplest way of growing and maintaining a full beard. It is a short type and has a closed curtain type goatee as its high lighting style. You can make use of this latest hairstyle for men with beards to make your attire give a complete dashing and heroic appearance.

87. Fashionable Saving Style:

Here you can see the excellent beard style in the link, which shows a high style beard that has close shave on the cheeks. But the density of hair growth is higher on the lower chin, which makes it deliver a new style.

88. Elegant Short Dadhi Cutting:

This particular fashion beard for men has the same thickness right from the ears to the chin. Here you can keep your moustache away from your beard to give it an uplifted look.

89. Westernized Shaving Look:

It is now again the time to check out the unique model of the short goatee. They give you the bold and audacious look to deliver your manly attitude. The men in the middle ages mostly entertain them.

90. Vogue Style Dadhi:

Here you can see the short stubble kind of goatee which does not have straight edges along the cheeks. And also it is attached to the moustache. They can give the utmost comfort and ease in grooming it up for any occasion.

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Additional Tips to Maintain Your Beard:

Follow these tips to achieve a super-soft, healthy and flaunt-worthy beard,

  1. Keep your beard clean and tidy. Wash it at least 3-4 times with a natural beard shampoo.
  2. Follow it up with a moisturizer to condition the facial hair.
  3. Unless you want a heavy, rugged look, go for regular trimming to keep it cropped.
  4. Use a beard oil or softener to reduce the frizz and give it a tamed look.
  5. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut the excess growth of your mustache for a good hold.
  6. Invest in proper quality beard tools like trimmers, combs, brushes and blades if you want to achieve perfection.
  7. Eat a well-balanced diet to nourish your beard hair and maintain its health.

So folks! Those are the 80 best beard styles for men of all ages, facial features and personalities. Whether you want to look safe and casual or edgy and risky, these designs fill you with creative ideas. If you are a beginner, then we suggest you take the help of a professional who can show you how to get it done. Slowly, you can invest in the right tools and practice the art of DIY styling at home. Ready to step up your face game?

Q1. How Long Does it Usually Take to Grow a Beard?

Ans: The rate of beard hair growth varies from person to person. An average healthy male can achieve a length of half-inch per month. In ideal circumstances, it takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months to get the desired volume. For a full-length beard, it might even take years. To promote faster growth, you must eat a nutrition-rich diet, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Q2. Why is John Wick Beard so Famous?

Ans: Keanu Reeve’s iconic beard in the movie “John Wick” has made the headlines and for good reasons! With thick sideburns and disconnected moustache, this immaculate beard can bring edginess to the face.

Q3. Name Some Indian Celebrities who are Famous for their Beards?

Ans: Indian men love their beards, and there is no denying it. Celebs like Prabhas of Bahubali fame, Sudeep from Kollywood, Raftaar (Indian rapper), Dheeraj Kapoor (popular tv personality) and even our very own Virat Kohli (Indian Cricket Captain) have taken the bearded trend to a whole new level. Even Shivaji Maharaj (Maratha Ruler) and many other Rajput kings have made immortalized this style!


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